Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver’s Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver’s Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Doesn't Pita Barcelona sound like a hip new Middle Eastern and Spanish fusion cuisine restaurant? Sounds yummy. Actually it isn't even edible (darn, but good restaurant idea), but it is rather a spectacular watch brand. Today you'll hear about my favorite watch in their line, the Oceana Diver. This watch just has so much character I am overwhelmed with desire for it. Really.. let me tell you why you should like it too. Oh, and I don't think it has been officially released yet - they have been working on it for a while, getting it just right. The good news is that the watch is supposed to eventually be available in a host of materials and a few colors (highly customizable). Thus, someone could be having this watch in steel, another in a various shade of gold, and still another person might have a platinum Oceana. The watch will also be available in titanium. Interestingly enough the dial, hands, and strap are all customizable as well. There isn't a list of all the available options yet, but it should make for some interesting combinations. The images already looks very tool like, yet have a great avant garde modern design to them. Nearer to launch, you'll be able to customize a Pita Oceana watch on their website directly.

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

It is really all the little details that makes this watch stand out. For example, did you notice there is no crown? Yup, none. The watch caseback is used to adjust and manually wind the watch (though the movement is automatic). So you see those little balled nubs in gold around the back of the case, those are to help twist it. The time can even be set under water. Cool right! There are almost no dive watches that can boast that. Inside the watch is the Pita-003 movement which I read is based on a modified ETA 2678. The movement will be modified with two patented systems which is necessary due to everything that is going on inside of the 18mm thick case of the Oceana watch. Did I also mention that is water resistant to 5000 meters? Yea, really nuts.

This high level of water resistance is possible due to the construction of the case which really has no seals, just a few connecting points. You can see that the rotating diver's bezel actually sits over the crystal which is a strong polycarbonate material and over 9mm thick. The dial of the watch is really clean as well - and I am curious to as what all the options will be. One of the best parts if the special three pointed star seconds hand. It is supposed to have a "chromatic depth" meter. Which would lead me to believe that it can tell how deep you are via some type of color change. Not much else is know about this, but it would be a cool feature. I also like the style of the bezel, half numbers half simple markers. Again, the case is quite thick at 18mm, and a decent width at 43mm. Makes for a good sized, but substantial timepiece. The European feel of this Spanish watch is evidence in the mod design, which is very pleasant. The lug structure is unique. The idea in my opinion is to help create a natural curvature to help the watch sit better on the wrist, without making the case itself curved. Thus you have the curved lug structure to which a customizable 22mm (or maybe 24mm) strap will be attached.

The Oceana watches are supposed to be available soon. Hopefully this summer. Each timepiece will be hand assembled in Barcelona by Pita with input from the customer of course. Prices are estimated to typically be somewhere in the 3000 - 5000 euro range. Which isn't really too bad given the boutique approach, and interesting style and technology in the watch. I know that if I was in the market for a unique and good looking diver watch (which I typically am), this little number would be high up on the list.

UPDATE: The Ocean is now ready to be ordered! It will arrive in a limited edition of just 80 pieces, with over 2,300 possible combinations of customization. The prices start at about 3,200 euros and go up to 16,700 euros (base) for the platinum model. That's right, a very inexpensive price for a platinum watch. You then can add different bezels, straps, and other components.  The watches will begin to be delivered in the middle of Fall 2009.

Customize your Pita Oceana watch here.

Pita Barcelona watches home page.

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  • Hey Ariel, This is one of your best reviews. LOVE this watch and overall concept. Wish I could afford 3-5 k euro’s but maybe they’ll eventually filter down into the gently worn market with time. Your blog is the most informative one I have come accross and I always look forward to getting your review updates etc..
    Actually, thanks to you I ended up purchasing a very cool Robert Lighton Growler at a steal! Keep up the good work, too bad your on the west coast, it would be great to have a gtg in NYC. Cheers!


    • Hi Mako,
      That is really nice of you to say. I feel fortunate to have you as a reader. The Pita watch is great and they make some excellent designs and timepieces. There is actually a small exhibit in Bern Switzerland on June 18-21 where you can see their watch, but of course only helps if you are going to be there!
      Oh, and although I am in California, that does not mean I can’t be a go to guy. I am everywhere you want to be buddy! Thanks again.

  • Everything a divers watch should be! Simple, easy to read, rock solid. Lots of “unique” things (like the crown) but nothing superfluous – every feature has a reason, related to diving.

    Thanks for finding this one… I’ve not seen it anywhere else, and it’s definitely worth knowing about. A bit out of my price range, but what isn’t these days!

  • Pitadipshit

    No equipment can survive under high pressure without o-rings, and this watch doesnt have any. This is a vapor-watch without any REAL testing.

    • Hey there. Well I haven’t tested the watch myself, and I have a feeling the final version will likely have some time of o-ring or equivalent. Pita is selling to a serious watch lover crowd, so they would be loathe to have anything “vapor.” The final versions will be out soon and we will all see.

  • Pitadipshit

    Admin, I had the watch in my hands and no, it doesnt have any orings. Btw, they havent tested it to any deep

    • Hey,
      Well we will see what ends up happening with Pita. I really can’t say one way or another, but the watches do look great in my opinion. Let’s wait for the official release and specifications.

  • Jay

    Mako, where did you find a Growler?

  • Jay

    Thanks, I saw that and had called. Now Growlers left!
    BTW, I owned a Pita chrono and it was incredibly cool. I look forward to the availability of the Oceana, though that’s some amount of coin.

  • Hi Jay, my friend has one in titanium he is looking to sell in the near future. Interested?

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  • Dr Sven Dahl

    For those who are interested – the watch WAS tested (here in germany) – to 6000 m without problems, after that the glass was made a little bit thinner, enough for still 5000 m – without any rubber seals. I ordered one and got those information from Pita.

    • Looks like this issue has been settled. Thanks for the additional details.

  • Hoby Cook

    I was in BCN for the month of August and had Pita on my list of things to investigate. I never made, it – the other summer attractions kept me busy. Also I had (and continue to have) the suspicion that if I were to find myself on the premises of Atelier Pita, I would probably leave with great holes blown out of my hip pocket. BUT, I am going to be in BCN this coming February, and at great risk to my financial future, I am willing to cross the threshold of their establishment and report back on any particulars you may be interested in hearing about, including O-rings, etc. (I have been practicing my Spanish and Catalan.)

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