An underdog watch brand that I really like is N.O.A. Funny how Americans says the letters out (as it is actually an acronym) for “none of the above,” but in Europe they seem to say it like it is a word. I met with N.O.A (“NOA”) in Baselworld to check out their pieces and was really impressed. The presence the watches have is really interesting, and they are very comfortable to wear. Some of them are going to be an acquired taste, but few can say that they aren’t pretty pieces. I have been especially interested in some of their more sporty pieces such as the Scyllis diver, and the prototype of their new Skandar watch (seen at the bottom here). These are just a sampling of their new pieces.

NOA watches are very bold but fresh feeling in their design. The men’s and women’s models have a grace to them that isn’t common in many avant garde watches. Chalk it up to good design and an attention for detail and fine materials. At the top here are two of the brands new limited edition pieces. First is the NOA 16.75 G018 watch for Danilo Gallinari – limited to 188 pieces. The watch look great and has the signature of the Italian NBA player on the dial. A good looking piece at 44mm wide with a Swiss ETA quartz chronograph movement. Very similar is the limited edition piece to celebrate 200 years after the Mexican Revolution. This watch is limited to 200 pieces, and each piece has a unique number which corresponds to a date between 1810 and 2010. That is pretty neat, and I like the green, red, and white tones of the watch to celebrate the Mexican flag. Other limited edition pieces for 2010 is a model of 100 pieces to celebrate Joe Girardi, the manager of the New York Yankees (pretty cool watch for Yankees fans actually), and a limited edition of 250 pieces for the Venezuelan market – with colors of their flag.

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Below that are two new models from NOA’s 16.75 watch collection. Again, with Swiss quartz movement and awesome looking raised numerals and blend into the chapter ring. They are actually in painted metal and have a very high-quality look to them. These are among the best looking three-dimensional watches out there. You gotta love that refined, modern, technical look.

Then there are the cool mechanical NOA watches, my favorite of which right now are the 4.80 collection Scyllis watch. These are the dive watches of the bunch and look like implements from science fiction (but they are real). These watches come in a bunch of styles and colors. Each is in steel, and some have PVD black coatings. The watches are 45mm wide with an internal rotating diver’s bezel and a helium escape valve. These watches are also too pro looking to be worn casually – but I would still pull it off. The cases are water resistant to 300 meters and have double pinned rubber strap (to make sure it is securely fastened to the case). The Scyllis watches are thinner than you would expect and have Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movements inside.
Last is the concept watch from NOA that will hopefully reach production soon. I love this watch, and this is looks great. Oddly enough, this highly technical sports watch is made in honor of Alexander the Great, also known as “Skandar.” The watch has the reference number of 3.56, because 356 BC is the year that Alexander the Great was born. The watch is 45mm wide in black steel, with a complex, but extremely legible dial. This is thanks to the high contrast hands. The watch contains a specially modified ETA 2892 automatic movement  – with a Dubois Depraz chronograph and power reserve module added to it. NOA calls the movement the N.O.A A2081. The dial has windows for subsidiary discs (as opposed to dial), a power reserve indicator disc, and a date window. I am really digging the looks of the Skandar watch. This image is of a prototype, but after they get it ready for production, this is going to be a hot model for NOA (likely next year). Check out NOA for more interesting watches like this from their diverse and appealing collection.

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