Why the Speedmaster Date “Yemen?” Well, Omega doesn’t give it a special name, and the dial does bear the colors of the Yemen’s flag – which is red, white, and black. So that is the nick name I have given it to differentiate it from the zillion other Speedmaster watches. I am discussing this Omega Speedmaster Date variant because I think it is a particularly handsome look – that reminds me of a combo of modern and retro design cues. And is it just me, or does this “theme” remind you a bit of the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona?

The light toned white dial with black subdials really bring out the look of the subdials, even when seen from afar. Then, the added red color add a youthful sportiness to the Speedmaster look, that itself doesn’t always feel “fresh.” I’ve shown most of the variants here, but there are a few others than you can check out via Omega here. You can see that Omega offers it in the Valjoux 7750 movement version, as well as with their Calibre 3304 (which I think is an ETA 2894, or maybe of of their Frederic Piguet chronograph movements). I prefer the latter, as the symmetrical look of the tri-compax array suits the Speedmaster look better. Of course, all the movements are COSC Chronometer  certified.

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In steel, the Speedmaster Date is Daytona sized at just 40mm wide. Would it kill Omega to add just another 2 millimeters on to that? Oh well. The case is water resistant to 100 meters. Probably because Omega doesn’t want to steal thunder from the Seamaster line. The Speedmaster Professional doesn’t really interest me. Yea, it does have all that lovely “history” to it, but I don’t care anymore. If I am interested in a moon watch, I want a watch that was actually on the mood. These types of Speedmaster have sapphire crystals (how progressive!) and automatic movements. Omega offers this collection on a beautiful steel bracelet, or a Cordura fabric strap (which is interesting actually. Overall, I really enjoy this collection (even if the hands don’t epitomize legibility). Price isn’t horrible either. These retail for $3,800 on the Cordura strap, and $3,900 on the steel bracelet. I wonder if they are popular in Yemen?

See Omega Speedmaster watches on eBay here. See Omega Speedmaster watches on eBay here. [phpbay]omega speedmaster, num, “14324”, “”[/phpbay]

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