This is a watch that I have wanted for a long time. These are almost never available from independent sellers, and it is a rare luxury to see one offered at less than retail. This is the Marcello C. Senatore watch, that I have mentioned before. This timepiece has a design intentionally reminiscent of the Rolex Daytona. It isn’t a clone, it just uses some of the same design principles, and that is OK. The 42.5mm wide watch has a 22mm wide bracelet making it a good size, and actually a bit bigger than the Daytona.

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I really like how German Marcello C. is able to modify the automatic Valjoux 7750 movement to give it a tri-compax layout. This is more attractive that the 7750’s standard layout. The dial hands and main hands are strong looking and legible. Legible faceted hour markers look great, while the subdial design hearkens the Daytona perfectly.

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The bracelet is very different on the Marcello C. Senatore. It has a very fashionable look, which is an interesting contrast from the functional look of the watch face. With the wide inner link, contrasting polish, and the gaps which give it a very smooth flow. The butterfly deployment is comfortable to use, and I like that Marcello C. places smaller links in addition to the normal size links so that fitting the bracelet is more precise. Because this is the flagship Marcello C. watch is comes in the best possible watch box, which is a lot more substantial that what comes with most of the watches.

Retail is $3,600, but this mint condition preowned copy is being offered at just $2,300. That is a lot off the retail price, and probably the best deal you are gonna find. Even if you offer the seller a bit less, I am sure this beautiful Marcello C. Senatore with a silver-toned faced could be yours.

Visit Marcello C. US here.

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