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Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

To hammer home the popularity of Panerai among military personnel, the Italian brand has released four new references — PAM995, PAM997, PAM998, and PAM999 — each sporting a dark green dial. These new watches are part of the Panerai Radiomir watch collection and will be available exclusively in brand boutiques.

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

The classic Radiomir case, with its memorable cushion shape and integrated lugs, is a modern evolution of the 19402 model that brought widespread attention to the brand. During that decade, Panerai became the sole official supplier of wristwatches to the Royal Italian Navy and developed their timepieces to meet the stringent controls put in place by the service branch. The Radiomir became a firm favorite of commandos, and, as with many military tools and styles, eventually became part of civilian consciousness and popular as a fashion statement in its own right.

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

These new models boast hefty, modern diameters. Three of the four pieces and made from AISI 316L stainless steel and measure 45mm in diameter. The fourth comes in at a whopping 48mm of sandblasted ceramic, for a darker, more brooding look. All four cases are topped with sapphire crystal, through which the luminous beige numerals can be seen clearly against a deep green background.

Interestingly, each of the new models is fitted with a different caliber. This adds some pleasing variation and interest to a release that is otherwise aesthetically led. All of the movements used originated in the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel.

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

The Panerai Radiomir 45 mm (reference PAM00995) is powered by the P.4000 caliber, which is Panerai’s thinnest self-winding movement. A basic three-hander, the P.4000 has the hour and the minute hand centrally mounted, with a small seconds hand located at 9 o’clock.


Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

Reference PAM00998 (the Radiomir GMT 45 mm) is fitted with the P.4001, which adds a second time zone and an am/pm indicator to the dial, the date at 3 o’clock, and a power-reserve indicator to the back (visible through the sapphire crystal display back). A further upgrade to this movement resulted in the P.4002, which moved the power-reserve indicator to the dial and was then installed in the Panerai Radiomir GMT Power Reserve, or reference PAM00999.

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

All three of these automatic movements have an eccentric bi-directional winding weight, crafted from a tungsten alloy. The power reserve of these pieces extends to a very robust three days.

Panerai Announces New Green Dial Radiomir Watch Collection Watch Releases

Inside the larger, ceramic Panerai Radiomir 48mm is the P.3000, the only manual movement among this release. It is a simple caliber, indicating nothing more than the hours, minutes, and seconds. It is, however, perhaps the cleanest, most faithful, and uncluttered expression of the range’s core concept. It, like its three smaller brethren, is water-resistant to 100 meters and presented in a box made from satin-finished green cherry wood. These new Panerai watches are delivered with a spare strap (beige for the steel models, black for the ceramic model). The pricing for these four models will be $11,200 for the PAM995, $12,000 for the PAM008, $12,200 for the PAM999, and $13,300 for the PAM997. To learn more about the brand and its heritage, head over to

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  • PR

    Green is in, only logical to cash in. Are the hands solid gold? The pricing seems out of whack compared to their current line up

  • TheChuphta

    Panerai is popular among military personnel? I can’t think of any Uniformed Service people (from Colonels to Cops to Cub Scouts that I know that I’ve ever seen with one).

    Also, if I worked in the Panerai marketing department, I’d probably try to lessen the attention I put on the brand’s history as a timekeeper for an axis-power. You don’t see Mercedes-Benz running a lot of “Official Vehicle of the Third Reich” campaigns.

  • Jared

    I appreciate in-house movements as much as the next guy, but sometimes it sucks that with this move in-house pretty much all prices have gone up big time. With an old Unitas, these watches would be selling for $6K

    • Rob Crenshaw

      Don’t worry, 10 minutes after you buy one it’ll be worth $6K!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I’ve never been keen on that stencilled cut out look of the numerals.

    • Rob Crenshaw

      How sad for you!

    • Alex A

      Don’t you want to feel like Sylvester Stallone?

  • thewatchidiot

    I can’t appreciate a company that is fixated with 45-48mm watches with little to offer in the 38-42mm range. And even less with in house movements and even less again with any dial other than black or white.
    Also, like another responder, I cringe every time I hear of the illustrious history of “these were the watches worn by the Italian divers when destroying America’s ships and servicemen”.

    • philips defreville

      Keep in mind that when Italy surrendered in October 1943, the Italian navy frogmen, known as the Decima Flottiglia MAS, were invited to join the British Navy in the Mediterranean and fight the Germans. The British Navy personnel treated the Italian frogmen with honour and respect and at no time held any grudges or felt contempt toward them. One of the frogmen, Gino Birindelli, became an Admiral in the Italian Navy and in 1970 appointed Chief of Mediterranean Command of the NATO Fleet in Malta. The Italian frogmen were never convicted war criminals, so the connection with the Third Reich is unfair.

  • all74

    Does using a green dial really constitute a “collection”?

  • PowNation

    Hot diggity dog! I do think the green dials look distict, and the gold hand trim adds a level of sophistication to an overall nice presentation. While the 45mm size on these 3 releases is a tad large, it does follow Panerai tradition: NFSW. Not For Small Wrists.

    However, the pricing is one element that needs to be addressed. In my eyes these watches are overpriced by about 30%. The quality is on par with Omega or Zenith (but not innovation). Cut the marketing budget, cut the prices.

  • ray h.

    If they were only 7k , you would have to feel foolish to pay it. I don’t get these guys at Panerai anymore.

  • hatster

    They do know price is not directly related to diameter, right?

  • Svetoslav Popov

    Pretty lame 🙂

  • thewatchidiot

    I appreciate anyone helping me learn. I appreciate insights into what’s correct and where I’m wrong. I’m an idiot on virtually everything in existence as my knowledge is infinitesimal Compared to what there is to know
    However, I don’t appreciate personal attack’s and wonder what makes a person want to attack instead of educate. You are who you are, so I’ll just accept, that’s who you are.

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