In celebration of the warm summer months and the active days that accompany them, Bulgari has announced an entire assortment of new Bulgari Aluminium watches that will be joining the lineup for 2023. Originally introduced in 1998, the Bulgari Aluminium is the brand’s lineup of sports watches that feature cases made from aluminum and rubber (although Bulgari uses the British spelling of the word “aluminum” for the official name of the watch). While this latest announcement from the brand includes five different models, the actual formal launch dates of the new watches will be spaced out throughout the summer between now and September 2023. Alongside a pair of new chronographs with either black or white dials is a duo of blue limited-edition models in either time-and-date or chronograph formats that are inspired by the island of Capri, while the final model that is part of the announcement is a third limited-edition variant that features a left-handed crown and a green color profile that has been created specifically for the world of tennis.

Aside from their dial colors, the new black and white Bulgari Aluminium chronograph models are otherwise identical, and they feature 41mm aluminum cases (an increase of one millimeter compared to the previous generation) that are fitted with black rubber bezels along with titanium crowns, casebacks, and chronograph pushers that have been given a black DLC finish. Water resistance for the new chronographs comes in at 100 meters, and both dial variants are fitted with black rubber straps that feature aluminum inserts and are completed by matching aluminum pin buckles. Powering the new black and white chronograph models is the Bulgari Cal. B381 automatic movement, which offers users a 12-hour chronograph, a date display at 4:30, and a 42-hour power reserve.

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While the Bulgari Cal. B381 represents a new movement compared to what can be found inside previous Bulgari Aluminium models, the layout and functionality appears to be the same as what exists on the previous generation of chronographs, so the new movement number may just be used to denote that the caliber has been updated to fit the new generation’s slightly larger case. Although both the white and black dial models are joining the catalog as standard-production offerings, the black dial version will be formally launched next month in June 2023, while the white dial variant won’t officially be available until September of this year.

The two new Bulgari Aluminium watches joining the catalog for 2023 that will be available this month are the duo of blue models inspired by the Italian island of Capri. Available in either time-and-date or chronograph formats, the new Bulgari Aluminum Capri Edition watches both feature 40mm cases that are fitted with blue rubber bezels along with titanium crowns and casebacks that have a black DLC finish. Just like the standard-production Bulgari Aluminium models, both of the new Capri Edition watches are fitted with rubber straps that have integrated aluminum links, although the straps appear in a dark shade of blue rather than black to compliment their blue dials and bezels.

Both the time-and-date and chronograph versions of the Bulgari Aluminium Capri Edition feature the same style of dial that showcases a vertical gradient pattern that fades from light to dark blue, along with blue-finished hands and hour markers. While the three-handed model is powered by the Bulgari Cal. B77, the chronograph receives the Cal. B130, although both movements are based on ETA designs and offer power reserves of approximately 42 hours. Additionally, both Bulgari Aluminium Capri Edition models will be produced at limited editions of 1,000 pieces, and both versions feature caseback engravings that depict the famous Faraglioni rock formations that protrude from the waters that surround the coast of Capri.

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The final Bulgari Aluminium model included in this latest batch of new releases is known as the Match Point Edition, and it is the brand’s tribute to the world of tennis. Similar to other time-and-date models from the current series, the new Bulgari Aluminium Match Point Edition features a 40mm aluminum case fitted with a black DLC-coated titanium crown and caseback. Additionally, just like the rest of the watches from the current collection, the new Match Point Edition also offers users 100 meters of water resistance. However, as this particular model was specifically designed to be worn while playing tennis, it features its winding crown on the left-hand side of its case, and it also comes with a rubber strap that is fitted with a Velcro style closure.

Similarly, the aesthetics of the Bulgari Aluminium Match Point Edition are also inspired by tennis, and the entire watch embraces a green and white color profile. The white dial features green-colored hands and hour markers, and while its crown assembly has been inverted, its date window remains at the 3 o’clock location. Additionally, along with having a tennis ball engraving on its caseback, the rubber bezel and strap fitted to the new Match Point Edition appear in a dark shade of green, rather than being blue or black like on the other models from the current Bulgari Aluminium collection.

Although the crown placement and strap fitted to the new Bulgari Aluminium Match Point Edition are intended to promote comfort and ergonomics while playing tennis, the actual movement inside the watch is identical to what can be found inside the other three-handed models. This means that you get the same ETA-based Caliber B77 automatic movement, which offers users a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. Additionally, similar to the pair of new Capri Edition models, the new Match Point variant will also be produced as a limited edition, although this tennis-themed model will be limited to just 800 examples, and its official launch is scheduled for July 2023.

When it comes to pricing, the new generation of standard-production Bulgari Aluminium chronographs with white or black dials will be accompanied by an official retail price of $4,640 USD, while the duo of new Capri Edition models cost $3,350 USD and $4,800 USD for the three-handed model and the chronograph, respectively. Additionally, despite its inverted case layout and different strap, the new March Point Edition costs the exact same as the three-handed Capri-inspired model, with both versions representing only a small premium compared to the standard-production models that are fitted with black bezels and straps. While no Bulgari timepieces can exactly be considered inexpensive, the Bulgari Aluminium series consists of the absolute most affordable models currently available, and it represents the point of entry into the brand’s contemporary catalog. For more information on the new 2023 Bulgari Aluminium watches, please visit the brand’s website.

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