The ongoing stream of retro watch re-releases continues. The culprit this time is Eterna – the brand who makes all the Porsche Design watches (these days). Back with a vengeance, this watch is really suited to driving around in your DMC DeLorean. Now there is a item begging for a proper release! I  heard that a company in Texas bought the rights to the DeLorean name. They make money refitting older ones to actually kick-ass levels (better than original even – in terms of performance, engine, etc…). Plus, they are supposedly working on a new model! Tell me that this new Porsche Design Heritage P6530 watch doesn’t belong in bed with a DeLorean? A match made in heaven. I think we need more stainless steel cars without paint. I mean we have it on blenders and refrigerators, why not on cars again?

Porsche Design is upping the size of the P6530 watch to modern measures at 44mm wide. Of course the look of the watch is more or less the same, as is the dial. The watch is in titanium, like back when titanium was truly exotic. The cool smooth lines on the bead-blasted case remind me of how titanium is used best. These days we have techniques to polish up titanium and make it look all fancy-like. Little do most people know that you stare at polished titanium the wrong way and it scratches. Light and strong don’t necessarily mean scratch resistant. A bead-blasted case will accept wear and tear more gracefully. The original watch that this Heritage P6530 is based on was actually the world’s first titanium chronograph watch when it was released in 1980, and made by IWC.

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You have to like the 1980’s chic case with its minimalist modern design lines. The chronograph pushers that are flush with the case are a great touch. The crown itself sticks out a bit, but is mostly covered by case. This is intentionally done to retain the orientation of the watch and to communicate that it is a timepiece. The watch is water resistant to 60 meters and has a AR coated sapphire crystal. Reading the dial is about as easy (maybe not as easy) as an Omega Speedmaster Professional. But here Porsche Design uses a different layout due it use of a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement. I like how they replaced the three letter abbreviation for the day of the week with a two letter one that has a larger sized font.

The watch really resembles some of the Orfina or IWC Porsche Design watches of the 80’s era. Eterna has been doing well though with the brand products (even if they are overpriced). The titanium bracelet looks more simple than it actually is, with the complex link structure hidden on the side. What you see on the outside is simple and clean.

Porsche Design will offer the Heritage P6530 (P’6539) as a limited edition of just 911 pieces (gee, where did that number come from?). Now that I think of it, will Porsche Design be pissed that I connected this watch with a non-Porsche car? Price for each of the watch will be close to $5,000 and it will be available closer to the end of 2010.

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