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Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX

Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX Sales & Auctions

We’ve teamed up with our friends at aBlogtoWatch to give you a chance at buying a Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 for just $1. All you need to do is download the StockX app for your iPhone or Android device, create an account (if you haven’t already), and place your bid of $1 on the Explorer II. You can read the full details and the fine print below or visit StockX to get right to it.

Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX Sales & Auctions

How To Enter

  1. Go Mobile. Download the StockX mobile app on iTunes or Google Play. Already have the StockX mobile app? Make sure it’s updated to the most current version.
  2. Place a bid on the $1 Weekend Rolex Explorer II in the mobile app for $1. You can also search for “$1 Weekend” in the app to find the promo product page.
  3. Earn a bonus entry every time you refer a new friend who also places a bid to win!
  4. Follow us on Instagram right here. *Not required, but can’t hurt your odds.

Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX Sales & Auctions

The Watch

The Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 is a modern tool watch in all the right ways. The Explorer’s roots may go back to the ’50s, but this is no throwback. It’s 42mm and feels every bit of it. It’s got a bright orange 24 hour hand (a nod to the ref. 1655 Freccione Explorer), and an easy link bracelet. Inside beats a Rolex caliber 3187, complete with blue Parachrom hairspring, Breguet overcoil, variable inertia balance wheel, and Paraflex shock absorbers for protection. Whatever kind of adventure you’ve got planned, the Explorer II can handle it.

Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX Sales & Auctions

Rolex Explorer II 216570: Special Offer Available At StockX Sales & Auctions

The Fine Print

  • You must have an active account on StockX and an approved payment method in order to be eligible to place a bid.
  • Bids are accepted until 11:59 pm PT on Thursday, October 5th.
  • The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email no later than Friday, October 6th.
  • Your payment information can only be associated with one active StockX account. If we suspect that you’re using multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning, all of your bids will be canceled and your accounts will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Your items are not guaranteed until you receive a transaction confirmation email from StockX stating that you have successfully purchased for $1.
  • If your payment method fails for any reason when StockX attempts to fulfill the winning bids, you will lose your spot in line and your watch will be offered to the next eligible buyer.
  • This promotion is only available on the StockX mobile app.
  • Item included in this promo is the Rolex Explorer II 216570 with black dial.
  • You can only place one bid. All bids are binding offers to product you have selected.
  • All purchases are final.
  • You will only earn additional entries into the contest for referring a person who creates a new account on StockX and placed a bid on the promotional product page. Referring a friend with an existing StockX account will not result in any additional entries.

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  • Radium head

    Even a dollar real Rolex pass

  • IanE

    Of course, you could also buy a lottery ticket.

  • SuperStrapper

    The stockx app sucks. I’ve tried to use it in the past and I always get a popup “you’re not from around here, are you with a cutesy map showing that Canada and the US are the required regions. Butbim in Canada, all my info and payment details are domiciled here as well.

    Not worth the headache when there are no end to the options for places to buy.

    • SuperStrapper

      Just for shits and giggles I gave it a try, with a predictable result:

      Easy to run a giveaway when you don’t let anyone enter.

      • StockXWatches

        Hey sorry for any confusion here! This is open to international bidders. Please make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Thanks!

        • JSoi

          “Watches can only be purchased in the United States at this time” says the android app.

          • Chris MoJo

            As does the iTunes app!

          • StockXWatches

            Should be fixed now, sorry about that!

        • Jace Homec

          Actually fell for this one as well. Sent the link to friends and it gave them a bogus link. Did not take them to this promotion. I immediately deleted my account.

        • SuperStrapper

          – uninstall app
          – reinstall app
          – re add payment and personal info
          – click bid now on rolex explorer promotion
          – get notifications that I’m born in an applicable area

          Nice troll dude, you got me. 8/10 at least.

          • StockXWatches

            Should be fixed now, try again if you’d like. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Ian john horwood

    Don’t like the rolex explorer, so wouldn’t even accept it, if it Was given to me, haha.

    • Daniel Harper

      I find that hard to believe!

      • Ian john horwood

        There is only one rolex i adore and its the datejust 41 rolesor with fluted bezel. No other rolex interests me.

        • Anna Nuehm

          And flipping the Explorer for the Datejust is not an option?

          • Ian john horwood

            NO, because for me, it is a morally bad decision to accept a watch you do not even like in the first place.

        • Joe

          If I had to pick any current non-precious metal Rolex I would also pick the DateJust 41 with the fluted bezel. I think it has the best all-around versatility and a classic, timeless design while still being an Oyster and practical on a daily basis.
          I know the fluted bezel is white gold but by “non-precious metal” I mean the rest of the watch (case, bracelet, etc) are all steel.

  • Chris MoJo

    So I’ve just downloaded the app, found the promotion and tried to place a bid. I get a message that says “Watches can only be purchased in the United States at this time”. It would have been helpful to know that before going through all the other steps!

    • StockXWatches

      Should be fixed now. Give it a try and let us know if you have any issues!

      • Chris MoJo

        Great, that worked, thanks for sorting it!

  • App not working. Just downloaded it. Keep getting errors, missing page, etc. Very frustrating. Will keep trying

  • Radium head

    It’s only a Rolex
    If it was like a peanut butter and crispy bacon sandwich
    I’m joining

    • SuperStrapper

      >peanut butter

      Pick one.

      In honesty, it’s one of my sister’s favourites as well. Butbi think to yours both desecrating the holy sanctity of bacon.

      • Radium head

        Okay that’s a trick question

  • Tea Hound

    It’s a nice prize but I don’t need yet another way of buying stuff I simply don’t need. I made a great decision ditching eBay and PayPal.

  • Larry Holmack

    I was burned back in the 1980’s by an Exp II…..but I did pay a lot more for it….so I think I’ll download the app…put my $1 bid in and see if I get lucky!

  • Yan Fin

    These guys also sell snickers. Used.

  • Mark1884

    Not worth the trouble of providing all my info.

  • Raymond Wilkie


  • Krishna

    Not sure if this is for real. I did what was advised and it keeps rejecting saying ‘missing attributes on the credit card’. This is despite me using Paypal. Weird.

  • IG

    I’d spend that $1 on booze rather than on a Rolex.

    • Chaz

      Where? India? Laos? Burma?

    • Radium head

      Here l am Walken with a paper bag in my hands . just Walken down the hwy, soda pop & valium dreams in a can . feeling like a king again. Dreamen of a dollar Rolex & pounding out tunes on my old six string.

  • No Ceramic, No $1 Dollar

  • I’m not understanding this at all. Only the first person to place a $1 bid would, ostensibly, be able to purchase it for a $1, assuming no one else bids. Any subsequent bid would be greater than $1.

    • StockXWatches

      Hey! The product page will only accept $1 bids. When the promotion is over, we’ll randomly select one of the bids to actually purchase the watch for $1. Hope that helps!

      • Jay Ji Woong Kim

        How do i refer a friend??

      • Jay Ji Woong Kim

        Do i do this through the app??

        • StockXWatches

          Yep! You should see the banner at the top of the page, or simply search “$1 Rolex”

          • Jay Ji Woong Kim

            How do i refer a friend to get additional entry?? I have searched it in the app but couldnt find it.
            Thanks in advance

  • Alex

    Downloaded the app yesterday, filled out all the info, had the same issue with others, the US locations only crap (after StockX said it was fixed), deleted the app and related emails!!! I know ABTW is a reputable website, but it still felt like a scam (Sorry)…somehow I feel that there are way too many sponsored posts going on here, you’ve got a business to run, I know, but how many is enough people? From someone who visits this site more than once a day.

  • Rahul Joshi

    Did everything but it not accepting the card linked to my paypal account. Just giving an error of missing or invalid card details.

  • Brian Tym

    Can’t wven find the listing via search. Off to a bad start. App deleted.

  • Ranchracer

    Easy. Placed my $1 bid. Why not?

  • Watchmaxx

    “Invalid or missing attributes on Credit Card”. Bummer.

  • spiceballs

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    • Eric Thompson


    • SuperStrapper

      Correct. This one costs $1.

  • Oldman Johnson

    I must have done something wrong, I’m not that tech savvy, and it worked pretty slick! Heading out for my free lunch now, and will wait for the good news about my new Exploder II

  • baticr

    I like the idea of StockX. My concern has always been the trust worthiness of a seller. By having StockX be the middle man, validating the item being sold makes me a lot more comfortable in purchasing second hand watches online. I will consider using StockX for my next watch purchase.

  • Wajih

    When filling out credit info, I don’t see Pakistan in the drop down country list. What a bummer! Can it be added?

  • Brian

    anything for blackberry?

    • Overwatch

      Lol….can’t tell if you’re serious…

      • Brian

        I love blackberry!

        • Overwatch

          You might be the last person on this planet…lol

  • waterson

    End date was extended. Now says November 3. Hmm.

    • drThrillman

      Thanks for the update, but where did you see it extended? The app still says winner notified today unless I’m missing something

      • waterson

        On my app it shows my bid now expires on 11/3/17. Their blog does still stay winner notified on the 6th.

  • Mitch

    What a mistake it was entering this bid. You can’t tell sheeit from the app or the website what the heck is going on with the results of the bid. Both my app and the website are still displaying an option to place a bid. WTF…!

    Come on aBlogtoWatch! Surely you can find better sponsors than this. Embarrassing to say the least…Especially coming from such a highly regarded website as aBlogtoWatch.

  • overwatch

    This whole app/bid seems like scam to collect information and credit card numbers. I put a $1 bid in then the bid disappeared. So I re-bid it on. And now it’s gone again…SCAM!

  • Proud to announce we offer a limited time Free Watch Giveaway

  • Jae

    Need an update and explanation ablogtowatch

  • Lurch

    Who won?