The dial design, which could be described as that of a 5517 Milsub with a dash of Omega SM300, is clean, legible and can be surrounded by a black or grey bezel (I’m partial to the grey). Of additional interest is the use of Lume-brik polymer luminous markers which Mk II says are twice as effective as their conventional luminous treatment which, it must be said, is quite bright.


Pre-orders were snapped up very quickly and the Fulcrum is now temporarily unavailable. Future availability will be paired with a list price of $1,925 USD. A casual glance might make it seem like the Fulcrum is a bit on the pricey side, but the inclusion of an excellent Swiss movement and US manufacturing makes the Fulcrum an exception among the many online micro brands that use Asian manufacturing and don’t offer the option of a solid Swiss movement like the A-10.

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As we’ve all been told, you get what you pay for and Mk II has gone the extra mile to produce the best possible watch and with pre-ordering already closed, it doesn’t look like they will have much trouble finding a wrist for each and every Fulcrum.

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