Omega Giveaway Contest For Omega Watch Lovers

Omega Giveaway Contest For Omega Watch Lovers

Are you an Omega watch fan? Have a favorite Omega timepiece that you are proud of? Well, in collaboration with Omega watches I have a giveaway opportunity for you. I call this the Omega fan appreciation contest, and we have three sets of Omega goodies to giveaway.

There will be be three winners: a first, second, and third place winner. Each will receive a progressively better set of cool Omega branded stuff. To enter, you will need to submit a photograph or video of you and your favorite Omega watch. I don't care what you are doing in the picture or video, but you should be comfortable with other people seeing it.

You will be judged on picture or video quality, and how much of a fan it shows that you are. How do you submit your video or picture? Just e-mail them to "omegacontest @" (don't forget to remove the spaces in the e-mail address). If you are making a video don't send the full video file! Upload it it YouTube or Vimeo and then e-mail the link to that video location. If you have questions you can comment below.

The giveaway will run until December 15th, 2011, so enter before then.

Omega Giveaway Contest For Omega Watch Lovers Giveaways

Now that you know how to enter lets talk about what you can win:

Third Place Winner:

1 red colored Omega baseball cap
1 fancy Omega ball-point pen
1 Omega branded magnifying glass loupe

Second Place Winner:

1 red colored Omega baseball cap
1 fancy Omega ball-point pen
1 Omega branded magnifying loupe
1 Omega branded full mobile phone case protector
1 Omega branded iPad travel case

First Place Winner:

1 red colored Omega baseball cap
1 fancy Omega ball-point pen
1 Omega branded magnifying loupe
1 Omega branded full mobile phone case protector
1 Omega branded iPad travel case
1 Omega & Olympics branded black fabric briefcase

Good luck to all the Omega watch lovers and readers who participate.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must provide with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached when you enter. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. If you are contacted as a winner you have 24 hours to respond with your shipping details. This giveaway is open to anyone in the world, but shipping costs are ONLY included if your shipping address is in the United States. shall have the sole decision of the winning selections. All entries made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Omega watches and Omega watch fans!

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  • Kerby23

    Saw the title and was hoping for a new PO give-away now that they’re coming out

    • Greg S

      You mean the ‘fancy’ ball point pen didn’t set your pulse racing?! Are you a machine?!
      Seriously though, this has a whiff of someone at Omega clearing out a cupboard to make space for the Olympic’s branded tat that they’re expecting in soon. Fancy indeed.

      • It is a fancy ball point pen in the scheme of branded pens.

  • astroboy2000

    Piaget gives a free trip and tour of their Swiss factory, March LA.B giving away a watch. I’m pretty sure a few months back there was a luminox/lum-[something] watch giveaway as well.

    And now we have Omega, one of the “big boys”, giving us a free… Hat. And “fancy” pen. And a bunch of other “Made In China” junk. I’m surprised that a golf umbrella wasn’t thrown in as well! You should know your customers well enough to realise that none of them want this synthetic trash.

    “Minimum Order” on promo goods are a pain right?

    Very disappointing Omega… here is a suggestion for you:

    Third Prize: All that junk

    Second Prize: Some of your leather goods/jewellery range

    First Prize: New PO, or some other 8500 piece. A SMP perhaps?

    Ariel – you’re not getting away either! You have a great blog here and it shouldn’t be tainted by some marketing grad trying to get rid of surplus nylon-wear.

    • Kris C


      I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over your unwarranted sense of entitlement.

      • astroboy2000

        You’re right Kris, I have removed it.

        However, I still think a one of the biggest players in the market could do better than some left over promo gear to reward their loyal customers.

        @Kris C

        • One step at a time for them. Most of the Swatch Group as a whole just isn’t used to this stuff yet.

        • Kris C


          Hey, I’m the first to want more out of a giveaway, but we can;t throw stones just because it’s not something better. If there was no Omega giveaway at all, would people jump up and ask “why is there no giveaway on Omega this month?” No. But then there is, and it’s not a $10k watch, and people seem to think they are getting ripped off.

          That being said, Omega, please open the museum and give away something amazing. Like my most highly sought Omega watch: the f300hz Seamaster Chronograph. 44mm, mirror dial, unique movement, proprietary and awesome bracelet – this watch was so ahead of it’s time, if it were released tomorrow as a new model, no one would blink.

    • I am actually happy that you commented if you felt this way, and I can understand where you are coming from. Some brands have really gone above and beyond working with top sites like to offer attractive giveaway items. While I was not the first to do so, I did help mainstream the giveaway online with my monthly watch giveaways – so I get their importance.

      This Omega stuff giveaway is not a replacement to my monthly watch giveaway. Just wait for tomorrow to see more of that. This was me asking Omega to work with me on a giveaway that would be there to reward existing Omega fans. Most larger brands have policies against giving away watches because they fear if their products are seen as being donated for such promotions, people won’t consider them as valuable. I am not sure if that is how it would work out, but it is the predominate sentiment. More realistically, if Omega offers readers a free watch giveaway, then everyone else with a watch website or magazine is going to ask them for the same, and the “free Omega watch” doors will be swung open.

      If the items to be giveaway away were crap, then I wouldn’t have done this. Sure they aren’t up there with the desirability of watches, but in exchange for maybe an Omega hat or luggage case, I am sure a lot of passionate Omega watch owners would send in a picture. I have already received some nice entries.

      Giveaways don’t earn me anything and I spend a lot of time with brands to do them in order to give back to the readers. Not every item is going to appeal to everyone, but I want to make sure there is a enough regular excitement to appeal to at least everyone once in a while. Thanks again.

  • DrRiAdGeOrN

    Love Omega!

  • armim55

    the case back is work of art

  • mjwilks

    love these watches

  • Bob hudson

    I own two Omega automatics and love all things Omega. I would cherish any of these prizes