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The Mk II Fulcrum “American Milsub” Dive Watch

The Mk II Fulcrum "American Milsub" Dive Watch Watch Releases

Mk II is widely known for not only being one of the first online micro brands but also for producing a great many well made homages to many a great sport and military watch of the past. Mk II is run by a perfectionist named Bill Yao, who transitioned from modding Seiko divers to making his own watches for an adoring online crowd that frequently pre-orders new models long before they will be delivered. The latest model to be announced by Mk II is called the Fulcrum and it’s being advertised as an “American Milsub” and it’s Mk II’s vision of a theoretical milsub made for the American military.

The Mk II Fulcrum "American Milsub" Dive Watch Watch Releases

We got to see a prototype of the Fulcrum at Baselworld earlier this year and regardless of its inspiration, the physical watch is impressive. Measuring a sport watch-ideal 42 x 15mm, the Fulcrum is ready for whatever your day holds, with an anti-magnetic, bead-blasted steel case, uni-directional 12 hour bezel, domed sapphire crystal, an HeV and 300m (1000ft) of water resistance. Weighing in at 117g on its natural rubber strap, the Fulcrum is just 48mm lug to lug, making it just a bit longer and thicker than a Seiko SKX007.

The Mk II Fulcrum "American Milsub" Dive Watch Watch Releases

The Mk II Fulcrum "American Milsub" Dive Watch Watch Releases

Mk II has optioned the Fulcrum with a Soprod A-10 movement, arguably one of the finest third party movements available and a much more expensive alternative to sourcing something like a Miyota 9015. Adjusted in six positions, the A-10 runs at 28,800 vph and offers 42 hours of power reserve along with hacking and hand-winding as well as a quickset date function.

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James (@jamesstacey) is a writer, dilettante photographer and part-time adventurer. An obsessive fan of many things, he loves watches for their breadth of style, historical connections and raw technical design. James has tendency for diving with dive watches, obsessing about case thickness and, despite owning a vast collection of leather straps, he lives by the adage - "when in doubt, just nato". He also wrote this entire bio himself and is pretty sure it's not a cry for help.

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  • Grinnie Jax

    Looks extremely solid. Special thanks for the 42mm diameter. In the era of oversized 45mm+ monsters it is nice to see normal watches.

  • Ulysses31

    Grinnie said it first but i’ll say it anyway, it looks like a solid and well-finished piece.

  • Grinnie and U31 said it already and I echo their sentiments!
    Btw, I would love to get my hands on the previous kingston model–that was a fantastic watch! Seen it sell for 2.5k+ used…
    Although I understand that this specific “Rolex” configuration is rare and expensive, seeing as how you can get a previous gen ND 14060 for around 4-4.5K, I struggle to justify spending this amount on an hommage–well built though it may be…On the other hand, it’s sold out already so kudos to Mr. Yao as he seems to have a loyal fan base.

  • lawmarc

    For a diver, why is the bezel marked with the hours instead of the minutes?
    Otherwise, nice solid looking watch.


    To be used as a GMT? It can still be used as an elapsed time bezel too.

  • Ryan B

    42mm still seems small for a diver, legibility under water is key so having to squint at a small dial does not seem ideal. The animagnetic feature is nice, this watch seems pretty solid.

  • bichondaddy

    Yawn…….  I am not judging the quality of the watch at all.  Just saying…watches with this look are a dime a dozen on the market place…Swiss movement or not….what makes it $1700 USD better than say a Seiko Kinetic that I can pick up for under $250 at

  • Piero

    It looks quite nice, but the price seems a bit too high… And the hours on the bezel definitely bother me. How is the lume-brik polymer compared to superluminova?

  • spiceballs

    Nice clean solid-looking but common enough design – for 2K?  Good mid-road size and like the grey option but needs a bracelet IMO.  As lawmarc noted, wrong bezel to be listed as a diver?

  • marbstiu

    very good photography…. but still not impressed w/ the “homage” watch

  • bichondaddy Actually it’s closer to 2k and without a bracelet–which would put it around 2.3K with a bracelet if one was available…Pretty pricey!
    I think that a Seiko Kinetic might not be a direct competitor to this watch–style and prices wise. I would say that a Steinhart milsub, that sells for around $500 on a bracelet, would give the mkii a run for its money…Swiss made (whatever that means these days) with a 2824 and a solid reputation.
    Still, since you mentioned Seiko, I would much rather spend the 2k on a marine master 300m. Now THERE’s a real diver!

  • Oelholm

    No-one has ever commisioned a diver’s watch with 1-12 bezel, has they? Seem like a silly mistake to do, given the design brief.

  • Oelholm I actually think that a diver’s bezel (i.e. 60-120 clicks) with GMT numbers is quite useful! You can still measure elapsed time easily, and still use the full GMT fuctionality of the bezel. 
    Problem with most GMT bezels is they have only 12-24 clicks so you cannot measure elasped time accurately, as you have to round off to the nearest click.
    With a good lume pip the diving fuctionality is still retained (to an extent)

  • Oelholm

    Oh, I don’t say it isn’t useful, just that it isn’t nearly as functional as a 0-60 scale. Surely, being the most functional diving watch must be first priority for the designers of a military watch?

  • lawmarc

    Am I missing something, or can it not be a GMT without a third GMT hand?
    Also, for that price the bezel should be ceramic.