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The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport is the brand’s most value-oriented offering, a Swiss made mechanical sports watch that is both versatile and distinctly NORQAIN. The driving motivation that Ben Küffer, Ted Schneider, and the team at NORQAIN had when conceptualizing and designing the Adventure Sport was to create a well-rounded sports watch that can adapt to almost any environmental condition or social setting. With a starting price well under $2,000, the NORQAIN Adventure Sport is an achievement the brand founded in 2018 is proud to share with both seasoned watch collectors and newcomers alike. NORQAIN has a very strong retailer network and the brand believes that consumers should see and handle the product before buying, rather than relying exclusively on e-commerce. The Adventure Sport is one of the best value three-hand watches out there and you’re encouraged to check them out in the metal at a retailer.

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

(We previously had an image of the lume that was pre-production. This is an updated lume shot provided by NORQAIN)

The dial of the Adventure Sport is defined by a design touch that is unique to the brand and Adventure collection. The “NORQAIN pattern” across the gray dial plays with the light to create a visually textured and attractive look to the watch. Beyond the pattern, there is a date window at 3 o’clock that matches the gray dial, and the orange-tipped seconds hand adds a touch of color. The polished and faceted indices as well as lume-covered faceted hands are all applied by hand.

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On   The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The Adventure Sport runs on the automatic NORQAIN calibre NN09, which is a modified ETA 2824 movement. It has a 38-hour power reserve, operates at 28,800 vph, and features the useful quick-date adjustment function. It also has an oscillating weight personalized by the brand.

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The Adventure Sport comes in a 42mm-wide and 12.8mm-thick steel case that is water resistant to 100M. The case is satin finished with polished details and the finishing is done with great attention to detail. Both the dial sapphire crystal and sapphire exhibition case back are done with double anti-reflective coating. On the crown, you’ll see the NORQAIN logo, which is designed to evoke two stylized N’s creating a mountain peak. And of course, on the left side of the case is the polished NORQAIN plate that can be customized by the buyer.


The unidirectional rotating bezel of the Adventure Sport featured a matching gray ceramic ring. NORQAIN kept ease of use in mind when designing the knurled bezel. It adds to tactile functionality, but also the knurled pattern adds some visual texture to the case. The quality and the sound of the 60-click bezel is solid and there is almost no recoil when activating it.

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

In many ways, the spirit of the Adventure Sport can be tied to the brand’s proud partnership with the NHLPA. Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins has been spotted with a NORQAIN watch on several occasions and Swiss professional ice hockey player Roman Josi, current captain of the Nashville Predators, is a proud brand ambassador and enthusiast of NORQAIN. The connection isn’t limited to brand ambassadors, as Stanley Cup winner and Swiss ice hockey legend Mark Streit is on the board of NORQAIN and also in charge of the brand’s business development in North America. Looking to the future, the youthful brand wants to ensure that the long history and roots in watchmaking (as was discussed in this article introducing NORQAIN), as well as input of sports-oriented people like Mark Streit, are both leveraged.

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Auto Watch: Versatile Design And Real Value Hands-On

The Adventure Sport is one of the first collections from NORQAIN, and it was created with the intent to appeal to the kind of buyer they hope will become a lifelong collector. Truly versatile and bold the Adventure Sport Auto is available in a few different configurations. The model on Nordura fabric strap with leather inner in gray (as seen in this article) or blue is priced at $1,830. The version on a steel bracelet features a black dial and is priced at $1,990. The black DLC model on khaki Nordura strap is priced at $2,170. Finally, the steel and solid red gold two-tone model on a rubber strap is priced at $4,380. All NORQAIN watches come with a two-year warranty and can be found at retailers like Tourneau, Westime, Bucherer, and Govberg. (Please find the full list of retailers here.) To learn more please visit

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  • Lingua Franca

    I wonder how it would look with a herringbone jacket as opposed to a houndstooth one…

  • John___B

    1. I like the orange tip on the seconds hand.
    2. Not a bad looking diver.
    3. I appreciate people try.

    1. The prices on these microbrand watches with ETA 2824 movements are silly.
    2. The lume sucks.
    3. The Norqain faceplate screwed onto the side of the watch hurts my eyes.

    • Arkadiusz Deda

      I agree, and the faceplate on the side can be custom gravered. SO it can be whatever you want. Brand name its just a placeholder for promo photos. Still, wouldn’t buy it.

  • johnwithanh

    Nice enough piece, but I really hate it when BRANDS put a FULL WORD in ALL CAPS.

  • Luciano

    “modified ETA 2824 movement” — really?! what were the modifications?

    • Mikita

      “Modified ETA 2824” already became a meme among watch crowd. The modifications here are as heavy as adding a brand’s logo on the rotor.

  • Torben Kragelund

    I actually do find it quite appealing overall, just have 3 issues with it.

    1. That lume is just ridiculous, and too bad to as the colour of it is rather nice
    2. The label on the side of the watch! It looks like someone just slapped on some gorilla glue and stuck it there. Yikes!
    3. Finally..the price. As i was reading i was expecting a price in the 500-800 range, but at 2 grand mon dieu nuu uuhhh!

  • Agnar Sidhu

    If you’re gone do something, then do it properly!

    What’s the point of adding lume with this quality…..

    • Emmanuel, NORQAIN US Director

      Hello, the lume shot indeed seems to be a bit out of focus. I have attached a better picture of the C1 Superluminova to a comment above.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    You can all be so cruel at times.

    • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

      I would add my 2 cents….. but two of my posts were removed.
      Below is a “self edited” version.

      I like the overall look of this watch. As already noted, the faceplate needs to go and why the high price? Some other micro brands are able to offer the same basic components for under $500.
      The name reminds me of the drug you administer……edited section………….

      • DanW94

        Lol, I liked where you were going with the drug reference….

    • Berndt Norten

      Are you ok, Raymond?

  • FoundingFathersProud

    The watch has a great look. I can live with the lume … not a big deal for me. Unfortunately, the price is a deal breaker. I’m not looking for stupid low pricing.

  • tmvu13

    It’s nice and all, I guess. But so do a lot of other watches. What makes this different from other microbrands’ watches and what makes this cost nearly $2,000?

  • Craig A Clark

    As three handers go, I really do like it, and if it was GMT I’d totally be looking at it with greedy eyes, but that price is just a no-go. Too many other options for much better prices. Really a pity.

  • Mark


    I based on the pictures and the information provided on this post, the Norqain Adventure Sport is an attractive watch. What I like about it so far is the coloring and texturing on the dial, the knurling on the bezel and shape of the crown. I like the case shape, the A/R coated sapphire crystals and the Nodura fabric strap shown.

    What I am not liking is you have a what looks like in red the word Automatic on the dial then an orange tipped seconds hand. I think having both the same color would be better. I do not like the 60 click bezel, most I have encountered are not very smooth. I do not like the name plate on the side. Even though it can be personalized, it breaks the silhouette too much and detracts from the smooth look. And lastly, I am not a fan of the scalloping on the bridge plates on the movement. At first look, it makes the movement look too pedestrian, especially for this price point. There should be other metal working or spot facing to make it pop.

    Overall, it is a good looking watch. But as others have said, for this price point and for what other brands are offering in the space, I would not be spending my own money on it. Sorry.

  • WatchLVER

    My frustration with the watch community is that they think every new brand is some microbrand / kickstarter watch company thats operated by a few people therefore they should charge an insane amount less. Norqain is far far far from what some commenters are trying to box them into, which is the kickstarter arena. I’ve firsthand seen this swiss watch company and handled these watches at my local AD. They are really stunning and well manufactured. They are a new company that is doing all the right things and not taking shortcuts to build a successful brand, which is what we as a watch community should reward. If you know the company, handled their watches, and seen them side by side with mid rang competitors…. the $2,000 price point is actually a good value.

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