According to MJW, the “Sun and Moon” watches are historical in theme and represent early experimentation in techniques on how to comfortably and logically present the time during the day. The hour and minute hand system is so ubiquitous that it is easy to take for granted and forget that other means of indicating the time exist which might be equally plausible. While there are many timepieces out there that offer the time by alternative means, people for the most part immediately consider them as mere artistic novelties. The Mr. Jones Sun and Moon watch is a reminder that there was a time long ago when it was common to see clock and timepiece makers truly try to reinvent the watch dial.


Like the Last Laugh, the MJW Sun and Moon watch is not the poster child of legibility, but it is visually attractive in its own right. Though, I’ll admit, I didn’t really know what element to look at on the dial in order to read the time correctly for a while. The Mr. Jones Sun and Moon comes in the same 37mm-wide steel case as the Last Laugh Tattoo, but here is not coated black, and is given a brushed finishing. Inside this watch is a Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

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Mr-Jones-Watches-Last-Laugh-Tattoo-Sun-And-Moon-And-Timewise-Timepieces-aBlogtoWatch-22 Mr-Jones-Watches-Last-Laugh-Tattoo-Sun-And-Moon-And-Timewise-Timepieces-aBlogtoWatch-06

In this small cross-section of pieces from Mr. Jones Watches we finally get to the difficult-to-not-find-adorable Timewise. This represents a bit more of the modern, cute art vibe that we also find in addition to skulls in MJW products. MJW commissioned artist Clifford Richards to create this watch dial based on his distinctive pop art and characters. You are probably seeing a theme here, as Mr. Jones Watches commonly produces collaborative works with other artists – and proudly identifies this fact. Such collaborative watches are rare to find in the watch industry, especially at these prices.


The Mr. Jones Timewise watch is modern with a combination of pop art visuals and comic humor. The main focus on the dial is an owl, whose head rotates around the dial with the tip of the beak being the hour markers. Of course, this is a play on the concept that owls can turn their necks in an arc much wider than at least us humans. The minute indicator is a transparent disc with a mouse on it in place of a minute hand. This is how to read the minutes as it “runs” along the marker track. The theme here, of course, isn’t just the charming look of the owl and mouse, but also of a predator seeking its prey as an allegory on the hour and minute hand chasing each other in a perpetual game of cat (err… owl) and mouse. The MJW Timewise comes in the same 37mm-wide steel case and contains a quartz movement.

Mr-Jones-Watches-Last-Laugh-Tattoo-Sun-And-Moon-And-Timewise-Timepieces-aBlogtoWatch-09 Mr-Jones-Watches-Last-Laugh-Tattoo-Sun-And-Moon-And-Timewise-Timepieces-aBlogtoWatch-11

Many Mr. Jones Watches are limited editions, and most are produced as limited series, especially those products in collaboration with particular artists. MJW is most definitely a quirky brand with sometimes totally weird watches that aren’t for everyone. I really do like a lot of what they do and get excited each time they have something fresh to share with me. I would say that their watches are a bit on the small side for my tastes, which tends to hold me back from wearing them on a more regular basis. Quality is fine for the price but, again, these aren’t high-end watches. I think that if MJW were to produce slightly larger watches in a sportier case but with as much dial personality (and made them a bit more legible) they could offer a collection of timepieces that compliment what they already do, and that would also open up the brand’s appeal to a much larger audience of potential consumers. Price for the Mr. Jones Watches Timewise and Sun and Moon are £160 each, and the Last Laugh Tattoo is £195.

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