Romain Jerome Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande Watch

The newest Titanic DNA watch from Romain Jerome expressly indicates what it is, “Steampunk.” Instead of just hinting at the idea and playing with the concept, this watch has “Steampunk” in the name, and fashions the watch as such. Granted, a lot of the steampunk appointments of the watch are for show only, it still looks pretty cool. The watch starts with an RJ 2 automatic tourbillon movement that has a very cool anchor shaped rotor. The movement is made by Concepto for Romain Jerome and is a new level of luxury being a tourbillon movement that is self-winding.

The Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande is 50mm wide with a case that is made of steel (rusted, satin finished, and polished), titanium, and rubber. The case makes rich use of rivets, 80 of them that are hand applied all over the bezel (meant to look like old-timey boiler room equipment), as well as the iconic six sided screws in the case that are attached to the polished steel “claws.” In addition to steel, the claws are available in pink gold as well a black ceramic. The “Ala Grande” part of the name comes from the size of the watch, which at 50mm is big. It is even larger with the crown included in the measurement being 53mm wide. Really a serious statement on your wrist, but cool enough not to require some creepy Victorian outfit to go with it.

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The Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande really has no dial. Instead the watch has exposed springs and rods meant to remind you of a ship’s engine room. This watch is for boating steampunk enthusiasts. Again, think of what the engine room on the titanic must have looked like. You have to admit the look of the face is pretty cool – though it is all for style. The large Roman numeral 12 doesn’t really help much to tell the time. While the large hands are coated with Superluminova, you aren’t going to be relying on this watch as your trusty timepiece for when you’ve downed too much Absinthe and are trying to figure out when you need figure out when the sun is coming up.

The Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon Steampunk Ala Grande will be part of a limited edition of just 9 pieces. Not sure how that measures out into the various different materials available for the watch. In addition to a rubber strap, a black crocodile one is available. Price will be well north of $100,000, maybe even north of $200,000. It is hard to gauge how optimistic Romain Jerome’s CEO and lead designer Yvan Arpa is feeling. This is the watch steampunk watch to own this season, and priced for the independently wealthy mad scientist in us all, who rejects such fancy things such as electricity.

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