The avant garde dress watch that inspired a sport watch now inspires a dress watch. This new model from Finnish Sarpaneva is called the Korona K0 Wuoksi and is based on the brand’s first dive watch called the Korona K0 that we showed you hands-on here. While highly evocative of the brand’s signature look, the piece feels pleasantly fresh (while familiar).

When I discussed the Korona K0 “Ruler of Water” dive watch (linked to above), the first reader comment on the post was “it’s just not a Sarpaneva without the weirdo moon face.” Perhaps Stepan Sarpaneva agreed with him a bit because this new K0 Wuoksi is the original K0 with a new type of moon phase indicator (including a strange looking face) in place of the inner rotating diver bezel.

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It amazes me all the things Sarpaneva can do with merely modifying the date wheel disc on Soprod A10 automatic movements. Once again the Swiss A10 automatic gets its date wheel modified to being a moon phase indicator. By the way, the caseback of the watch reveals a view of the movement and you can appreciate Sarpaneva’s attractive movement decoration and cool looking custom automatic rotor. Not only do you have those cool eyes again on the rotor, but the weight seems to have luminant on it.

Rather than the traditional circle-style moon phase with a plate moving over a two-dimensional representation of the moon, this piece has a plate that slowly reveals or hides the “moon’s eyes” as a way of showing the waxing or waning moon. It is quite clever, especially because it does three things very well. First, it incorporates a moon phase indicator in a fresh and original way. Second, it offers the moon phase indicator in a less obstructive way. Third, it is still able to use the signature “serious moon” face that Sarpaneva is known for.

The dial of the Korona K0 Wuoksi comes in two finishes and is cut by Sarpaneva personally. The moon face itself is available in four materials being bronze, copper, silver or gold. These watches are often produced specifically upon order and customization is frequently part of the buying process. The watch dial itself is attractive though it takes up an arguably small part of the overall dial. The hands and hour markers have SuperLumiNova luminant. The watch case is 46mm wide and comes in various steel finishes. Being a dive watch at heart, the Korona K0 Wuoksi is still water resistant to 300 meters.

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Sarpaneva is a very small boutique watch maker and produces no more than about 50 watches per year. The Korona K0 Wuoksi will be part of that overall limited production. Your best bet for getting one is a special order (and of course you can customize it). I have a feeling I will be someone that does that someday. The watch will also be available on a rubber, alligator, or frog skin strap. I think I have to credit Artya for being the indy brand to popularize frog skin leather straps. Price for the Korona K0 Wuoski will start at 9,500 Euros.

Tech specs from Sarpaneva:

MOVEMENT: Modified Soprod A10 calibre,
11.5 lines, 28800 vph (4 Hz)
Mechanical, automatic winding
The movement’s mainplate is modified to incorporate the phases of the moon (29,5 days).The function is situated at 12 o’clock where the sliding night sky covers or opens the face of the moon.
25 jewels
42-hour power reserve
Rhodium-plated, finished with perlage
CASE: Stainless Steel, 46 mm in diameter, 11.2 mm thick
2.5 mm thick sapphire crystal with multi anti-reflection coating inside
Screw down crown
Water-resistant to 300 m
DIAL:DLC or TiN coated stainless steel with Superluminova indexis
MOON FACE: Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold
HANDS: Rhodium-plated with Superluminova
STRAP: Rubber, Alligator or Frog Skin

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