Oris Classic Date Watch

Oris Classic Date Watch

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

Swiss watchmaker Oris, known to the watch world most prominently for their reasonably priced sport watches, have also produced a number of "classic" pieces more suited for a professional environment. Now, Oris have revitalized the somewhat lesser-known Classic Collection with a totally new watch, the redesigned Oris Classic Date, available in both a male-oriented 42mm as well as a ladies' 28.5mm case size. Both watches feature Swiss-made automatic mechanical movements, anti-reflective sapphire crystals, exhibition casebacks, and are available in a variety of color schemes, materials, and strap or bracelet configurations. While not a ground breaking redesign, certain elements are worthy of notice.

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

Perhaps the biggest difference from previous time and date only Oris models is the dial, available in white or black, which has been thoughtfully redesigned with a guilloché patterned chapter ring at its circumference, which Oris states is "inspired by the glazed canopy of the Great Court at The British Museum, an iconic glass structure designed by Lord Norman Foster, one of the world’s greatest living architects.” While that’s a little bit romantic for me, the pattern does work on a watch with this kind of styling. Double edged hour markers in either a Roman numeral or baton style are applied on top of the guilloché ring and, according to Oris, ensure the watch “catches the light at any angle.” Fairly basic baton hands with a small helping of luminous material round out the dial which also features a visually well-balanced date window at the 6 o’clock position. Complementing the dial is a new, slightly updated case shape.

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

Though still a relatively traditional round watch case, the new Oris Classic Date series has a more fluid shape which helps to give the watch a low profile on the wrist. The new case also appears to wrap around the wrist more than previous versions, a change which should make the watch more comfortable. Like previous versions, the Oris Classic Date is available in stainless steel and PVD gold plated case and bracelet combinations. A small knurled ring directly under the polished bezel is a new feature and adds some interest to an otherwise plain case design.

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

It’s interesting to note the change to only two sizes for the Oris Classic Date, compared to the small, medium, and large options in 29mm, 37mm, and 42mm of the former collection. While not new, the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback are welcome features in a reasonably priced watch like the Classic Date. Actual timekeeping duties are still handled by movements from the major caliber builders ETA and Sellita.

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

The larger 42mm Classic Date uses the Oris Caliber 733, essentially a custom rotor on a renamed Sellita SW200, which is in turn more or less the same thing as the venerable ETA 2824. Oris elected the ETA 2671 for their 28.5mm Classic Date, a decision owed largely to the diminutive diameter of the case. While neither movement is an inherent head turner, both are capable, proven automatic Swiss-made calibers which should provide years of trustworthy service as well as capable timekeeping.

Oris Classic Date Watch Watch Releases

Oris’ redesign of their Classic Date collection is a less than ground breaking development but does demonstrate the brand’s motivation to modernize their collection over time with regard to changing trends, especially in case size. As they often do, Oris have created a value proposition for a Swiss watch with a tasteful design and high level of attention to detail for a watch in its price range. While not as distinctive as something like the Oris Aquis Date, the Classic Date should make the jump from vacation to the boardroom a little bit more effortlessly than some of Oris' aggressive sport watches. The Oris Classic Date will retail for between 1,130 CHF and 1,450 CHF depending on which of the no fewer than 44 possible variations you select. oris.ch

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    So bland,,, Looks like a Chinese kickstarter project.

    • wejpasadena

      But with Swiss pricing!

    • Anna Nuehm

      Show me a single Chinese kickstarter dress watch with this design quality and I’ll reward you with one internet.

    • IG

      Are there Chinese Kickstarter projects?

  • Yan Fin

    They really should stick to rigid / sport watches.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      Plastic escapment. I don’t trust plastic escapments.

      • Honestly I don’t know if this is the version with synthetic escapement or not, because both versions exist. The “plastic” term always carries a negative sense to it, and it is unfair and hardly accurate. There are plastics and plastics as you know. The Powermatic 80 has been around since 2013 if I’m not wrong, with and without the synthetic escapement. I haven’t heard of any problems with it, and there are already a few million units ticking out there.
        What I have read somewhere is that everytime the watch is serviced they change it, but I don’t know if that is true or not. They say it takes 10 years to know if a caliber is good, so that’s 5 more to go.

        Incidentally, good thing Ulysse Nardin did trust silicium escapements back in 2001, isn’t it? :0)

        • Sheez Gagoo

          All Powermatics have a plastic escapment. I do agree, the Powermatic is not an uninteresting movement. Nevertheless, I`m not convinced. I had very bad experiences with plastic escapments, I simply don`t trust them. I appreciate the power reserve and the COSC-certificiation in some models, but the plastic escapments ruins it for me. And I think it`s highly unfair to compare silicon to plastic: Silicon provides less friction and lasts forever while I think the reason to chose a plastic escapments was simply caused by financial measures: They might have less friction than rubis and berilliumbronze but they don`t last very long, as you mentioned, they`re replaced with each service. Furthermore, I had to whitness a horrible decrease in quality in Tissot and Certina watches the last years (No more screwed backs, automatic chronos almost entirely made of plastic, disposable quartz movements cheap bracelets horrible reliability etc.). And now they`re throwing the horrible turdmovement from the Sistem 51 into a Tissot and charge 450CHF for it. I don`t trust Tissot and Certina anymore. I don`t trust the Powermatics. They have build to much crap, I`ve posted many pictures of crappy Tissot movements.

          • Fair enough! I’ll take your world for it, although I am pretty sure I have seen it with a metal escapement (was it with Longines? I can’t remember).

            Let me tell you one thing though: I was talking to the founder/owner of one of the highest horology manufacture there is and he told me he was given a Sistem 51. He didn’t wear it (Imagine if he had been seen wearing it instead of one of his 6 figure watches) but he did all the chronometrie tests on it and the conclusion was that “it was very good”. I asked him if he was taking the piss out of me and he insisted: “No, it was VERY good”. Well bloody hell. Durability is a different matter of course.

            Oh well. Point was, this Oris is too expensive for what it offers.

          • Sheez Gagoo

            I appreciate the engineering that went into the S51 (besides the non-service issues) but the execution and the final product is an insult to horology. In fact, the only thing I appreciate is the fact, that it could be done with 51 parts. But how can a watch like the S51 or the Tissot Swissmatic compete against a Seiko 5 which has a similar price? The Powermatic has 80h of power reserve and in some cases a silicon balance spring and a COSC-certification. Throw a silicon escapment in it and I would be interested. But durability is a big issue for me.

          • Actually there is a Powermatic 80 with silicon balance spring: the Tissot Ballade. https://www.ablogtowatch.com/tissot-ballade-watch-new-silicon-balance-spring/

            And totally agree with you on Seiko. They are the absolute emperors of excellent mechanical watches under €400. I mean the Swissmatic (or the Bulova Classic Aerojet for that matter) are like a galaxy away from Seiko. I have this one: https://www.amazon.es/Seiko-SNZG13K1-autom%C3%A1tico-inoxidable-sumergible/dp/B0041L8ZRY/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1508705379&sr=8-5&keywords=seiko+5
            and amazes me everyday by how good a time keeper it is, its 100 meters water resistance, the see-through back, manufacture movement… Just unbeatable.

          • Sheez Gagoo

            Thanks. I wrote about the silicon balance spring in my comment. I would appreciate a silicon escapment.

          • Oops! True Sheez, sorry about that.

            I’ve always said that ETA movements should have had silicium escapement and balance spring for a decade now, and be COSC certified too.

    • Anna Nuehm

      Is half the price, looks half the price.

      • Not really. Certina does make their watches well, on par with Tissot, Mido or Hamilton. Have to see the Oris in the metal, but does not seem to offer more than the Certina.

  • The 80s are calling and asking for the return of these two tone watches. OK watches but nothing to get excited about.

  • Thomas

    Pretty, although bigger than it needs to be.

  • SuperStrapper

    The gold elements ruin every reference here. The all steel one would look quite nice if that handset and the dial markers were swapped from rg to black polished.

    • David Williams

      Or maybe white-gold (or lookalike) indices and heat-blued hands?

      • SuperStrapper

        Would not argue

  • Anna Nuehm

    28,5 and 42 instead of 29, 37, and 42 mm. Sigh. Could’ve been 39 or 40 mm.

  • Mark1884

    I like Oris, but these do nothing for me. I will stick to the wonderful Oris divers & pilot watches. Can’t go wrong with those.

  • proudAmerican702

    I’m in need of a purely “dress” watch, and I’ve gotta admit I’m liking the looks of the black dial on leather strap version. I’ve not yet owned an Oris, but I’m a sucker for applied indices and 3-handed watches. The fact Oris changes the date wheel color to match the dial is a nice touch.

  • John Stevens

    Like others, I like Oris but much prefer their sports and dive watches to these dress watches, they are dated and look cheesy, particularly the PVD case whilst the gold indices don’t help. At this price I think stainless steel is the only option.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I love Oris, and this is no exception. It doesn’t come up with some crap tie in to sell their wares. You don’t turn into iron-man or an SAS reject.while wearing it. Lovely simply beautifully executed. I would wear it all day long. .

    • Berndt Norten

      Raymond (I mean BILL). Good point.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I am not BILL ! Never been a BILL . I’m me.

        • Berndt Norten

          Ok Brian.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            Mark can verify me. Don’t know why you think I’m someone else. I’m i missing something ?

          • Raymond – of Scotland (and sometimes Goa)

          • Raymond Wilkie

            I wonder if anyone else here is in Scotland ………or Hawaii for that matter.

          • Chaz is here in Hawaii (at some of the time). We’ve met a couple of time and he’s a cool guy and long time watch collector. Richard Paige has written a few posts for ABTW in the past but is not a regular reader (although he and I are friends with Ariel). I know of a number of other people here on Oahu (watch sales people and watchmakers) who read ABTW often but I have not seen comments from them.

          • Berndt Norten

            your ‘voice’ has changed. It’s obvious to me, Raymond. Or whatever your name is

          • Raymond Wilkie

            You’re beginning to make me question myself, stop this line of nonsense.
            Moving on™

          • Berndt Norten

            You’re up late, um, for someone in Scotland, BILL.

          • egznyc

            Do other western Europeans reside in a different time zone? 😉

          • Berndt Norten

            I’m not a Danish, but I play one on tv?

          • egznyc

            And since the sun always shines on TV (an ’80s reference), you’re never staying up late … or burning the midnight oil (another ’80s reference).

          • Berndt Norten

            How can I think while my head is spinning
            from all these puns, all this winning?

          • egznyc

            The time has come, which watch to wear, to compare and choose, how can I lose …

  • Ross Diljohn

    Oris makes good watches at a good price and I can certainly appreciate that. These don’t really appeal to me(especially the two tone,yikes)but they do have very nice dive and pilot watches.

  • JosephWelke

    I’m a huge fan of Oris, but the two-tone versions do nothing for me at all, and 42mm is kinda ridiculous for a dressy watch. Their first mis-step in a while.

  • Bozzor

    Not really a two tone fan but nice to see a respectable Swiss company with real history able to price a sensible, unpretentious and classy watch at a very fair price.

  • Mikita

    Reduce the size, drop the two tone.

  • rainmaker

    I thought the 37mm was a good size for a dress watch, but Oris chose to drop the 37mm? Could not understand their decision.

  • Navid Shamsian

    They dropped Blue dial model with this new updating, which I don’t understand why 🙁

  • Beefalope


    • Lev Tolstoi

      Exactly..you should change your name to that! Get a life!

  • Larry Holmack

    The rose and black version is really nice!! Affordable enough for the normal guy who doesn’t have $10 grand to spend on a watch!! And it’s also a more modern size at 42 mm’s.

  • Pete L

    Not a fan of two tone but the steel is great. Simple clean design, functional and good value. Nice as a his and hers too if you are into that sort of thing…

  • spiceballs

    Not a gold fan but typically clean, thoughtful and appreciated Oris design with a reliable engine.

  • Ian john horwood

    Do not like this design of this watch at all, as a whole. It does not look good enough and right to me, too much dollar bill for what it is.

    • Lev Tolstoi

      Who gives a crap about your opinion, ‘genius?’ Besides, you have to have class to wear a watch like this!!