This is the new limited edition Oris sub seconds diver made to help out the Great Barrier Reef. Each watch that is sold will have Oris donating 50 Swiss Francs (that’s it?) to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). Didn’t anyone tell Oris they don’t use Swiss Francs in Australia! I joke! The money will go to help keep creatures in the Great Barrier Reef alive. Basically, there are a lot of serious issues with the reef and rather than help preserve certain areas, the project is going to relocate animals. A brave endeavor indeed. “Little fish! Sign these papers, you don’t live here anymore.” Now get out of here… we are gonna take you to a better place… Yea, a much better place (chuckle).”

The back 0f the watch doesn’t have an engraving, but rather a special plate to honor each of the 1000 pieces in the limited edition set. The colors of the watch are done in ocean blue and a high contrasting orange. It makes for a neat look, and a very easy to read dial. You can see for yourself. The Oris Great Barrier Reef watches comes on their standard rubber diver strap with metal deployment. Though I think that the steel bracelet is also available for the watch.

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What about the rest of the watch? Some Oris watches that are limited editions are dramatically different that their core collection. This is just a thematic change with some different colors, etc… but gives people a nice reason to invest in a subsidiary seconds diver if they have been wavering before or needed something a bit more snazzy. The watch is 47mm wide in steel and has that great dive watch case that Oris is well-known for. Double crowns on the left side of the case are for adjusting/winding the movement, and for the helium escape valve.

The 1000 meters water resistant case is solid and comfortable. Love that blue wave pattern dial with matching blue bezel. The watch is amazingly easy to read. Inside the watch is a Swiss base ETA 2895 automatic movement with the date and a subsidiary seconds dial. Some call it the perfect dive watch. The version comes in a neoprene case with a dive log book. Price is 1,800 euros.

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