Parmigiani-London-Boutique-WatchAnish-4 We like to feature the work of aBlogtoWatch friend, WatchAnish, who takes a decidedly lifestyle and fashion approach to covering the world of watches. Here is some coverage from him of a London boutique opening for Parmigiani. It offers a hands-on look at the people and context of such events:

The 14th of May was very special for Parmigiani, who officially celebrated the opening of their standalone boutique on London’s Mount Street. It also seemed to be the wettest day of the decade going by the rainfall, but no matter, a great day was had by all!

Located alongside landmark institutions such as The Connaught Hotel and Scott’s fine dining restaurant, it seems the team from Fleuier have managed to secure a location in one of Europe’s most prestigious streets. I know, having spent a ridiculous amount at Sautter Cigar shop a few doors down, just how much of a money trap this road can be!

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​Hope you enjoy the images and video we have created around the day, and as always your comments are welcome below!

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