When evaluating a watch store, my two main considerations are the selection and prices. A store has to have good watches which are priced well. Otherwise, I suggest people take their business elsewhere, but when you have the combination of an excellent selection along with fair prices and a friendly and knowledgeable staff; I am eager to give a watch store my business.

I came across Partita Custom Jewelry and Watch Store in San Francisco quite coincidentally while walking along Chestnut Street in the Marina district. Each time I see watches in a store window, I have to stop and look. What I saw at the time were Schaumburg, Limes, and Graham watches sitting in the window. Rare watches indeed, and I had never even seen a store thus far that carried the rare Schaumburg and Limes watch brands. Upon walking in I was presented with many other veritable brands. I had the opportunity to speak with Beverly and Calvin who own and operate the shop. They have a very interesting take on the watches they carry. One that I am sure most watch stores should follow. Traveling to Basel World (the large watch convention in Basel Switzerland), they meet and select from their favorite watch brands to sell in America. They choose only those watches they personally love, and I have no qualms with their taste. What a great concept, really. Establishing a personal relationship with the watch manufacturer and then selling them directly to the consumer. That is what you get when you have watch lovers selling watches.

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Because there is no list available online, I will mention the watch brands that Partita Custom Jewelry in San Francisco has available at this time. They add new brands every couple of months so expect to see more all the time. Many of the brands they carry are exclusively available through them. Meaning they are the only place in the entire United States that the brands are available. The watch brands they carry currently are:

Partita Watch Store in San Francisco has no website or manner of buying watches online at this time, but you can call them at (415) 447-0795 and they will most likely be happy to ship anything to you. Price wise, Partita is very reasonable. Depending on the watch you want, they are always willing to see what they can do to make you a satisfied customer. More information about them can be found on their Partita Custom Jewelry and Watch Store Yelp review here. When contacting them, feel free to mention that you learned about them at It will encourage them to develop a more substantial web presence to get more wonderful watches out to watch enthusiasts.

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