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There’s no shortage of dive watches on the market, most of which are perfectly capable of telling the time and timing a dive — but how many can save your life? Fresh on the scene is OX OCEANIX, a new brand in the United States looking to upend our preconceived notions of what a dive watch can be. The brand’s first release, the FROG300, is a whole new take on the dive watch that places ergonomics, reliability, and safety at the fore. Integrating the ID+ system, the FROG300 provides first responders with instant access to your medical information — a first for an automatic dive watch. Whether your adventures stay near the shallow shore or take you to the deepest depths, the FROG300 can take you there and provide some peace of mind on any adventure.

A quick glimpse at the FROG300 makes it clear that it’s not your run-of-the-mill diver. With an asymmetrical case, bright straps and dial colors, and oversized crowns on the 9 o’clock side of the case, the FROG300 is instantly eye-catching. However, these elements are not simply a matter of aesthetics; they’re a result of form following function. OX OCEANIX’s mission was to create a dive watch that satisfied all the requirements of divers, surfers, and anyone engaging in high-risk watersports who need a watch they can fully rely on.

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Starting with the case, OX OCEANIX opted for Grade 4 titanium. Known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, titanium is the perfect choice for a larger case, allowing it to still wear light on the wrist. The case is fully sandblasted to eliminate unwanted glare. Of course, the main talking point is the asymmetrical shape. The eccentric profile, along with lugs on the left-hand side of the watch, results in an ergonomic and extremely comfortable fit. In addition, the watch wears much smaller on the wrist than the dimensions would suggest, especially when you include the incredibly short lug-to-lug distance of only 42.9mm.

The FROG300, as the name suggests, features an impressive 300m of water resistance, along with a helium escape valve, satisfying the needs of everyone from recreational divers to seasoned saturation divers. That’s just the start; the FROG300 has several more tricks up its sleeve. The 60-click unidirectional internal rotating bezel is set by a bright blue crown at 10 o’clock and OX OCEANIX employs an automatic locking system to prevent any unintended changes. However, the Dive Time Crown system (patent pending) allows the user to still unscrew and reset the timing bezel underwater, e.g., if you need to time decompression stops.

The FROG300 hides one more critical safety feature in the most unexpected place: the caseback. The modified caseback includes a hidden storage compartment specially designed to house an ID+ disc. The ID+ system, which is internationally registered and patent pending by OX OCEANIX, is always active, with no need for a battery or WiFi connection. Using NFC technology with encrypted and secure data, emergency medical personnel simply approach any smartphone to a Frog300 watch to gain instant access to vital health information like medications, blood type, health conditions, and allergies. However, the ID+ system includes an added safeguard: When the first responder scans the disc, a photo and identification information pops up, allowing the first responder to verify that the medical information does indeed correspond to you and that they’re providing the appropriate care.

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No matter which FROG300 you choose, the design is like nothing else on the market. With vibrant colors and soft, rounded hands and markers, the dial is uniquely OX OCEANIX. Prominent on the dial is an oversized and luminous internal bezel with alternating colors for each five-minute interval, along with a contrasting color for the critical 0-20-minute period. Each combination is bright and playful; who says you can’t have a little fun while embarking on serious endeavors? As an added touch, the right side of the case is inlaid with luminous FROG text.

Along with the large and luminous hours, minutes, and seconds hands, the FROG300 brings in added functionality through a fourth hand, a GMT function. Depending on the colorway, and in order to maximize readability, the 24-hour markers are either placed inside or outside the hour markers. The addition of a GMT function makes the FROG300 an easy choice for a travel companion.

Powering the FROG300 is the Miyota 9075 automatic True GMT movement. Beating at 28.8kbph, this interesting movement features 24 jewels, Parashock protection, and a 42-hour power reserve. To ensure that customers receive watches that will run accurately without fail, each watch is adjusted to -10/+15 seconds/day at OX OCEANIX’s production facility in Hong Kong.

Each FROG300 ships on a custom, high-density FKM rubber strap. The strap is fully integrated with the FROG300’s lugs, resulting in a professional, custom aesthetic. The clasp also features easy micro-adjustment, a sliding mechanism to quickly elongate the strap to fit over a wetsuit, and a locking mechanism that can only be released by using the LOCK button. Thanks to its choice of materials, the FROG300 weighs in at a svelte 112g with the strap. However, if you’re after a different look and feel, OX OCEANIX also offers a solid Grade 4 titanium bracelet or a Velcro closure textile strap.

If you’re after a dive watch that truly stands out from the crowd with vibrant colors, ergonomic design, and a host of pioneering safety features, be sure to check out the FROG300 from OX OCEANIX. The FROG300 is available in seven colorways (Tahiti Lime, Orange Rescue, Black Edition, Shark Skin, NASA Limited Edition, Depth Rainbow, and Gold Series). Deliveries are slated for June 2024, and you can order your FROG300 in titanium now for $1,430 USD; only 500 units will be made of each piece. For the NASA Limited Edition, only 244 pieces will be created, each priced at $1,560 USD.  The NASA Limited Edition also includes two straps and features an intricate gradient dial with a luminous Orion constellation.  For those who can’t resist the allure of gold, the Gold Series 18k edition is available for $9,100 USD, but only 12 units will be available. To learn more about OX OCEANIX and pre-order your FROG300, please visit the brand’s website.

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