Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

In addition to the new for 2011 Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Automatic watch, Omega offers a new  Planet Ocean Seamaster Co-Axial Chronograph Automatic watch with the new in-house Omega caliber 9300. There is also a three-hand Seamaster which also has in-house made Omega caliber 8500 automatic. These new pieces are fantastic, and show just how dedicated Omega is to making its two core sport watch collections better and better.

One quick note for you watch movements nerds. The original caliber 8500 for a few years ago did not have a silicon hairspring, but all the new versions do. What you see here the range of new pieces for 2011. I want to start with the more simple three-hand Seamaster Co-Axial Automatic. There will be black and blue version. The blue will have Omega's Liquidmetal bezel, but not the black one yet. Last year Omega came out with a limited edition Omega Planet Ocean Seamaster with a Liquidmetal bezel, this was to test the new ceramic/metal bezel. Since then Omega has acquired the rights to Liquidmetal 100%. This means they plan on going full scale with Liquidmetal soon, but right now they are still ramping up their ability to industrialize its use. Though, I will say that the blue Liquidmetal bezel watches are not limited in production.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

At 45.50mm wide the Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chronograph Automatics are large but good-looking (the three-handers are the same size). The case size is really perfect on the wrist due to shorter lugs, and the Caliber 9300 movement is a great addition. I discussed it a bit more here when debuting the new Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Automatic. The same movement fits and works the same way in Seamaster, but the hands have been adapted for dive watch use. The blue version with Liquidmetal is in titanium, which the black version is in steel. Omega ups their titanium quality to grade 5 - whereas they used grade 2 for some of their previous titanium watches. The polish is great, and the titanium looks light steel in person of finishing, save for that it is lighter and a bit more gray in tone. Oh, and the lume of the dial is fantastic. All blue SuperLumiNova, but the minute hand is in green for easier sight underwater and the dark when seeing the different between the hour and minute hand.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

Shall we not forget the orange version of the Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph with the caliber 9300. A few years ago the orange Seamaster Planet Ocean chrono was one of the hottest watches around. Omega updated the look and offers a few upgrades as well over former models. I still love those "broadarrow" hands on the Planet Ocean models.

More so than ever the Seamaster Planet Ocean feels like a high-end watch. Detailing is superb and everything seems to work as promised. I love how nicely the bracelet wraps around your wrist and the dial elements are crisp. Both the chronograph and three-hand models are water resistant to 600 meters, and have well-done AR coated sapphire crystals. They also have sapphire exhibition casebacks.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

While the chronograph is a cool range, my pick is the three-hander. Not that there is anything wrong with the chronograph, but I like the Speedmaster more for a chronograph model. For me a true diver is all about clarity and three hands. The Seamaster Planet Ocean with the caliber 8500 is just that. A great in-house automatic movement, super refined case and dial, and a nice large size. In titanium it is light and just a dream. While I typically choose black, the blue version is really well-done as well.

New for 2011 is a rubber strap that is incredible. It looks like leather, but is rubber with an almost sparkly finish. The tactile experience is impressive, and wearing it is exactly what you want when using a rubber strap. This is one of the best out there and Omega does a great job integrating it with the case. I also love the new deployment clasp that hides the excess strap on the wrist side.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Calibre 8500 And Chronograph Calibre 9300 Watches For 2011 Watch Releases

Not sure on pricing yet, but they will all be under $10,000 of course. The Speedmaster with the 9300 was about 7,300 Swiss Francs, so you can expect the Seamaster chrono to be a bit more, and the three-hander to be a bit less. Everyone is eager to have all Liquidmetal dials. It will be a bit before Omega offers the full range with the great bezels, but they promise it is coming soon. With desirable movements and the high-performance features you expect from a Seamaster Planet Ocean, these new large watches do the collection proud and will find a happy place in most anyone's collection. Shall I not forget! There are also 42mm wide Seamaster Planet Ocean with the 8500 automatic movement, and 37.50mm wide version for the ladies with the older Omega Co-Axial 8250 or 8251 movements.

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  • Tahir Khan

    Why oh why!!! did they get rid of the wave pattern on the dial…still prefer the original seamaster

    • Kris C

      Really? The first thing I was going to say was how nice this is with an untextured dial – the shade of blue and the application is very rich and looks great on it’s own. I was never a huge fan of that wavy dial.

    • ApplesX

      The PO never had a wave dial, you are thinking of the Seamaster 300. Although, the new ones don’t have a wave dial anyway.

  • Hi Ariel,

    I still love the omega seamaster planet ocean!

    There are some comments i do have on these watches, both positive as negative:
    it has the cool case shape with the bent down lugs
    crown protection is nicely integrated, without silly steel things sticking out
    a seriously good turning bezel
    dial design that leans heavily on the 1967 seamaster300

    the bent down lugs do not stick out as low as the 1967 seamaster
    the shiny things around the hour markers are not handy (same with the submariner!)
    white /luminova hands are way better visible
    a shiny edge to the speedy subdials add glam, not beauty

    Cheers, Hubert

    • Dean Grant Baker

      the colour blue has been PROVEN scientifically to be the easiest colour to view under water; it is ALSO the last of the visible spectrum the human eye can detect under water.

      • Mike K

        [citation needed]

  • Rich B

    They are nice but prices are very steep. Here is the price list..

    Planet Ocean with bracelet (steel): 4600 €

    Planet Ocean with rubber-strap (steel): 4500€

    Planet Ocean Chronograph (steel): 6100 €

    Ti Planet Ocean: 6400 €

    Ti Planet Ocean Chronograph: is around 7800 €

  • I really like those first few pics. But do I see a black date wheel on a blue dial?! 🙁

  • IS3515

    I love the look of the Planet Ocean. The Orange is the bomb but I love the black chrono. The silicon hairspring is interesting, is any else using this technology?

  • witch watch

    @ IS3. Silicon hairsprings are very much in vogue,two company’s i can think of off the top of my head are Patek Phillipe who started rolling out silicon in ’09 iirc and Breguet who if i rightly remember conversed with both PP and Rolex in investigating silicon’s use.

    I agree on the Orange Seamaster it’s lovely the colour just ‘pops’ soo right. I’d still have a Speedy over it though.


    Prices are indeed higher than they should be. Omega stuffed shirted itself a few years ago, & it’s trickling up forever. Also, if someone wants a steel bracelet with the orange bezel model, is orange steel available, or would Ludakris say that’s ludicrous?!

  • Dean Grant Faker

    Rant, scream, non sequitur, ISO 6425 “true” dive watch rave. Belittle others, spout meaningless data, insult author. Strap/band solidity. This is tested by applying a force of 200 N (45 lbf) to each spring bar (or attaching point) in opposite directions with no damage to the watch or attachment point. One on the 9 o’clock side, and one to the crystal and perpendicular to the face). The shock is usually delivered by a hard plastic hammer mounted as a pendulum, so as to deliver a measured amount of energy, specifically, a 3 kg hammer with an impact velocity of 4.43 m/s. The change in rate allowed is +/- 60 seconds/day or equivalent to the unladen weight of a sparrow.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      Shame on the “faker”, this is what BULLIES ddo; it is disgusting.
      This perseon is a complete coward hiding behind a”fake” name; posting as me.
      It REALLY is VERY telling of said “faker” tho; isn’t it.

    • Dean Grant Baker

      Shame on the “faker”, this is what BULLIES do; it is disgusting.
      This person is a complete coward hiding behind a”fake” name; posting as me.
      It REALLY is VERY telling of said “faker” tho; isn’t it.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    Further; seeing as one can ONLY make a post with a valid email adress; the “faker” MUST be outed as to their identity; and then have their email address banned.

    • Dangeruss


      • Dean Grant Baker

        Or you are condoning a bully and coward’s actions;
        “or” anybody that thinks it OK to bully another and impersonate them really needs to give their head a shake; or? It looks very bad on the blog; permitting such actions; IT is the ENTIRE reason why you MUST post using a valid email address; to stop this kind of childish crap.

        You’re ON the WRONG side; in FACT your “or” comment speaks volumes; Shame on you.
        “or” this blog gets turned into nothing but a coward hiding behind the internet turning the blog into nothing but a bully/flame-fest. That will KILL a blog faster than anything.

        • Dean,

          Relax man, it isn’t a big deal. I don’t remove comments unless they are spam. That would make me like all the other blogs and forums that do that and censor people. As it is in all areas of life, if you make a public comment you run the risk of response. And sometimes you need to defend what you say. We are all adults here and when someone says something you don’t like, you simply respond in a civil manner to promote a healthy discourse. If you feel someone is bullying you, then simply ignore them.

  • Omid

    It’s alright.. at least not every Joe on the street will be wearing one of these like the Seamaster or Sub. Fans of James Bond will, however, because this is surely going to feature in Bond 23.

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  • What diameter is your wrist? I love the new PO Chrono, but not if it would sit on my wrist like it does on yours.

  • simon

    I have to say the Orange Speedmaster just grabs your attention .

  • Norman



  • Jim

    Hi All, does anybody know if there will be a black ceramic version, 45,5 mm of the PO (3 hands version)? Thanks for your comment!!

    • Not yet, but there will likely be in the future.

  • On the old model of Planet Ocean hands are better and easier to read. Old has a bigger needle for hours, and a smaller minute hand.

  • Ahmed

    TOTALLY agree on the three hander comment! Frankly, chono just simply is so annoying, showy and has been done in ways that really are guerish and diminish from the purpose of a watch, and the most unused feature in any watch must be the chrono, compared at least to the date and/or power reserve.

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  • Mike K

    I’m so glad nobody here is complaining about the see-through case back. I’ve read other forums where the consensus was that dive watches should not have crystal case backs (and that the TAG 500m was violating this rule). I don’t buy that at all. The watch has a crystal on the front, right, so why can’t it have one on the back? And if they tested it properly to the depth they claim then what’s the problem? And, biggest question of all, does anyone actually wear a $6000+ watch diving? Let me see that beautiful movement I say!

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  • Bert

    I’m glad i’ve waited a bit buying a POC. for this is truly a piece of art in my humble opinion!
    The dual hand chrono sub-dial is a very nice change. I love the sapphire case back so the movement is visible for those who are lucky enough to be able to afford a watch like this!
    I like the move to two subdials, witch makes the watch a bit more relaxed to look at, and the switch to luminova was the right thing to do.(love the blue glow during night dives!!)
    As for the negative sides, I loved the brace from the earlier POC, more curved, the new one is slightly flat, so thats a shame.(imho.)
    And for as far as I can tell from the pictures the clasp doesn’t wear the Planet Ocean and professional logo anymore…. but on the other hand, the absence of pushpins in the bracelet(The new one has screws which looks a whole lot better) is a good thing!
    And you can bet I will be taking this beauty for a dive! its his destiny! were gonna see some beautiful things down below, of that I’m sure

    The only problem I’m facing at this moment is the color…. is it gonna be a “classic” black(gray) one or will I go for the eyecatching orange one???

    btw does anyone knows how much this beauty weighs?

  • Mike

    Hi all,
    These are definitely a beautiful watches. I am not much of a watch enthusiast but the 42mm Planet Ocean is one that I wish to purchase. I was in the Omega store about 2 weeks ago and they did not carry the new Planet Ocean; nor could they give me any information on the release of this piece. Does anyone know any potential release dates? Thanks.

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  • Here is new Omega Planet Ocean 2011 with 8500 movement

  • I just was at the 5th Ave NYC Omega Boutique. So far every time I have been there I have been impressed with their customer service. I spent over 40 minutes speaking with a representative and learned a few new things. I am in love with the grey bezel, chronograph with bracelet, so I have read most of what is out there in terms of specifications. Well I have a couple new things for you. Today I learned that the chrono pushers can be used under-water. Not an every day occurrence, but another testament to Omega hitting above its weight class. I also might add that Omega has now started financing, with their own credit card. Plunk down a decent down payment and you can pay it off with 12 months without interest rather easily. I have to say when I heard this I almost did it. Perhaps I’m foolish but I’m waiting for the liquid metal in the gray. Then again maybe I’m not that crazy, as I have seen liquid metal in person, it its damn sexy.

    • Screw mileage when you can get Omega points now.

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  • pauldoherty972

    No lume shots?

  • HeadphoneAddict

    Don’t know how I missed this article for so long. I own all three of these Liquid Metal Omegas on bracelet – the black 42mm limited edition in steel, the blue Ti three hander in 42mm, and the blue Ti chronograph in 45.5mm (plus I have the blue rubber strap for the chronograph which makes it even lighter and more comfy on a hot summer day). I think they are all fantastic and I prefer these over my previous vintage Rolex Submariner 16800, previous Hulk, and my current 15 year old blue two tone Submariner.
    I’m actually selling my TT Sub to help with my son’s college, because the 42mm Omega three hander is better proportioned on my wrist, and very light in Titanium. I also installed the newer adjustable Ti clasp on the two Ti watches, as it’s a simple bolt-on clasp coming off of the blue Titanium Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial. I have links from the SM300MC to adapt the clasp to the older limited edition steel model as well, but I’m using them on an orange Planet Ocean 2500 right now, and leaving the LE watch as original. GOOD JOB Omega!