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These are some sexy watches, with the most fun to watch useless complication that I know of – the ever enjoyable TriRetrograde seconds that Milus has made so popular. It takes the 60 second minute and breaks it up into three 20 second segments. Each has its own retrograde dial that circles the dial. One the little hand on the 1-20 second counter reaches 20, it jumps back to 1, and the adjacent retrograde seconds counters stars from 21 on to 40, and so on, and so forth. Like I said, it is a useless complication, but you’ll most certainly enjoy watching it in action. A novelty that doesn’t wear off soon.

The Herios is the square shaped watch, while the Tirion is the round watch. I am not going to go into a lot of details about the watches in terms of the movements or other details. I just wanna share with you a general overview of my impressions and what the watches are all about. The automatic mechanical TriRetrograde movements really put Milus back on the map. They first came out in the Herios watches that came in a series of fancy colors and intriguing square looks. Then other models started to come out when Milus realized how much people enjoys looking at the watch in operation. You have a lot of trendy skeletonization, but it works well and does not take over the movement. The Herios is more of a showy classy watch, while the Tirion models are pure sport. Please note that there are also other Milus watch models with the same style movement.Milus Herios 3Milus Herios 2

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The Herios is a great, eye catching design. I wrote about the Milus Herios watch first here. The steel case is gently curved and while big, sits on the wrist well. The many strap options give it a lot of character, and the look of the dial is a wonderful combination between Art Deco and modern mechanical watch design. A fantastic timepiece of the “cleaned up type” who enjoys positive attention. The watch is also quite easy to read (but does not have lume).

Then you have the Tirion collection, which really blew me away. If I had the $10,000 – $20,000 that the watches cost, I would have totally gotten one. The case is so beautifully made. Tight, nice edges and seams. Graceful shapes, and a lightness that the titanium construction brings. You can see there are two versions here. One has rose gold with the titanium, and is proof enough that the combo of materials makes for a good marriage. Also, the high quality straps are well attached to the case.Milus Tirion 2Milus Tirion 5Milus Tirion 1Milus Tirion 4Milus Tirion 6Milus Tirion 8Milus Tirion 7

The dials of the Milus Tirion TriRetrograde may appeal busy, but are actually welcome. They have a depth to them, and a feeling complexity that you want in such a watch. The large, lume covered light color hands contrast well with the dial making them easy to read. Plus, you have the interesting stacked numeral hour markers on the dial. The TriRetrograde dials have hands that look like pulled back bows with arrows. The movement is a pleasure to operate. Even doing little things like adjusting the date feels fun and new. The movement as seen through the sapphire caseback window is well decorated. Likely a base ETA with a module on it – though I am not sure about the movement at this second.

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For me the Tirion in titanium and gold is a sweet spot between luxury, mechanical interest, sportiness, and a classy demeanor. If you’ve been looking at Milus watches from afar, and not sure what to think, you might want to take a closer look. I was much more impressed with the watches than I thought I would be, and you might be too. I got to check out these watches at the watch store Lussori in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

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