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Timeless Luxury Watches in Frisco, Texas is very proud to announce our new Grand Seiko boutique, the first and only of its kind in the United States. Our partnership with Seiko and Grand Seiko has given us unprecedented access to a greater portion of this amazing brand’s portfolio than ever before. Beginning today, American collectors will now have access to boutique models from several Seiko collections, including Grand Seiko, that were previously unavailable to them. This adds about 20 special models that few dealers in the world can provide.

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Timeless received this honor because of our total devotion to Grand Seiko. We have been fans of Seiko and GS for many years and were one of the very first dealers in the West to carry GS. Likewise, we’ve written dozens of articles reviewing Grand Seiko, Astron, and Prospex watches and even explained what makes them so special, their history, and how they work. If you’d like to know more, please see our previous article, “Why We Love Grand Seiko,” here.

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While our new Grand Seiko boutique greatly enhances our access to other limited editions and boutique models, we’re most excited about our ability to get new Grand Seiko watches, like this very cool new Snowflake, the SBGA059. Read our in-depth review of it here.


Of course, not only will we carry these new boutique models, we can order them as well, so Timeless Luxury Watches can make getting these rare GSes easier than ever before, and with the full American warranty. We have more than 15 Grand Seiko models that only boutiques, like Timeless, can carry. For more information, please see our buyer’s guide and poll of the newly available GS models here.

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In addition to Grand Seiko are Seiko’s other great collections, namely, Astron and Prospex. We have a very complete display of the high-tech GPS Astron, and, as with boutique edition Grand Seikos, we can also provide boutique-only models of Prospex, like this very cool SBDC029 automatic:

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The addition of these new models is very important for collectors, particularly Grand Seiko collectors, not merely because there are more options, but because they’re largely sportier designs. Grand Seiko is best known for its dress watches, but for years collectors have wanted sport and tool watch options as well. With only a few exceptions, these have not been a significant part of the brand’s lineup. The boutique editions, however, are largely composed of sportier options, like this SBGA075:


Due to the beautiful and expansive space in the boutique, we will be able to have more and a wider variety of Grand Seiko, Prospex, and Astron watches under one roof than any other dealer in the country. The boutique will continue to be used as a gathering place for fans of Grand Seiko across the United States as we host great events with guests and master watchmakers from Seiko.

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For seasoned Grand Seiko collectors, the Timeless Seiko Boutique offers an unprecedented chance to see and buy these rare models in person. For those new to this great brand, it offers the ability to view the widest ranging collection of high-end Seikos of any authorized dealer in North America and learn about them firsthand. Check out our website, our reviews, visit our new boutique section for Grand Seiko, and then see us yourself and appreciate these beautiful watches in person, the way they’re meant to be.

Timeless Luxury Watches
6950 Lebanon Rd, Suite 103
Frisco, Texas 75034
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