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Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection

Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

The Panerai Luminor Due Collection is more than three years-old, but the slimline branch of the famous line is definitely aging gracefully. This update to the Panerai Luminor Due Watch Collection brings together a series of navy blue sunray and matte ecru dials, which look fantastic alongside each other. There is, however, a black sheep in this collection. Reference PAM0145, with its 18-karat rose-gold case and glossy red alligator strap sticks out like a sore thumb. While it is not so much to my taste, there is certainly something to be said for covering one’s bases, and it would be foolish to overlook just how attention-grabbing this somewhat livelier model is to passing eyes.

Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

The Panerai Luminor Due Collection is aiming to meet the challenging demands of a 21st-century audience that calls for both functionality and formality in the same piece. The distinctive thing about the Luminor Due collection is its much more slender cases, which boost the line’s formal credentials. Three of these models are also just 38mm, and while this is not something new for the Due collection, it is very much an appreciated exapnsion for an audience that loves the Panerai aestheitc, but can’t get on board with the gargantuan sizes and even greater wrist presence.

Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

These models, which are all fitted with manufacture calibers, range in size from a startlingly diminutive 38mm (references PAM00926, PAM01043, and PAM01405) to a more typical 45mm (reference PAM00964). Sitting between the two extremes are references PAM00927 and PAM01046, which both measure 42mm in diameter. In addition to sharing in-house calibers, all six new models feature quickly interchangeable straps (so if that glossy red alligator doesn’t float your boat, either, you can just as easily switch it out for one of the more muted options available).

Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

It’s been mentioned before, but it would be remiss to gloss over the cost Panerai has paid for crafting watches of a more accessible size. Since its foundation in a small workshop in Florence in 1860, Panerai’s reputation has never strayed too far from the sea. Known primarily for supplying the Italian Navy with readable and robust watches, one thing you might expect from the brand is significant water-resistance. Remarkably, all of these models — even the 45mm wide PAM00964 — are water-resistant to just 30 meters (3 bar).

Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

This is the first time the Panerai Luminor Due 38mm (PAM00926) has been crafted from titanium, while the PAM00927 is the first 42mm watch in titanium with an automatic movement. The Luminor Due 38mm (PAM00926, PAM1043, and PAM1045) and the Luminor Due 42mm (PAM00927 and PAM1046) are all powered by the 4.2mm thick P.9000, which has a date display (with a smart, color-matched date wheel at 3 o’clock) and a three-day power reserve. The PAM00964 is powered by the P.4002 Calibre, which features twin time zones and a power-reserve indicator on the dial side, and an additional 24-hour display with an am/pm indicator on the movement side.


Panerai Adds Six Watches To The Luminor Due Collection Watch Releases

Given the vast expense of rose-gold over titanium or stainless steel (the 38mm PAM01045 is the lone model made from steel), there is a similarly vast disparity in the entry and exit points for this collection. The entry point is just $6,000 for the PAM01043. Next up is the PAM00926 at $6,900. Following that is the PAM00927 for $7,200, while the 45mm-wide PAM00964 comes in at $12,100. Three grand beyond that is the rose gold PAM01405 which retails for $15,300. The price for the PAM01046 is yet to be communicated, but we will update the article as soon as we have it. Learn more at

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  • SuperStrapper

    As much as I enjoy it’s it’s appearance, the radiomir is one of the most uncomfortable watches I’ve ever owned. Not that it causes pain or discomfort, but you could wear it non stop for 24 hours and at no one time will you forget you have it on. It’s just a bit of an awkward wrist presence that doesn’t settle in.

    • Swiss_Cheese

      I like to call it the: “Oh god, I haven’t worn you in a while, oh well, lets give it a shot I suppose” syndrome.

      Titanium 40mm Radiomir next up?

      • SuperStrapper

        Bleh. No thank you!
        I’m don’t with the Rad. I’ll keep the one I have bit wouldn’t get another. If I could trade it for a 1940 I liked, I would.

    • My thoughts exactly on the Radiomir. I love how it looks but I’ve never managed to wear it for more than 2 days straight (except for the initial honeymoon period)

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Never understood this brand. It’s like we speak different languages. Looking tooly with an alligator? 30m for a diver brand and a crownguard built like the Hürlimann tractors back in the days? All look the same but somehow not? Numbers are important? I feel somehow like a non-watch guy in front of the commentcrowd, not getting what it all is about.

  • Jared

    the 30M water resistance is a joke with a crown guard like that

    Panerai has entered the realm of being nothing more than a fashion watch, a crown guard like this on a watch with such crap water resistance, is no different than a watch adding fake chronograph dials to a three hander automatic watch.

  • philips defreville

    Exactly my thoughts. No reason why this could not have 100m water resistance.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Oh look guys, another Panerai. I’m super exited.

    • Larry Holmack

      Yep…I needed a Red Bull after just looking at the watched….boring!! And what’s with the lack of WR? C’mon man…I can buy a Timex…heck even a $75 Invicta….with better WR!

  • PowNation

    I think these offerings will bring in new audience for Panerai, yet will do nothing to satisfy Paneristi crowd.

  • ProJ

    Any chance for a hands-on article on these?

  • ray h.

    Sell them before the go under the 3k mark, if this brand keeps showing up as a half ass dive watch that will soon be their reputation and the prices will reflect that.
    Your average watch buyer gets easily confused and frustrated , they are not going to pay top $ for confusion.

    • SuperStrapper

      I’m not in the buy/sell market

  • Joe

    The only ones I would give a pass are those with a micro-rotor…traditional or not, they look great 😛

  • Lode_Runner

    These are poser watches. I could forgive the abysmal 30m water resistance if this was the Radiomir, which doesn’t have the massive locking crown guard and wasn’t patterned after a historical dive watch. But they included that locking crown guard, designed to increase water resistance, in a watch that only achieves 30m. That’s worse than a $100 Seiko 5, and basically means you need to take off the watch while washing your hands in the sink. Retaining the Luminor dive watch looks in a watch with this abysmal water resistance rating is akin to slapping massive spoilers on a car with 20 horsepower.

  • Theodore

    The black lettered date on the cream dial models is a flippin eyesore, what were they thinking? If you pay that amount of money you would expect such details to be noticed and corrected before release.

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