Round Citizen Campanola Perpetual CalendarThe key point of interest on a perpetual calendar watch is command of cosmic time. Knowing the date, month, leap year, year, and simply the time, gives the wearer some ethereal sense of reassurance. The funny thing is that you can get most of this information on a $150.00 digital watch, but it really just is not the same. The analog representation of this data somehow makes it seem more important and allows you to appreciate the cycle of time, rather than the mere elapsation thereof. Which I think is really why people like analog watches, the ability to see time in a loop, rather than merely counting away.

The Citizen Campanola line of watches has been one of my favorites for sometimes now, and the Campanola Perpetual Calendar watch is an obvious focal point of the series. Most however are tonneau shaped, and not round as in this model being offered on eBay. The tonneau or “barrel” shaped watches have always been a bit strange shape in my opinion as they take the proper combination of looks along with the right person wearing them to pull off. No doubt they can be stunning, but round watches really have universal appeal.

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This Citizen Campanola Perpertual Calendar watch shares each of the Campanola line’s extremely high level of quality, and beautiful aesthetic. Very hard to find, only a few select stores and retailers around the world even carry them. Being at the top of Citizen Watches’ product line, they are designed to function as an everyday watch as needed or reserved for certain occasions. Difficult to define, in words, you must really view these watches to appreciate the depth of the face and the features.

See the Citizen Campanola Perpetual Calendar watch auction on eBay here.

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