Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

Whether it's the sponsorship of efforts for the preservation of a forgotten island or partnering with Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service, Swiss watch brand Oris has been involved with some pretty cool causes over the years. The latest is a 1931 Dewoitine D.26 airplane that was passed on to Hangar 31, a group of volunteer enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation, training, and maintenance of the aircraft. The Oris Big Crown D.26 Limited Edition is Oris' latest retro-style pilot model. Featuring a green dial and the Oris Caliber 754 pointer-date movement, the Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG is a fun new retro watch that will appeal to enthusiasts looking for a vintage-inspired timepiece with a lot of character and Oris' reputation for value.

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

In a welcome change of pace, green dials are becoming more common from a lot of brands – most recently, the well-received Panerai PAM735, 736, and 737 collection, for example. Of course, there was also Oris' own Divers Sixty-Five with a green dial too, among others. Personally, I find that to be an exciting trend. We have seen a seemingly endless stream of blue dials over the last few years, and as an enthusiast with a number of blue watches myself, I'm beginning to feel a little burnt out. It seemed that all at once everyone wanted to add a blue dial to their rotation, and brands were eager to accommodate. While beautiful in a lot of cases, I'm ready to see some new trends emerge. Well-done green dials are definitely appreciated and something I can get behind.

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

The Oris Big Crown D.26 will have a stainless steel case measuring in at 40mm. While this may seem small after some of the more recent pilot watch releases, it's in line with the vintage theme – and there is no shortage of vintage aviation influence here. Just about every feature of the watch is influenced by the military-green cockpit of the Dewoitine D.26 aircraft, and it's spot on. Oris prides itself on its slim-line case and rounded lugs, taking direct cues and inspiration from the Big Crown watch family that was introduced in 1938. The case features a fluted bezel and an over-sized crown (for winding with gloves on) – something that looks and feels fantastic against the green dial. The dial itself, in keeping tune with the traditional pilot watch design while scoring influence from the cockpit's gauges, features printed Super-LumiNova Arabic numerals and traditional polished nickel hands. Adding to the old-school inspiration is a domed sapphire crystal, and the inclusion of two leather straps – a dark brown or a tan. Engraved on the caseback is the D.26 plane, along with the limited edition number.

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

Arguably one of Oris' signature features, the pointer-date, has been a staple in their Pilot Watch collections since 1938. Operating at 4Hz with a power reserve of 38 hours, the Oris Caliber 754 is a modified Sellita SW200-1 that displays the date in the form of a central red-tipped hand that sweeps around a "date ring" located on the outer dial. While I've seen this feature referenced as "distracting" and adding "clutter," I find it fascinating and fun. The Oris Caliber 754 fits the watch perfectly. The pointer-date function helps make the Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG a great option for a vintage-inspired mechanical pilot watch with a unique feature, and the added bonus of not killing a bank account.

Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Watch Watch Releases

Oris has always been one of my favorite brands, in no small part because I love a company that is passionate about being involved in the community and the heritage surrounding them. Good for business? Sure. Great for the world? Even better. Hangar 31's motto is "Conserve and Fly," and it seems like Oris was a good fit to come along and live up to that. The Oris Big Crown D.26 286 HB-RAG Limited Edition Ref. No. 01-754-7741-4087-LS will come in a cool leather pouch, be limited to 1,931 pieces (for the year the aircraft was commissioned), and carry a price of 1,850 CHF. oris.ch

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  • Pete Pete

    certainly better looking and far better value for money than for example any bremont

    • Tea Hound

      Wish I could up vote this more than once.

  • Mikita

    Lovely, I like the combination of the green dial, pilot case and high quality (probably) brown strap. Such date indication may not appeal to everyone, but I find it fits well into the overall design; moreover, I kinda like that the dial has no holes at all 🙂 p.s. engraved caseback looks excellent as well, much better choice than displaying a rather common movement as most of others do.

  • IanE

    Rather attractive – going green has just got a bit more tempting!

  • egznyc

    Green must be the new blue. But seriously, I rather like this. It just works for me, pointer date and all. And I generally don’t like green.

    While it’s a much better value proposition than some others, it’s still close to $2K for a rather ordinary movement. I guess knowing there are fewer than 2K units out there makes this worthwhile for some?

  • SuperStrapper

    Very nice. Can’t say I’m big on the caseback homage but the relief appears to be done quite nicely.

    There is something about the seconds hand that is off. I want to say it’s too short but it reaches its target nicely. There’s just another indication outward of that and then even a little more dial, so while the seconds hand is long enough it gives the illusion that it ain’t so.

    The shade of green is unique, like that of a deep lake.

    I’d wear this.

    • Travis Cannata

      I had the same thought, though I decided it’s because the pointer hand has a red tip, and the seconds hand doesn’t. I don’t know why I feel that messed with my brain, but it did.

  • Chaz

    I have an early “Big Crown” by Oris. From the late ’90s. Pointer date…small subseconds. Love it and still have it.

    It doesn’t say “Big Crown” on the dial and is the better watch because of it.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Is that the one with the seconds at 9 and the date going in an anti-clockwise direction.

      Lovely, lovely watch. It was almost my first proper watch. My brother has one of those movements but his was not a big crown, and my dad also used to have one but that was one of the later more substantial cases.

      I need to get me one of them. I absolutely live the early 90’s Oris’s. Especially love the alarm watch.

      They really need to bring back the classic range properly. The generally positive reviews reflect this.

  • John Stevens

    Like a lot of what Oris is doing and I like this green dial a lot as I mentioned before I have always liked the big crown pointer date and particularly some of the old retro style dials and the company has some genuine history however like others have said I don’t like the big crown wording it doesn’t need it, it’s a big crown.

  • Yan Fin

    Nice color. Strange price.

  • Pete L

    Cool and pretty good value but agree with the others it doesn’t need to say Big Crown – it is not a can of Ronseal!
    Personally would prefer it a little larger too.

  • Nathan Likes Watches

    The green dial on the tan band, very nice. I also like the date pointer.

  • Yanko

    Lovely watch.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Would have loved to see a nice big onion crown on this watch.
    I love Oris. Lovely watch ( not mad on the colour ) but as clear as day with a lovely date indicator. in £’s this is 1,442 which i think for what you get is fine. Not mad on planes, an open back and this would have been lovely.

  • Norbs K

    A lovely vintage flieger.
    Like the green dial. In the ocean of black, blue and white, it always feels like a breath of fresh air to have a different color. Especially green.
    For being a limited edition the price is quite acceptable, although you can get something similar for less.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Lovely no nonsense affordable watch that you will keep looking at when its on your wrist. You cant ask for more at this price range.

    I think Oris make some of the best affordable watches and are a well respected brand.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I wish the Dreyfuss 1924 cal 39 had gotten a better review. It is a flieger I would buy immediately if the winding mechanism was good. This oris flieger is fine but doesn’t appeal to me as much.

  • Mark1884

    This is a really nice offering from Oris. Solid & good looking. This is an example of how to build credibility & respect in the watch industry. You offer a quality product at a reasonable price.
    No price gouging, no made up stories & no lying about your product.
    Just an honest watch – Bravo Oris!

    • Berndt Norten

      Brewmont take note. Actually, no need for them to do so. They’ve found a winning formula. But your point stands. Oris earns money the old fashioned way: they EARN it.

    • Mikita

      The antipode of Brewmond

      • Mark1884

        Absolutely positively correct !!

    • IG

      You’ve never heard of Joe Oris the famous aviator?

  • IG

    I wonder the legibility of that pointer date in real life.

  • JF Schnell

    a bit more affordable than what I saw previously. Has that vintage feel that I personally don’t like (sorry I don’t go with the flow). Nevertheless is a watch I would occasionally wear.

  • Tim Archer

    It looks beautiful in these photos.

  • Michael Lojko

    This is a beautiful watch from the front to the back!

  • its nice! thanks for sharing

  • Jerry Davis

    Love the look but would not buy it because it seems half the time I look at my watch
    it’s to check the date and I like to see a window and number.

  • Mischa

    Beautiful watch, good quality, a brand that has earned its respect, and a good price point. If anything, I’d change either the date or seconds hands, they’re too similar and that may be confusing (in still shots, anyway). I like it a lot.

  • Russ Edward

    Love it so much I have pre-ordered one. Being an old fart I can’t read the date in half the modern date windows, the central date hand complication addresses this nicely. To me this is a classier Alpinist which is beginning to suffer from everyone having one.

    I wish Tudor would mass produce their charity version green dial BBB with the left hand crown but this satisfies my green dial desires for now.

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  • Andrew Hughes

    This is sexy!!! Oris does it again…

  • Svetoslav Popov

    Very beautiful, but I always wondered what is a gnarled non-rotating bezel for?

    • Raymond Wilkie

      That gorgeous coin edged bezel ?

      • Svetoslav Popov

        Yep, it is gorgeous, but what is the function? It is superficial as is a big crown on an automatic watch 🙂

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I (respectfully ) disagree, i find it frames the watch perfectly.

          • Svetoslav Popov

            I said that I like it, but I don’t find it attractive enough to shed 2k$, when I could buy Seiko Alpinist for 400. I actually already own one and think it is amazing. I also own my favourite Oris – the John Coltrane, which I adore. I think this green big crown is very nice watch too, but I intend to skip it similarly to 1917 Limited. Too many limited Oris-es lately, getting kinda Paneraiish 🙂

          • Raymond Wilkie

            I agree, but from a marketing point of view you can see why they do it, but you can argue it’s only an Oris getting ides above their station.

  • Omegaboy

    Muy caro, demais caro.

  • I like it. I do think they missed an opportunity to use a bi-directional rotating bezel with a single red index cut. Would have made a nice addition to an aviation themed design.

    • Svetoslav Popov

      That is what my gripe is about too 🙂 Would have presented a nice alternative to Hanhart designs. Now, without any function this bezel is extremely superficial to me.

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