1000 dollar bill

I like to post about these milestones -they feel important to me. I’ve written over 1000 aBlogtoRead.com articles. And I must remind myself that I also regularly write for a few other sites such as Luxist.com, AskMen.com, and more (see all my current work on the About page here). So the total watch articles I have written since starting in late 2007, is over 2000. But aBlogtoRead.com being my own place, I think 1000 here is still pretty impressive. I wonder if I put it all in a single book, how many pages it would be? I think we are talking more than War & Peace here. In this time of reflection I feel as though I have only scratched the surface of my passion for watches and entrance into the watch industry. Last month at exclusive invite-only SIHH in Geneva, I felt as though the occasion was my symbolic “true entrance” into the watch industry.

While most of the commenting readers on aBlogtoRead.com are watch enthusiasts, I learned that I am well-read and regarded by the watch industry itself. I am proud to have a close relationship with many of the top brands, as well as the legions of independent brands that are keeping the watch industry fresh and interesting. Given the attention the watch industry has on me, and the loyal following of many watch fans, I feel proud to be a integral part of watch news and more importantly analytical and in-depth opinion. Unlike many of the watch sites out there, I’ve always wanted to give you an educated perspective and discussion on what I cover. This means a hands-on experience with watches, or at the very least a dissection of a press release to tell you what you need to know, and what is mere hyperbole.

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Moving forward I only wish to continue offering more and increasingly polished reporting on watches and the watch industry. This includes my work here and elsewhere, as well as on the HourTime Podcast. While I can’t always respond to e-mails or comments in the length I would prefer (or at all), I continually encourage your daily feedback, suggestions, and of course rants. Thanks for giving me the purpose and motivation to do what I have done in over 1000 articles, and I will keep it up as long as you keep reading. Thanks and expect another such post in maybe after another 1000 articles – they too will be “well earned.”

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