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Montegrappa Pirates Watch

Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

I really want to meet the people who buy and wear Montegrappa‘s flamboyant watches such as the Montegrappa Pirates watch. This is the third and so far most accessibly priced in what has become a series from the Italian pen-maker. The Montegrappa Pirates watch case is crammed with almost comically familiar pirate motifs in high relief, and its release just ahead of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film is probably not coincidental.

Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

It began for Montegrappa with the Chaos watch (hands-on here) that was covered with three-dimensional skulls, snakes, and “roads of fire,” and was apparently designed by Sylvester Stallone. The follow-up was its thematic antithesis, though right in line with the over-the-top nature, with the angel-themed My Guardian Angel watch (hands-on). These watches are lighthearted takes on their respective themes – as if they could be anything else – and the Montegrappa Pirates returns once again to the cartoonishly macabre side with skulls, daggers, and references to buccaneer lore like a mermaid across the whole left-hand side of the case.

Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

The Montegrappa Pirates watch’s case is 43mm wide in die-cast sterling silver (a material we don’t actually see used for watch cases too often) and comes in two versions, as you can see in the images here. One version is all silver, and the other is silver with vermeil highlights. Vermeil, if you didn’t know, means silver gilded (coated) with gold. We are satisfied that the case’s 100m water resistance rating is sufficient and appropriate for the watch’s nautical theme.

Inside, the watch is powered by the trusty ETA 2824 automatic movement, and we expect a solid case back as on the other watches in the series, though the brand does not provide images or information on that. The stingray leather strap matches the overall theme well and we can expect it will probably include a buckle that matches the case. As with the Chaos and Guardian Angel watches, the Montegrappa Pirates has a corresponding pen from the brand with matching designs (sold separately).

Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

The dial and handset are very similar, if not identical, to that of the Chaos watch with brushed Roman numerals and sword-style hands – though Bell & Ross’ BR01 Burning Skull “Tattoo” watch (hands-on) one-upped Montegrappa on that front by using hands actually shaped like pirate swords. Above 12 o’clock on the case, the “Jolly Roger” skull with a dagger in its teeth is the centerpiece of the design. Four more skulls form the lugs, but they are hard to see in the brand’s images here. The dense decoration includes a compass rose, mermaid, sails, ropes, chains, and a ship’s wheel on the screw-down crown (again, not visible in these images) – see what other pirate stuff you can find.


Montegrappa Pirates Watch Watch Releases

Pirate watches are actually a thing, it seems. They are mostly a subgenre of the inexplicable popularity of skull watches. What’s the deal with skull watches? I want to say in a Seinfeld voice (there really are a lot of them – just see our Watches with Skulls topic page). What kind of lifestyle or personal style do these “badass” but luxury objects fit into, and what is the wearer trying to communicate? Seriously, I don’t get it, as I feel the symbol has lost much of the “edginess” it might have had decades ago. Maybe that’s just me.

With that said, these will be fun watches for the right people (eccentricity required) – possibly those who already have the Chaos and My Guardian Angel watches. The Montegrappa Pirates watches will be produced in limited editions of 88 pieces each. The version in silver will have a price of $4,200 and price for the silver with vermeil accents will be $4,500. Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, it’s nice to have more quirky and wild options in this price range. Please submit your pirate jokes in the comments below.



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  • “I really want to meet the people who buy and wear flamboyant watches such as the Montegrappa Pirates watch.”

    45 year old Black Sails cosplayers who show up 8 hours early to DragonCon panels and carry leather satchels filled with Man-scara and clove cigarettes.

  • IanE

    Good grief, this really is a week for ugly, UGLY watches!

  • MEddie90

    It’s insane that such a gaudy, and cheap looking watch with pedestrian movement and no name brand (at least in terms of watchmaking Mont”Argh”rappa aren’t exactly well regarded) comes in at the price of a Rolex. At least in the case of RM they attempt to justify the prices by talking about F1 engineering in a watch case.

    That said I do like the Ray-skin strap….

    • GCabot

      All of that sterling silver is not cheap – I am guessing that is where a large portion of the price comes from.

  • ??????

    Come on, ABTW!! I need a breathe of fresh air after all those unhealthy Hublot, RM and now THIS! Gimme some Lange, JLC or at least GS to recover my senses.. What a week..

  • Good Article Zen, Its something new to me, But I wonder why the prices are that high? the watch isn’t branded either.

    • Chaz

      It’s branded MONTEGRAPPA. You know…the PEN company.

      Now go out and buy a $3,000 Vacheron pen….

    • ??????

      It’s called montecrappa.

  • ??????

    Watchmakers from Aliexpress were put to shame.

  • TheChuphta

    Would have been perfect but for the date window.

  • Phil Dix


  • Yojimbo

    thank god I didn’t have breakfast or it’d be on my screen right now.

  • Brosan55

    Arghhh, Matey……stick to makin’ pens!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Why are you even reviewing this ? You must know the reaction it’s going to cause. …………just awful.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Grrrrrr,……….waited ages for ” someone typing ” then nothing.

      • Word Merchant

        It was Captain Pugwash.

        • Raymond Wilkie

          Might have been :
          Master Bates or Seaman Staines.

          • Lincolnshire Poacher

            Ill just go and Roger the Cabin Boy. I mean I’ll just go and see, Roger the Cabin Boy.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Where I live, there are a bunch of dentists and during the weekend, they take a ride on their Harleys to the next village (Bremgarten). They never go to far, they are middle aged and the back….you know. But they still believe, they are easy riders. This should be their club watch. I know them, one of them brushes the gauloisesstaines off my teeth.

  • Guadzilla

    Pretty cool and light-hearted watch.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Skeletors skull biting into a dagger,…………….light-hearted.?

      • IG

        You can’t take it seriously or can you, Raymond?

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I can’t,…………………..I totally can’t.

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I suppose not.

      • Guadzilla

        Light-hearted, as in, deliberately over-the-top and not taking itself seriously.

  • Word Merchant

    They should make one of these in magic gold. Oh and the skull’s eyes need to flash.

  • DanW94

    Kind of expensive, you’re looking at a Spanish Galleon full of ducats for this one.

    • GCabot

      If it is a Spanish Galleon, it would more likely be Spanish Dollars, a.k.a. pesos or pieces of eight.

      • DanW94

        Correct, I like the sound of ducats though : ) I guess doubloons could have been used also….

    • IG

      Or an ocean liner full of fat-arse ‘murican pensioners.

  • IG

    I really don’t want to meet the people who buy and wear this watch.

    • ??????

      You don’t want to meet the people with a pile of crap on the wrist?

  • Saul Sloota

    It looks like a mini-golf course.

  • Jonathan Smith

    What… $420 is a stretch for me for this, let alone 4.2k

    • proudAmerican702

      It looks like something you’d get for free from a local smoke shop, if you bought 2 cartons of cigarettes.

      “Hey buddy, doo’s ya want the free lighter, or da watch?”

      • Jonathan Smith

        for sure…

      • Mr. Blandings

        Uh…the lighter, please

  • ??????

    We have already seen 3 horsemen of the Watchocalypse; one in “magic” “gold”, one in vomit gum and one in.. or out of some place. ABTW, please, don’t let the 4th horseman come.

    • Berndt Norten

      Wait… what does Arn Anderson have to do with this?

  • Saul Sloota

    How dare you, ABTW. My great great great great great grandfather was killed by pirates.
    Too soon.

    • Was he wearing a watch like this? I’m not saying he deserved it, but….

  • Mr. Blandings

    That novelty shop on the Wildwood boardwalk called. They want their watch back.

  • Yan Fin

    I like an idea of cast sterling silver case.

  • BrJean

    One word for this…


  • Bill Davidson

    no tackymeter ?

    • DanW94

      Tachymeter – No
      Tackymeter – Definite Yes

  • RBR

    The author missed the third pen of the series: Pirate. Chaos, My Guardian Angel, then Pirates. The Pirate pen is far more impressive than the featured watch; the attention to detail is excellent, and like most Montegrappa pens, it writes beautifully.

  • Mark1884

    This watch is a joke.
    $4500 for $45 worth of silver and a 2824 movement?? (Although I like the 2824)
    Just too tacky to be considered cool. It looks like something you would wear to compliment your Halloween costume.

  • Saul Sloota

    I prefer my mermaids to be topless. For that reason and that reason alone I will pass on the purchase.

    • ??????

      Flip it and you’ll see

  • Ross Diljohn

    They drank a lot of rum before they designed it. Took some meth as well just for good measure.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Swiss pirates. Must be designed by Swatch.

  • Jerry Mathers

    Totally wearing this to the gym with my Ed Hardy shirt.

  • Sam Soul

    Between this watch and a bottle of rum, i guess that even Jack Sparrow didn’t want to be cursed… and picked the bottle.

  • Ulysses31

    Pretty expensive for costume jewellery.

  • SuperStrapper

    I got this watch in a box of Cap’n Crunch when I was a kid. Now I wish I hung onto it. It appreciated nicely.


    this is very very very sad.

  • Omegaboy

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    I wonder if ABTW posts reviews like this one just so the editors can howl at our snarky comments.

    Hublot should take note that all the nuts on the bezel are aligned.

  • Shinytoys

    You either love them or you don’t…I think they rock!

  • Bozzor

    The gold and bejewelled version of this watch is an amazing best seller on Amazon: judging by the number of reviews, they must move a few thousand or so a month.

    And the reviews themselves…! Must read!

  • BJ314

    Looks like a watch He-Man, Master of the Universe would wear.

  • frauss

    Wait a second! No pictures of the back?

  • This watch to be truly useful should have two more complications: A compass that doesn’t show North and rotten eggs. It would be perfection then!

  • Pete L

    Bonkers but fun! Great to go with the Great Frog/Crazy Pig jewellery for the biker and metal scene and at least it’s a bit different!

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