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New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For “No Time To Die”

New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For "No Time To Die" Watch Releases

Omega and the James Bond franchise have been partners in style since 1995, with the watchmaker supplying Seamasters for the world’s most famous spy in an array of versions and complications (occasionally even including lasers). For the ninth film in this partnership, the upcoming “No Time To Die,” Omega has created a unique and ruggedly handsome new Seamaster 007 Edition: the reference

Like most of the watches that have graced Bond’s wrist in the 57 years of 007 films from big crown Submariners to quartz Seiko chronographs, the latest Seamaster 007 Edition is a reflection of the current horological zeitgeist. Building on the base design of the current Seamaster Professional, the 007 Edition adds a generous helping of fauxtina warmth.

New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For "No Time To Die" Watch Releases

Both the aluminum bezel and dial feature a tropical aged treatment, going from the standard black to a very dark matte brown while the dial text and lume fills have been rendered in a deep old radium khaki. Redd accents on the Seamaster signature and the seconds hand add a punch of contrast, but perhaps the most interesting addition to the ordinary Seamaster Professional dial sits right above the six o’clock hour index. The printed broad arrow emblem, traditionally reserved for equipment issued to the British military, could become a point of contention on this watch. While vintage “broad arrow” military watches are a huge hit with collectors today, having the emblem appear on a timepiece in no way affiliated with the Royal Army, RAF, Royal Navy or Royal Marines (other than fictional Royal Navy Commander James Bond) smacks a bit of posing at best and stolen valor at worst.

New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For "No Time To Die" Watch Releases

The 42 millimeter case of the Seamaster 007 Edition uses the same form as the Seamaster Pro with a few minor tweaks. The sapphire crystal has been domed here, adding a vintage flair and slightly reducing the overall thickness. The biggest news, however, is the use of Grade 2 titanium for a lighter, more durable case overall. Around back, the Seamaster 007 Edition eschews a display window in favor of a military issue styled serial caseback engraving. In addition to another broad arrow mark, the engraving numbers feature a few sly references to the Bond series including the numbers 007/62, recalling the original 1962 release of the first Bond film, “Dr. No.” This vintage styled piece is offered on a Grade 2 titanium Milanese mesh bracelet for added old school flair, or a Bond pattern black and gray NATO strap.

New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For "No Time To Die" Watch Releases

The Seamaster 007 Edition is powered by the same Co-Axial Master Chronometer 8806 automatic movement as the current Seamaster Professional, Seamaster 300, Railmaster, and Seamaster 1948. Beyond Omega’s innovative co-axial escapement and 15,000 gauss magnetic resistance, the caliber 8806 offers 55 hours of power reserve.


New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition Watch For "No Time To Die" Watch Releases

While the Seamaster 007 Edition will get its own star turn when “No Time To Die” hits theaters in April 2020, the watch is set for a worldwide release at Omega authorized dealers in February for $8,100 on the NATO strap or $9,100 with the Milanese bracelet. For more information, please visit the Omega website.

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  • JosephWelke

    How much? For an aluminum bezel? Tropical fauxtina and all that nonsense, an aluminum bezel is ridiculous on an $8,000 piece. And an extra $1K for a mesh bracelet? I see the Swiss price increases are showing no signs of correction.

    The watch itself… it’s nice looking, even if I’d prefer it without the false patina. Let it age gracefully on its own! I appreciate Omega leaving the only bit of “Bond-ness” on the caseback, as well.

    As for the broad arrow… I can’t imagine Her Maj’s Military issuing $8K Omegas to a grunt fresh out of basic, so it looks kinda out of place, just for that.

    • TheChuphta

      Agreed. I think pretty much everyone from parking ticket agents to SEALs wears a g-shock. I’m yet to see someone wearing any type of mechanical watch and think “wow, they must have a really rugged job!”

  • Esteban

    I’ll necer tire of this: modern diver >> manual He valve.
    Faux lume is so cheap.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Bond ” Do you expect me to wear this ? ”
    Goldfinger ” No Mr Bobd, I expect you to die ”
    Bond ” Thank gawd for that “

    • egznyc

      Bond should also say he has No Time To Die, right? (Maybe because he’s planning to Die Another Day?)

  • TheChuphta

    Does it come with a kitchen sink? They threw everything else at it.

  • Un bell’orologio nuovo antico

    Just made the call to my OB to place an order, sure it’s not LE but a little surprise to learn there’re 5 other customers who already made advance booking for DC’s final 007 candy

  • Independent_George

    Price is high. I do dig the bracelet. The matte dial and the aluminum bezel combo isn’t going to age well. Instead of looking vintage it will just look old and tired.

    Save thousands and buy a new white dial instead.

  • The milanese bracelet absolutely doesn’t fit to the SeaMaster.
    Nato strap is even worse.

  • Joe

    I tend to agree with Sean’s comment and this makes me cringe:

    posing at best and stolen valor at worst

    Obviously they’ve toned it down since having direct references to 007 on the dial but I think any military reference should also be reconsidered.

    I’m sure that it costs more to produce a Ti watch but I’m not sure the premium over steel is justifiable to many consumers. We’re no longer in the 80’s where it’s considered exotic.

    I think it’s also a strange idea to artificially allow for “patination”, according to another source:

    the dial and bezel are made from an Omega-specific form of lightweight anodized aluminum and Omega has confirmed that both elements will fade over time


    Are they trying to create a future market for pseudo-vintage Bond-inspired Seamasters?

    Having said this, I like the look of the watch overall and I prefer the box crystal over their standard, flat ones.
    I wonder when the mainstream companies might start to offer customisation, especially for online channels?

  • Carmen Brisante

    Fauxtina and a movie tie-in … It’s a yawn from me. And the broad arrow doesn’t belong on this watch.

  • I’m just surprised that they haven’t mentioned that an Omega was the first watch to be certified by NASA for moon duty somewhere on the case also.

  • Rich Thomas

    Overall, I really like it.

    It’s attractive, well designed, wearable and contains one of the finest production watch movements available ever made. Titanium is more than fine with me. The trade off in weight and strength vs possibility of early case bruising, is one that I will happily make. And, I really like titanium’s less obtrusive grey. I feel the same way about the softer color of the lume, whether or not some insist that it is faux patina.

    Complaining about helium escape valves seams silly. Of course no one is going to use. But really, can’t we make the same argument against to wearing a dive watch, or any mechanical watch, today?

    Still, it is a fantastic watch.

    (OK, the broad arrow military reference may be a step too far.)


    I dig it but not at 9k. No offense to Omega but u can get a sub w an amazing bracelet for the same price so 8k on a cheap nato is a no go. My first thought was it must be a limited edition of 50 justifying the massive price jump but nope regular prod model so wait two years and get it for 40% off is the solution here..

    • ray h.

      I hope they sell a million of them,then I can get it for less than half $. That by the way is how it is supposed to work on used items, not paying over retail for someone sles scratches and bumps.(So much stupid in the watch world)

  • SPQR

    “a timepiece in no way affiliated with the Royal Army, RAF, Royal Navy or Royal Marines” – FYI the British Army is NEVER referred to as the “Royal Army”. I should know having served in the British Army for 5 yeas and the Royal Air Force for 16 years. It would be best to amend the article to reflect the actual branches of the British military. I suspect Omega and Danjaq have negotiated long and hard with the Ministry of Defence to place the “crow’s foot” on this watch. While I was serving in the Army I used a early G-Shock digital and later in the RAF I did use an Omega Seamaster Professional (Diver 300) as did a lot of officers. In that respect the use of this watch by a fictional RN Officer is reasonably accurate but on deployment to active theatres I still wore a G-Shock.

    • Ever heard of the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department (RAChD)? On the 22nd Feb 1919, the title “Royal” was bestowed by His Majesty King George V on the then Army Chaplains Department in recognition of its outstanding service and sacrifices during WW1 so generally speaking Omega is reasonably accurate (or theoretically not wrong if you prefer the term ) to say “ no way affiliated with the Royal Army…”

      The reason for the British Army not having the prefix “Royal” is because only certain regiments and corps are called Royal as explained above.The prefix ‘Royal” before the title of a unit is considered an award in much the same way as a War Honour.The regiments with this prefix are privileged to wear the coveted blue facings on collar or cuffs on ceremonial scarlet tunics but there are exceptions like The East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) who refuse the title “Royal” as it would mean losing their famous buff facings An example: Royal Army Chaplains Department (Christian) with Queen Elizabeth’s Crown

      • SPQR

        Unfortunately you are incorrect. Individual Regiments and Corps (there is a difference) do indeed have the “Royal” prefix but the Army does not. This dates back to the Civil War and the Commonwealth that followed it. Best to research it and perhaps listen to those who served in the British Army. Also the Royal Army Chaplains are multi-faith and multi-denominational not merely “Christian”. All branches of the Armed forces use the Queen’s Crown as there is currently a Queen on the Throne. Once this changes the Armed Forces will immediately change to using the King’s Crown. As I said – research.

      • SPQR

        To correct your misinformed response – The modern British Army traces back to 1707, with an antecedent in the English Army that was created during the Restoration in 1660. The term British Army was adopted in 1707 after the Acts of Union between England and Scotland. Although all members of the British Army are expected to swear (or affirm) allegiance to the monarch as their commander-in-chief, the Bill of Rights of 1689 requires parliamentary consent for the Crown to maintain a peacetime standing army. Therefore, Parliament approves the army by passing an Armed Forces Act at least once every five years. Also the Army does not hold a single charter like the Royal Navy or the Royal Air Force but is made up of a series of regiments that were themselves once militias raised locally by the nobility (the Green Howard’s and the Buff Howard’s are recent examples) or by the monarch (such as the Lifeguards and the Blues and Royals). The basic point is that the British Army is not and never has been the “Royal Army”. The Corps were raised in more recent times to provide centralised support services to the regiments such as the Royal Army Medical Corps. The Royal Army Chaplaincy Corps is also multi-faith and multi-denominational not merely “Christian”. The prefix “Royal” does not denote any larger or centralised “Royal Army” structure. Best to listen to someone who was in the British Army and perhaps do a little research. The use of a Queen’s or King’s Crown on badges depends on who is the current Monarch. Also Omega have not mentioned the “Royal Army” Ablogtowatch did so and really should edit the article to correct the error.

  • Philip Copping

    Well, I really like it (especially on the NATO)! Could I afford it? NO…

  • Frank Mercurio

    There is a fantastic interview with Jean-Claud in Revolution Magazine about the first time he presented for Omega to the Bond films. He was discussing with them how much screen time he could get for $50,000 and it was so many seconds on screen. Then he asks so what can we get for $1,050,000- they said you’re joking right? Ultimate Omega spent the $1M and it equated to be worth over $1B in watch sales!
    It put the Seamaster on the map.
    The guy is a genius!

  • ray h.

    It is a pretend spy watch,with a pretend military connection.That’s all.

  • The way I figure it, it does appear that the British MoD subject to approval of course, give the nod for the use of the Broad Arrow insignia to a watchmaker brand with a solid ancestral connection to the Dirty Dozen Omega is certainly not the first… Band of Brothers? The Vertex M100B DLC

  • Mark B

    Style and materials wise, it sure beats the hell out of the previous, But the Broad Arrow markings de-legitimize the watch. The aluminum bezel seems kind of a strange choice. And 9K? But I still want to see one “in the flesh.”

  • ray h.

    Lok how bland and in fact cheap compared to the bond version. I hate the new price but looks sell watches.

  • ray h.

    What a difference in attitude from the hodinkee comments section on the same watch.

    • ReaganWasRacist


    • Independent_George

      Hodinkee is an authorized Omega retailer.

      Hodinkee commenters are pretty much unquestioning Hodinkee fanboys.

      So if Hodinkee likes a watch, so will the fanboys.

      I am surprised you have noticed that Hodinkee is not nerdy watch enthusiasts publication but a lifestyle journal. It has much more in common with Oprah and Goop and anything the Kardashian/Jenner’s are selling. All are selling some from of aspirational glam. Hodinkee sells it through watches, so far. But mark my word, they will tire of it, because their is a ceiling with focusing on watches, and start branching out into other, more popular, more lucrative items and experiences.

  • Pete L

    Not for me. Lot of dough for a aluminium bezel and no date and I can’t stand fake patina. Rare miss as I love the brand but a few too many versions of this new sm300m in short time is a bit much. Also no such thing as the Royal Army?

  • Jj

    Yes, the perfect watch for a super spy. “Are you a spy?” “No, of course not” “What’s up with that obvious British military mark on your watch then? It even says your serial number!”

  • Han Cnx

    Great homage to the Seiko 5 Sports.

    Seiko showed a bit more restrained with the faux aged lume, but good effort by Omega all the same.

  • Tony NW

    $1000 for the bracelet?

  • TheChuphta

    More like “No Time to Buy”! Nailed it!!!!

  • FXD

    The Skyfall AT wasn’t co-branded, nor a tie-in. It was a regular production Omega that happened to have been worn in the movie. The only co-branded, tie-in Omega from Skyfall was the 42mm Planet Ocean with 007 logo at the 7 position on the dial.

    • SuperStrapper

      You are correct, I’m aware. The tie-in puts it in the same place for me.

  • Nelson A.

    I really like the over all look of the watch. I appreciate that the 007 references are on the back of the case and not on the dial. I believe any reference to 007 on a dial is cheap and gaudy , after all we are all secret agents aren’t we ? Can’t blow our covers. The old looking patina is quite a nice touch. Of course ( sorry Omega ) we have to compare the watch to something and we have to ask is the price about $ 9100. on a titanium bracelet worth it when you can get a Rolex no date submariner at about $7100. That answer is no, especially when Rolex will retain more of its value. I suppose Omega can justify the price based on the 007 connection and that has value but I think $2K is a bit excessive. I heard rumors that Bond may be emasculated and the next 007 will be a women. That alone may be worth the price of admission and you may want to get the last MANLY 007 watch. Oh my. In closing I think it’s a beautiful watch but over priced. And oh yes , when that new lady double OO says to Bond in the up coming movie to stay in your own lane some one please tell the lady the entire world is James Bond’s lane.


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