With Tiffany & Co. now in its LVMH-owned era, we’ve been keeping an eye on what new watches will be released by the brand. Back in the spring of this year, a collection of Union Square Limited-Edition watches were released to celebrate the reopening of the Tiffany & Co. flagship boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York City. And now, Tiffany has just introduced a new HardWear watch collection, in addition to adding a few new models to the Eternity watch collection. With these new Tiffany & Co. HardWear watches and Eternity watches, the company is proudly leaning into its jewelry heritage by drawing inspiration from already existing jewelry lines and the iconic Tiffany Diamond.

The Tiffany HardWear watch collection borrows its bracelet design from its popular HardWear jewelry pieces, featuring 10 characteristic gauge links. To maintain the streamlined design, the watch bracelets are fitted with hidden clasps on either side of the case. So in theory, you could remove the case portion of the watch and just wear the bracelet as a piece of jewelry if you wish. It’s also worth pointing out that Tiffany offers the watches in small, medium, and large to fit wrists up to 5.75″, 6.25″, and 6.75″, respectively.

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The 24.5mm cushion-shaped case of the HardWear watch echoes the silhouette of the legendary Tiffany Diamond, complete with a faceted sapphire crystal glass shielding the dial to mimic the look of the company’s namesake diamond cut. The dial is a simple affair, featuring a pair of hands at the center flanked by the Tiffany logo above and “Swiss Made” below. Tiffany HardWear watches run on high-precision Swiss quartz movements and are water-resistant to 30 meters.

Handcrafted in Switzerland, Tiffany is offering the HardWear watch in steel with sterling silver bracelets or full 18k rose gold. The steel and sterling silver versions feature eight brilliant-cut diamonds — four on each of the case attachments where the bracelet is hooked. They come with the choice of a silver sunray dial or, naturally, a Tiffany Blue® lacquer dial, which I have to say looks gorgeous in the photos. The 18k rose gold HardWear watches either come with the same eight diamonds as the steel and sterling silver models or there are also the more lavish options set with 291 round brilliant diamonds of over 1 total carat around the case. Dial choices here include white mother-of-pearl or black lacquer.

Moving on to the new Eternity Cushion watches, this is where the company shows off its gem-cutting capabilities and borrows from vintage 1960s and 1970s ads that illustrated all the various diamond cuts available from Tiffany. Inside the 28mm cases are dials that are set with a different diamond cut at each hour marker: round brilliant, baguette, cushion, Tiffany True®, marquise, Asscher, heart, pear, oval, emerald, triangle, and princess. That’s a dozen diamond cuts on one watch dial! The crown is also inspired by yet another celebrated creation of the brand — the Tiffany® Setting engagement ring — with the famed six-prong setting holding a round brilliant diamond. The display of dazzling diamonds doesn’t stop there; there are diamonds set into the bezel and more set into the buckle.

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The latest Tiffany & Co. Eternity Cushion watches are available in rose gold or white gold, both paired with black brushed calf straps. Black lacquer dials are available across both variants whereas the white gold one also offers the choice of a striking Tiffany Blue® dial. Inside the 30m water-resistant cases are high-precision Swiss quartz movements.

Prices for the Tiffany HardWear watches are $3,900 USD for the steel, silver, and diamond variants, $18,000 USD for the 18k rose gold with eight diamonds model, and $29,000 USD for the 18k rose gold model with the full diamond-set case. The Tiffany Eternity Cushion watches are even pricier, where the rose gold version retails for $32,000 USD and the white gold model retails for $34,000 USD. Although these are no doubt expensive watches — and I’m sure many of you will point out that that’s especially true given that these are quartz models — let’s remember that these are jewelry watches made by one of the most esteemed jewelers in modern history. These watches will not be purchased for any sort of mechanical abilities but rather, for their designs and association with the renowned Tiffany & Co. name. For more information, please visit the brand’s website

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