Perrelet watch company’s new marketing message is that Perrelet watches are for non conformists. That is easy to say, but I like the message. It says me that they don’t want everyone wearing their watches (Rolex) they want just a select few who really ‘feel’ when they experience what the brand has to offer. It is an interesting approach, but I think it works well for them.

Perrelet is a brand that I think I am going to increase my coverage on. The brand has a very long history, but I am going to focus on their more modern offerings for the most part. Today I want to share with you their Jumping Hour watch. The design is really classy. With an avant garde circles withing circles look, and a resemblance to Jaquet Droz’s designs that emphasize the seconds dial.

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The reason I really like Jumping Hour watches is their convenient simplicity and ease of use. To tell the time you glance at the digit in the hour window (for the hour), and then observe the position of the minute hand. It reduces the mental calculation required to tell the time, and it’s more ‘pure’ that a wholly digital watch. Just think about using a Jumping Hour watch and consider how it would be easier. Jumping Hour watches have a lot of use, but are difficult to design because it is hard to play with the orientation of the hands to make each new Jumping Hour watch look fresh. Perrelet has taken the approach of adding a large seconds dial to enhance the interest of the look. I think the contrasting colors and textures are well done.

Inside is an automatic P-191 movement visible through the sapphire caseback window. I am glad it is not a manually wound watch, as I like to think this would be a great everyday wear. The case is pure Perrelet in style and form. With steel and gold options available, you can appreciate how the Perrelet Jumping Hour watch has a lot of potential in wardrobe and context application.  The more black faced versions have a distinctly formal evening persona, while the more steel colored face is arguably more classic and sporty.

So if you like the asymmetric look, enjoy high quality, yet less common brands, and want something you’ll be really comfortable owning ($4,000 – $6,000) financially and physically, you’ll like a Perrelet Jumping Hour watch.

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