Omega likes its collectors, especially vocal ones. I’m proud to help announce the limited-edition Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition watch produced in honor of my colleague and long time friend Robert-Jan Broer who founded Fratello Watches. He started  his site a little bit before aBlogtoWatch and in 2012 randomly created the term “Speedy Tuesday” to refer to an Omega Speedmaster on his wrist that he posted on social media on, you guessed it, a Tuesday. Since then, #SpeedyTuesday became a routine for him, and on Tuesdays on his blog he would cover interesting Omega Speedmasters, of which there are many.

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There are a few interesting things about this watch including how it is being sold. Rather than sold in stores, the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday can be pre-ordered directly on Omega’s own website. In a sense, it is a test, but a fun one. Robert-Jan (RJ) is not making money from this, but rather gets one of these watches, and also gets to claim that he helped bring back one of his favorite rare Omega Speedmaster Professional watches which is the Omega “Speedmaster Alaska III” from 1978. The watch not only has a very desirable “reverse panda dial,” (black dial with white sub-dials), but also the rare “radial” numerals in the sub-dials. Omega Speedmaster fans have been asking for a modern black and white dial model of the Speedmaster Professional, and here it is.

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Image via: Fratello Watches

Image via: Fratello Watches

For the most part, the watch is the standard Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch which comes in a 42mm-wide steel case with a Hesalite crystal and an aluminum bezel insert. Another unique element in the design is the all-brushed case, versus the combination brushed and polished case. Inside the watch is the classic manually wound mechanical Omega caliber 1861 chronograph movement. One of the coolest features is the luminant, which is artfully grand and sure to impress anyone who likes to see their watch dial looking bright in the dark.


Special engravings on the rear of the watch as well as the two-tone black and white NATO-style strap (the watch comes with two straps) make it clear that this is a #SpeedyTuesday limited edition as well a tribute to the Speedmaster Alaska III. No doubt RJ’s contribution to the project ensure that it was, as he said, “by watch fans, for watch fans.” This is an uncommon thing for a large brand like Omega to do, but many have seen it coming as Omega has graciously hosted a variety of Speedmaster watch lover meet-up events over the last few years.


In addition to the black and white striped NATO-style Omega strap, the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday will come with a brown leather strap. Interestingly enough, it will not come with the standard steel metal Speedmaster bracelet. I think this is because so often collectors who wear vintage Speedmaster watches put them on a variety of third-party straps rather than on a steel metal bracelet.

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I recall a chat with RJ several years ago when we talked about how the majority of his collecting interest was going in the direction of Omega Speedmaster watches. Prior to that, he was a rather dedicated Rolex man. I feel pretty confident in saying that he is probably very honored and quite flattered that his years of dedicated Speedy Tuesday coverage paid off in the ability to help Omega design a limited-edition Omega Speedmaster in his honor. You can see images of RJ’s own Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition watch on Fratello here.

omega-speedmaster-professional-speedy-tuesday-1 omega-speedmaster-professional-speedy-tuesday-4

Once again, this is the first Omega watch to be sold exclusively online via Omega for a price of $6,500, and is limited to 2,012 pieces, in honor of the year when #SpeedyTuesday was started. Collectors who order can even choose their number. You can learn more about the reference 311. Omega Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited Edition watch and order one here via

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