Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

In 2011, Romain Jerome announced a new co-operation with Taito, the Japanese company that originally manufactured its famous Space Invaders arcade game starting in the late 1970s. At this point, Romain Jerome's approach to blending watch design with different hobbies, historically important events and other, totally non-horology related things is well known. A few years ago, we went hands-on with the Romain Jerome Space Invaders watch, and today, we are looking at what the brand calls the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition – a limited edition of just five pieces per color, all exclusively available at the brand's eBoutique online.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

There are other watches, even by Romain Jerome, that try to in one way or another perpetuate a historically relevant and inimitable moment – such as the landing on the moon, the first ever powered flight, the fall of the Berlin wall, etc. Here that inimitable moment is that of the last “Alien Invader” being destroyed by the “laser cannon” – a more easy-going take on what, over the past nearly forty years, must have been an important moment to who knows how many Space Invader geeks trying to reach the final level.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

The dial is bead-blasted and satin-brushed "Black 3D," acting as a suiting background for the 70s arcade game theme. As in all other Space Invaders watches, the dial also features a pixelated laser cannon and invader, both matching the color of the indices – the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition will be available with white, yellow, red, blue, or green colored indices. The black hands do get lost in the black background, with their white luminous ends standing out with some contrast – I do wonder what the face of the watch would have looked like with color matched hands.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

As was the case with all the other Romain Jerome Space Invaders pieces, the theme of this series will either work well for those in the niche market it is intended for (fans of the arcade game who also happen to be watch nerds and well-heeled enough to be able to afford such an unusual blend of luxury watches and arcade games), while it will certainly leave others cold and uninterested. The Space Invaders theme is one that hardly ever could have been picked up by any of the major luxury brands – but that does not mean it is not a viable idea; it just took a niche brand to find this niche market and try and make the most of it. With many different models in the Romain Jerome Space Invaders series being sold out already, one cannot argue that this venture for Romain Jerome has been an unsuccessful one.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

The black PVD coated stainless steel case is the 43 millimeter wide, round design, with the two square elements on both sides – a look that, at this point, has become one of the trademark aesthetics of Romain Jerome. It is, however, different (smaller and more simple-looking) when compared to any other model from this collection. The other pieces had a case that was originally styled to resemble a moon lander of sorts, with four landing pads in its four corners.

By contrast, the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition has a case that is a bit more conservatively designed. As a side note, with it being a time-only watch lacking extra pushers or other structurally weak parts, the mere 30 meters of water resistance could, arguably, have been higher. The movement inside is the RJ003-A (which is a movement made by Swiss movement manufacturer La Joux-Perret), and in this series, its sole purpose is to display the hours and minutes – with running seconds or other indications on the dial being exiled in favor of a full view at this imitated world of 70s arcade gaming.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

As mentioned above, the Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition will be sold exclusively through the brand's website and will be limited to just five pieces in each color. Price for each is 6,900 Swiss francs or around $7,150.

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  • Oelholm

    There WILL be people enough to sell all of these. Just.

  • I lie this case better, but the dials to the original space invader watches were better.

  • thornwood36

    I grew up with the space invader era, having to write our own simple programmes to play a game, This game ( and pac-man) kept me entertained for hours, I am all for looking back and mixing old with the new for some modern twist. On this occasion it doesn’t work and some fool easily parted from his money is going to think its super retro for about a week once his geeky pals have seen it then move on to his next toy.

  • Ulysses31

    Kinda looks like a light-brite.  I’d pay a good $100 for the blue one.  Perhaps the profits can go towards upping his medication.  Get him some clean clothes and a warm meal too, he deserves it.

  • Time2Go

    This would be the perfect “rental watch”, if only there were such a service.  Wear it out a few times, show it to friends, reminisce about the good ol’ days of 8-bit gaming….and then stuff it back in the envelope and send it back!

    I do think the design is fun.  I just don’t think it would be fun long enough for me to ever feel like I got my $7K worth.

  • Meh, this will look as good (and even operate) on a Moto 360 in the future for a whole lot less money. $7K for a 2 hander (and not some fancy pants gold dress watch either). RJ always seems to have prices that are head scratchers for me.

  • mgennone

    Time2Go There is a watch rental service calls Eleven James.

  • csoulellis

    Let’s see, maybe a Rolex Submariner, Speedmaster Pro with 3k left over, Reverso, IWC Aquatimer, slightly used Calibre de Cartier….no, I’ll pass on all those dignified watches that will look good in 10-20 years on my adult wrist, instead, I’ll take the shitty space invaders tribute with the off-the-shelf $200 ETA pumping away

  • Twinbarrel

    This doesn’t look even come close to my mind that this watch is a rather sophisticated timepiece that retails for 7k. It’s too childish looking to be taken serious. I get that the game is sort of a ‘special’ thing for some people but don’t put it in a watch that cost more than $100. After introducing this watch do you think I’m taking this brand seriously. I may remember the brand ‘for’ this when I come across a nice RJ timepiece in the future, and I would weigh it heavily in my decision making. Not good. I love the game though 😉

  • bichondaddy

    Man…as much as I try….I just can’t help but think that someone on RJ’s staff needs to tell him that they need to be making watches that actually sell….because they’re 3 months behind on their mortgage payments…their kids are going hungry…and his/her spouse is going to leave them if they don’t start making some money!!!

  • I’m fine with people making their dreams come true. Sorta sad that this is what RJ dreams of.

  • Time2Go

    mgennone So there is!  I had no idea.  Thanks for the tip!

  • bichondaddy

    MarkCarson Totally agree with you!!!

  • DG Cayse

    How on earth did they keep this ‘idea’ away from the Hublot consortium?

  • DG Cayse But Hublot would need to find a Baller ambassador for it, so perhaps that was the stumbling block.

  • somethingnottaken

    On one hand, I think this is the first RJ watch I’ve liked. On the other hand, it’s a $2K watch with an interesting gimmick, not a $7K watch.

  • sigp226

    I was offended by the price.