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Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

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Summer 2019 saw the hotly-anticipated reissue of the Ocean Crawler Core Diver, which had been a popular model with brand followers upon its original debut in 2018. Now, to round out the year, Ocean Crawler is releasing the Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT watch — a direct follow-up to the Core Diver with added GMT functionality. Interestingly, however, the caliber chosen to power this new model comes from SOPROD, as opposed to Sellita. This special release will be limited to just 50 units of each of the four colorways announced.

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

The latest model from Ocean Crawler maintains the dimensions of the Core Diver case, resulting in a familiar silhouette. At 44mm-wide and 15.6mm-thick, the Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT watch has a strong presence on the wrist, but with a manageable lug-to-lug length of 50mm, it does not go so far as to impede wearability. With 22mm-wide universal lugs, the Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT can accept a variety of straps. The brand offers this model on a fabric NATO, a shark mesh bracelet, and a woven steel bracelet, with each band option changing the overall appearance of the watch considerably. (This is especially the case of the blue-cased model on the blued shark mesh bracelet — an unusual and striking look.)

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

A 316L stainless steel case is topped by a unidirectional 120-click timing bezel with a color-coded sapphire insert. As followers of Ocean Crawler have come to expect, the lume quality is excellent. The hour markers and hands do not fail to impress either, having been treated with Super-LumiNova C3. These glow-in-the-dark elements would be particularly useful for a diver using this watch at the extremes of its abilities, 600 meters beneath the ocean’s surface.

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

The four different color schemes each offer a distinct aesthetic. The black dial makes two appearances paired with two different bezels. Either a black and white timing bezel or a black and orange insert encircle the dial. Other than that, the two models are identical, with the same functions, dial color, handset, and dial layout.

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

An all-blue model with a blue case, blue bracelet option, and a blue and orange timing bezel is the brightest and boldest of the bunch, but the green and black bezel, special green-tipped handset, and strikingly rich green dial of the novel black/green model are not to be ignored. This is not a colorway that has existed in the Core Diver family before, and its presence is a welcome option for existing owners looking for a different take on a well-received classic.

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

Ticking away inside the Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT watch may well be the fifth Core Diver release this year, but it is the only one using the Swiss Made SOPROD C125 caliber. SOPROD, a robust alternative to Sellita and ETA, is known for its great reliability and nicely finished movements. The C125 beats at 4Hz (28,800vph) and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

Ocean Crawler Automatic GMT Watch Powered By Soprod C125 Watch Releases

This extremely limited release (200 pieces in total) is ready to ship and is currently available for a pre-order price of $1,199. That price will be available until January 5th, 2020, at which point the price will jump by $400 to $1,599. Learn more at

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  • Nice watch marred by a not-very-nice name. What’s next? The Bottom Feeder?

    • Mikita

      Grave Digger? Oh, wait..

    • Gokart Mozart

      The Kerb Crawler, aimed at Wall Street types.

      Hang on that already exists but the name is Sea Dweller.

  • SuperStrapper

    The black and green iteration is unique, I’ll give them that. I still can’t imagine having a watch that says Rochester on it though.

    • Berndt Norten

      Hey, hey, hey all you snobs in these post-industrial towns
      I know you’re prob’ly gettin’ tired of all the ABTW clowns
      They never give you no respect, they never treat you nice
      So perhaps you oughta’ try a little advice

      And be a Hublot nut
      Hey, you’ll love it
      Be an Undone nut
      It’s a way of life

    • egznyc

      “Rochester, New York” is not the industrial power it once was (“mama, don’t take my KodaChrome …,” or for that matter my Bausch & Lomb) but I for one am not Undone and I think it’s pretty neat to see the shout-out in this discreet manner.

      The watch isn’t bad although I don’t like the high-contrast orange on the full length of the 24 hour hand on every color except green while the second hand’s shaft is nearly invisible on those same colorways.

  • Carmen Brisante

    Good-looking watches, though a wedge-shaped date window would work better, I think. I’d stick to the black and white versions, as the greens and blues don’t quite harmonise to my eyes.

  • TheChuphta

    Excellent, I often wonder -as I crawl about the ocean floor – what time it is for a different lobster in a totally different part of the ocean.

  • Mikita

    Gray-green combo looks striking, in a good sense. I really wish more manufacturers would do something like Ocean Crawled did here. Not the most attractive name, and Rochester New York looks kinda silly, but I can close my eyes on that. I am sold on the color scheme and the case shape.

  • Ugo

    actually, they’re not bad at all.
    expected more comments on movement choice…

  • Craig A Clark

    There’s not much I don’t like on this. With the canvas type strap with colour coded stitching it looks really nice.

  • Larry Holmack

    I kind of like the black and orange version…but…this watch is just a tad too small for me.

    • AlbieC

      44mm is small???

  • AlbieC

    Dial to bezel, hour markers, hands, and date window placement well to the periphery… all looks quite nicely proportional… well done.
    Like the big fat hands! Lume looks great.
    Integrated bracelet would be nice.

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