Perrelet Moon-Phase a1039 watch

The new Moon Phase watch from Perrelet drew my attention because of the sophisticated formal looks, and the big moon. A new trend in mechanical moon phase watches is the use of a large “realistic” -looking moon. The moon phase window in the watch takes up almost half of the dial and is more than just a side complication. It is the main draw of the watch!

Depending on who you are, knowing the phase of the moon is useful (you lycanthrope!) or trivial. Either way it does look fancy, and makes for a spiffy look for a man, or a woman. And at 40mm wide, it is a size that is big, but not obscenely so for a woman (see the diamond-bezel version with the white alligator strap to see what I mean).

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Perrelet Moon Phase a1039.jpg Perrelet Moon Phase a1040 diamonds ladies watch

A Moon Phase complication is inherently part of an overall calendar complication. The Moon Phase uses a dial periphery based date calendar, in addition to displaying the time. Inside the watch is a Perrelet automatic mechanical P-11 movement (with a 40 hour power reserve). The watch isn’t too big either as a reasonable 40mm width for the steel case. Both an alligator strap and steel bracelet are available — giving distinct looks to the watch. From a coloration standpoint, you see classic shades of blue, brown, red, and of course black. Smooth edges on the case make way for the flared then tapered lugs that always add a classy appeal to any watch. The combination of satin and polished sections on the watch also add to the visual value.

The dial of the Perrelet Moon Phase watch is intentionally busy. Giving you the perspective that ‘a lot is going on’ in the design. To a degree, classic aesthetics were judged by the amount of effort put in to them, the opposite of the minimalist look. Contrasting colors play together to emphasize a mixture of patterns and finishes. The engraved portion on the lower half of the dial add to the complexity in manufacture of the watch and thus its sensation of wealth on your wrist. Despite all the classic elements, there is a sportiness to the watch. The hands are dagger-shaped, and set at a good length, while the bold colors are anything but subtle. If any of these elements appeals to you, you’ll probably taken with this good looking timepiece. Price is $6,200 retail with a street price of less than that for one of these Perrelet Moon Phase watches. Interestingly they also come with a three-year warranty.

See Perrelet watches on eBay here.

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