I’d like to invite watch lovers and the aBlogtoWatch community to subscribe to a brand-new podcast we recently launched with the BLEAV Network. SUPERLATIVE is an aBlogtoWatch podcast production designed to be interesting to both seasoned watch collectors and lay consumers curious about the world of zealous timepiece appreciation.

SUPERLATIVE as a show name is, of course, reminiscent of a term that shows up on Rolex watch dials, but it’s also a comment on the core values of the show. Watch enthusiasm is often reduced to people who pursue superlative experiences, achievements, products, outcomes, and aesthetics. Put together, these individuals make up the industry that produces timepieces and the community that consumes them. SUPERLATIVE is about them, their interests, and the conversations they have.

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Most SUPERLATIVE episodes will be hosted by myself, Ariel Adams. That said, I can’t rule out guest hosts or other co-hosts, in addition to the guests who will accompany me during each episode. If you are interested in being interviewed on SUPERLATIVE, I support an open communication policy and am open to suggestions. If there are good stories and enthusiasm related to watches that the community should know about, then SUPERLATIVE wants to share them.

The SUPERLATIVE podcast debuts as a weekly show presented by the BLEAV Network. SUPERLATIVE can be downloaded, subscribed to, and followed here or via your favorite podcast listening services, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. Don’t forget to set the podcast to auto-download, and rate the show! Thank you.

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