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After debuting its Alpen Date earlier this year, and quickly following it up with the Alpen Chrono, REISER Watches is back again. Its newest watch is called the Alpen Skeleton, which will be limited to 75 pieces (40 with stainless steel bracelet and 35 with NBR rubber strap with deployant clasp). This means that owners are very unlikely to run into another person wearing the same watch.

As the name implies, the Alpen Skeleton collection eschews a traditional dial, giving wearers a view of its inner workings. And the movement is a major aspect that REISER has upgraded since the Alpen Date.

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This new version of the debut model is powered by a Swiss STP 6-15. Similar in construction to the ever-popular ETA 2824-2, the STP 6-15 also beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4hz). It features 26 jewels and has a power reserve of 44 hours, which is slightly more than that of the 2824-2.

The STP 6-15 also features bridges that have had excess material removed, revealing its inner workings. The balance wheel is visible from the dial side, and also the mainspring, allowing wearers to observe when the watch is nearing the end of its power reserve. This shouldn’t be a concern to those who wear their REISER every few days, however, as the STP 6-15 features automatic winding.

To add aesthetic appeal, movement bridges are coated black, while smaller components are either polished metal or gold in color. The date complication is also omitted, providing an even better view of the movement. Flipping the watch over reveals a transparent caseback that gives a view of the rose-gold PVD self-winding rotor that has been decorated with Geneva stripes. Owners are likely to catch glimpses of it spinning from the front of the watch through the skeletonized sections, as well.

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A common drawback of skeletonized watches is that legibility suffers. Often the hands can visually disappear against the complicated movement, especially if said watches are designed with only aesthetics in mind. REISER, however, put significant effort into making sure that in addition to looking good, the Alpen Skeleton is easy to read at a glance.

The hands are polished and feature large white sections, allowing them to stand out against the mostly black movement. Polished applied hour markers (including a double-marker at 12 o’clock) sit outside the perimeter of the movement. They are supported by a recessed matte-black surround and are also white-filled. White minute markers are present on a thin chapter ring, allowing the exact time to be read precisely and quickly.

The white paint also happens to be Super-LumiNova BGW9. This means that the hands and markers will glow a bright blue, maintaining good legibility in low-light conditions It’s also cool to see the lume reflect off the surfaces of the movement.

In addition to all of these upgrades, the Alpen Skeleton maintains what people loved about the original Alpen Date. It uses the same complex eight-sided sapphire crystal, albeit this time with the REISER logo printed on the underside. The case is also carried over from the Alpen Date. Its 41mm-wide and 11.45mm-thick dimensions make it a favorable size for a wide range of wearers.

The size, combined with an attractive mixture of brushed top surfaces and polished chamfers, makes the entire Alpen line very versatile. These watches look appropriate at the office as well as during any extra-curricular activities. Purchase it with the available rubber strap, and wearers don’t have to feel guilty wearing it to work out. Then, swap on one of REISER’s optional leather straps to wear out to dinner. Extra straps include a free tool that makes changing them easy. Or just purchase it on the brushed and polished integrated bracelet, and it will be ready for anything. Its brushed and polished finishing match the case, and its double articulated “H” links (complete with screwed pins) ensure comfort on the wrist.

As with all REISER watches, the design process occurs at the brand’s headquarters in The Netherlands. The watches themselves are then hand-assembled by watchmakers in the unofficial German capital of watchmaking, Pforzheim. The Swiss STP movements in the Alpen Skeleton are also regulated at that workshop. Thus, the watches are able to carry the “Made in Germany” designation on the dials at 6 o’clock.

All 75 of the REISER Alpen Skeleton watches will arrive with one dial color, which the brand calls Silver Metallic. Once these sell out, no more will be produced. Until December 2nd, The REISER Alpen Skeleton will be available for 929 on the NBR rubber strap and 999 for the stainless steel bracelet version. After that, prices will increase by 200.

Integrated bracelet sports watches are currently quite popular, but many of them are very expensive and difficult to obtain.

With the Alpen Skeleton, REISER offers an even more unique way to achieve that look without breaking the bank. To find out more, visit the brand’s website.

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