These two limited edition Perrelet watches go together right? Sure they do, gambling and 007? I am going to be careful and not mention James Bond. Perrelet doesn’t mention James Bond and I don’t think they licensed the right to use that IP franchise. Though apparently “007” was OK to use. The imagery they use however when discussing the Turbine 007 watch on the new Turbine micro-site is strongly evocative of the James Bond theme – without outright saying so. The official name by the way of this watch is the Perrelet Turbine 007 License To Play watch.

Then there is the Perrelet Turbine Poker… which if you have a “license to play,” you can. This piece actual comes in three distinct models. The difference of each? The cards displayed under the turbine.  Version 1 (Ref. A4018/1) has random cards and a pair of sevens. Version 2 (Ref. A4018/2) has a pair of sevens and two royal flushes. Version 3 (ref. A4018/3) has a pair of sevens, three kings, three jacks, and a few other random cards. Don’t ask why they are arranged that way (I don’t know).

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Unlike the Perrelet Turbine XL America limited edition, these two models use the original Turbine case that is 44mm wide (and does not have the side claws). The Turbine 007 (ref. A8008/1) is done in a steel DLC black coated case with gold-toned elements throughout. The center of the turbine is actual 18k rose gold. License to Play what exactly? I think the watch is cool, but I don’t see the 007 theme in there that much. Perrelet will produce 888 of these.

You can see more information and videos here at Perrelet’s Turbine website. The Turbine Poker has a similarly toned 44mm steel case with a DLC coating. Both models feature Perrelet’s P-181 double rotor automatic movements. These are fun watches, and certainly novelties. Not for everyone, but the right wrists know how to make these timepieces feel at home. Prices are about $6,000 each.

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