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The case itself is 43mm wide by 54mm tall. It isn’t the largest of watches I’ve worn, but it is on the larger side. It isn’t uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t want to wear it daily. Stallone though, if he wanted to, he could wear it daily. The entire case is covered in engravings, and that is sort of the outer section over an inner black PVD coated case that you can see through some of the gaps. There is a prominent central skull over 12 o’clock, and the rest is covered with snakes and lizards. Of course there are the roads (of fire), and another skull on the crown. One more large skull is engraved on the steel case back of the watch. The crown screws in, and in case you were wondering, the Chaos watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

Already I am picturing how people may customize their Chaos watches. That middle skull needs precious stone eyes for sure. Probably emeralds or rubies, though onyx would be cool as well. I’d like one without a skull at the top, but perhaps a life-like engraving of Stallone himself. I’ll have to ask him about that… Attached to the case is a black alligator strap and of course, an engraved buckle with a skull on it. The closest timepiece we know to the Chaos is the skull-covered Daniel Strom Agonium which you should check out as well.

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Experiencing the Chaos watch forces me to ask myself how I feel about it. Or rather, why my feelings toward it aren’t inline with the shock of so many people. It isn’t beautiful in the traditional sense, nor is it a classic looking timepiece. I can see how any number of people would think of it is a monstrosity. But in a sense, that is exactly what it is trying to be. Nothing with a prominent skull looking at you is trying to be anything but a monstrosity. I’ve seen any number of revolting watches presented by men and women with a straight look on their face acting as though they’ve just reinvented the Mona Lisa. My reaction is always “are these people kidding me?” Montegrappa designed a wild looking watch that isn’t afraid of what it is. They present it to you with a smile, and are trying to convince no one that it smells like roses or looks great with a pair of loafers. The people who like stuff like the Chaos watch come find it, and no one is bullshitting anyone here about the design or what it is supposed to be. Leave that stuff to the Emperor’s New Clothes.

If you are going to go Chaos then you should know that Montegrappa will produce two sets of 333 pieces of the sterling silver model (with and without enamel), and two sets of 33 pieces of the 18k yellow gold model. Price for the Montegrappa Chaos watch in sterling silver is about $5,700 and about $76,500 in 18k gold.

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