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Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent mechanical diver’s watch. When $1,000 and more per a watch isn’t in accordance with your budget it can be hard to feed the watch lover need. A little bit of good advice and horological discovery are all you need to fill your drawers with fun watches that look good, work well, and won’t break the bank. Here is the orange dialed version of the Orient “Mako” CEM65001M automatic diver’s watch. It has an Orient made manufacture mechanical calibre 469 movement with day and date, as well as a study steel bracelet and a good look. The watch comes in several dial colors if orange isn’t your style. Other dial colors choices include yellow, black, blue. The yellow dialed version is a special edition model that can be acquired on on There are also a few bezel color options available. Just to compare, the top of the line Orient Diver’s watch is this CFD0C001B timepiece that I reviewed here.

The dial of the watch is a handsome element including three Arabic numeral hours with the rest being lume covered indicators. All of the hour markers are applied to the dial. The watch is highly legible. This orange dial version has a small issue due to the red tip of the seconds hand that makes it “disappear” a bit against the orange background, but it is not a huge deal, and not an issue on the other dial colors. The dial is aided by a diagonally placed chapter ring with a matching orange color that helps make the dial look deeper and more satisfying.

There are few very watches at this price level with bracelets that look at soon. The wide brushed steel links have a high quality feel, and aren’t too thin either (yes, I am talking to you Seiko). The deployment clasp has a triple locking feature that is sturdy and feels nice. Plus, you’ll appreciate how the links are bushed on the top and bottom, and polished on the sides – a very good look. I like the Orient engraving on the bottom of the clasp. Another feature you don’t see too often on watches at this price point. You’ll notice the thick screw-down caseback which helps the 40mm wide case to sit at a good level above the wrist. Size of the watch is perfect for the look being comfortable yet masculine. Being water resistant to 200 meters, you can easily do most diving with the watch easily. The crown and pusher at 2 o’clock are both screw-down as well.

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orient designed the rotating diver’s bezel with a quirky style, but it gets the job done. The bezel rotation is on par with the higher-end timepieces available at this price level. The bezel clicks in a satisfying manner with minimal jiggle. It is aligned properly and there is a lume tip on the “60” minute mark. I do think that the numerals are a bit small on the  bezel though, and the intermittent notching on the grips is odd looking. Still, it does make the watch stand out, and you don’t easily confuse it with the legion of other Japanese made diver’s watches from competitors such as Seiko and Citizen. Orient is certainly the more interesting and the less mainstream of choices among the group.

If you are wondering what the pusher at 2 o’clock is used for, it adjusts the day of the week display next to the date. It is good that the pusher is screw-down. In addition to this aiding the watch’s water resistance, it prevents you from accidentally pushing it and changing the day of the week without meaning to do so. The watch crown has a nice engraved Orient logo which is a nice touch, especially on a price at this level.

Each of the Orient Mako watches is well under $200, most under $150. You’ll certainly feel that the value of the watch is higher than what you paid for it. Along those same lines you can easily choose this watch as a good looking “beater” watch or utility watch. Some people especially don’t want a digital watch, and you can easily rely on a watch like this to do sound workhorse duty while still enjoying it as being classic looking with an automatic mechanical movement inside.


See all Orient Mako Diver watches on Amazon here.Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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  • Daniel

    I have this watch with a blue dial. What an incredible bargain! Fit and finish is spot on, the lumes are fantastic through the night, the simplistic, straightforward design and style is easy to live with day in and day out and the bracelet feels as if it were custom made for my wrist. I am very happy with it.

  • paul coulter

    Great watches! Excellent value. Strip away 80%-90% the price of what we pay for a $4000.00 prestige watch brand and here’s the result.

  • stunning looking watch. iprefer the orange face with the black bezel.

  • Nje

    This is definitely the best value for your money when it comes to a mechanical watch. the craftsmanship of this mako makes it feel like a steal for such a competitive price. i have the classic black dial and it really is a sight to behold.

  • A Williams

    I have prestige watches from Ebel / Rolex and others and they have all needed service after five years or less .. They run fast they run slow or just plain stop . My mother had a Citizen that she wore the whole time I knew her until her death it was a cheap Japanese watch, people laughed at it whe she drove her mercedes to the watch shop to get may dads Omega but in over 40 years and not one service it ran right as the day she bought it . I was given a Citizen for my tenth birthday and it still runs fine I bought a Orient ten years ago in Hong Kong wore it for about a year during harder times and took it out after this review and it still works perfectly . The ebel not worn for 2 years runs fast

    They make them cheap and as an enigineer I do not know how they make them go on and on ..But one thing is for sure THEY DO , These watches are the VW Beetle/Bug of the watch world

  • Zee Lowell

    I just ordered a Black Mako, and I can’t wait to get it. I have read they are a great watch and very reliable. It was a toss up between the Seiko SKX 175 or the Mako, and after reading the posts (including yours) I chose the Mako.
    Thank you

  • joseph v. tortona

    the best watch i’ve ever bought- strong, elegant, stylish, accurate as a mechanical watch can be- no frills! just plain and reliable. and proves that not all that are affordable is cheap stuff! my mako watch speaks for itself. i’m glad for having one of only several iso certified diver’s watches that is well within reach. hope orient continues their tradition of providing affordable but reliable watches for many generations to come!

  • The Orient Mako CEM65001M is one of my collection. The watch itself is superbly made. Everything feels solid, from the bracelet to the crown to the bezel. There is an Orient logo on the face and on the bracelet that is not problematic due to its subtlety. This doesn’t look like a Rolex, but the level of quality is immensely impressive given the price and few observers will think this is not a cheap watch by just looking at it.

  • adammore1983uk

    I changed my job recently to one that requires a more hands on approach and i didn’t want to damage my Submariner (my only true luxury watch). So i did the sensible thing and and bought a cheap quarts digital to wear while working but it drove me mad being way to light so i started looking for a better substitute. I confess id never heard of Orient watches so dismissed them at first and looked into sieko, but the orient kept on coming up every time id ask advice on the watch forums so in the end i took the plunge (get it ? “plunge” its a dive watch) and im glad i did. I bought the orient black ray (same as mako but different face design) looks and feels great and keeps time almost as well as my Rolex and better than my Hamilton (although the Hamilton is 50 years old). The thing i like the most is the way it looks enough like a Submariner (or a Seamaster if you get it in blue) to be desirable but different enough not to be just another homage.

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