One of Romain Jerome’s new products for 2011 was a chronograph version of their Moon Dust DNA Black Moon and Steel Mood watches. These are probably some of the coolest Moon Dust DNA watches given the slick, eye-catching design. Of course, the concept inherently is meant to be provocative and not for everyone. So check out some of the interesting design features of this new chrono.

As an extension of the Moon Dust DNA range, Romain Jerome wants the dial to look like a window to the moon’s surface. For a better look, check out coverage of this watch in a March 2011 interview with RJ’s CEO here. As you can see in both the renders and actual images of the watch – the dial indeed replicates the look and feel of a planetary (or moon) surface. A combo or cracks, craters, and metal make up the dial that is perfect for the lunar nerd. The dial of course has actual moon sand dust in it and is hand-done.

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One of the most distinctive design elements are the little markings on the dial (actually applied to the sapphire crystal) that make the view look like a grid. These 13 marks are meant to replicate the look of moon photography where pictures are sometimes taken with quadrant style grids on them. If you don’t know what they are, it would be hard to fully understand the dial, but a little explanation helps the aesthetic feature feel unique and interesting.

RJ has tested with a number of textures and surfacing techniques to get the dial just right. They actually go through a lot of prototypes to get the right look – especially as CEO Manuel Emch has it in his head. Another issue that goes to his attention to detail is color matching. It might not seem like a big deal, but even something simple like matching hands to a bezel can be though.

It would be hard to miss the large red pusher for the chronograph. These pieces are prototypes, but you get an idea of the final result. The red pusher bounces well off the touch of red on the subsidiary seconds hand. Looking at the bezel you can see that it is mostly carbon fiber with the signature RJ “claws.” Similar to the idea in the Titanic DNA watches, the bezel of this Moon Dust DNA watch is made with fragments of spare parts from the Apollo XI space lander.

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On the back of the watch you’ll see an engraving with the famous moon footprint. if the image looks grainy – that is on purpose. Romain Jerome is purposefully tying to emulate the look and quality of the newsprint images from circa 1969. Inside the watch is a Concepto made RJ Calibre RJ001-C automatic chronograph movement.

As you can see, there are two versions of the Moon Dust DNA Moon Chronograph – these are the Black Mood Chronograph, or the Steel Mood Chronograph. Are you in a moon mood? Is it steel or black? Very tough questions – I know. The case is in polished steel, or black PVD coated steel. The dial is darker on the black model. Good looking and comfortable, the case is 46mm wide with titanium screws. Crystal is AR coated sapphire, and the dial has blue colored SuperLumiNova lume.

The watch comes with two straps options. A rubber strap or an alligator strap with fabric woven in to it that has actual material from ISS (International Space Station) space suits. Whether or not the space and moon connection appeals to you – it is an interesting watch and fine example of watch RJ is known for. You appreciate the creativity and boldness in the design – as well as the length that the brand goes to make the novel features feel “authentic.” Each of these watches is limited to just 1,969 pieces – look for the Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA Black & Steel Mood Chronograph watches soon. Prices are 14,590 – 14,990 Swiss Francs.

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