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Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I am fortunate to present you with this special watch review from guest Mr. Paul Hubbard, a distinguished fellow watch lover and reviewer online. You'll find more of his work at, and you'll find that these days Mr. Hubbard practically runs the site. This quality review is of a quite controversial watch. Why? Because it is not only a Chinese watch with a Chinese movement (actually the base movement might be Japanese), but it is labeled as such. For a number of reasons some people refuse to accept Chinese watches as being legit brands, part of this has to do with the fact that China is the major source of replica watches. However, you'll find that China makes a lot of the parts that go into high-end European watches, but they don't exactly advertise that fact. Sea-Gull is of the few Chinese watch brands that do a decent job marketing themselves, and offer an arguably good value. Chinese watches are not nearly at the point of quite being competitor watches to Japanese or European watches, but instead offer a different appeal. Here you can get a true-to-life classic looking watch that you don't have to worry about beating up. Take the 40mm wide stainless steel M177 watch for what it is - an interesting interpretation of classic watches from a wholly Chinese watch manufacturer. The price is quite low, easily a mere fraction of comparably styled European watches - but you do get what you pay for. If you explore Sea-Gull's site a bit, you can see that they have gold watches and those with traditionally upscale complications such minute repeaters and tourbillons. These go for many thousands - all from a Chinese maker. I have no idea how those do, but this under $150 timepiece is probably a safer investment. Please see Mr. Hubbard's interesting straight forward review below of his Sea-Gull M177 mechanical automatic watch.

To please, enjoy Mr. Hubbard's review of the Sea-Gull M177 watch below:

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

"Let me reintroduce you to a very old story: Emerging country X starts making widgets of type Foo. Initially, their efforts are poor, and established manufacturers mock them. Over time, X works hard, improves its product, and starts making better and better widgets, all of the while doing so for less money. (Insert sideshow of political protests, tariffs, etc.) One day, everyone wakes up and notices that X's widgets are better and cheaper, and just like that the older manufacturers have to start playing catchup.

For X, insert China. For widget Foo, insert mechanical watches. They're not yet at the stage of threatening the high-end Japanese or Swiss manufactures, but it's fascinating to see them work closer to that goal.

Say hi to the Sea-Gull M177s. It's a classic men's dress watch, in the style of Jaeger-LeCoultre.


* 40mm, across by about 14mm thick.
* List price is $139 and includes a two-year warranty and free shipping from the website of Sea-Gull USA.
* ST-16 movement, 21 jewels, 21600vph, hacking and handwinding, quicket date.
* 316L stainless steel case, display back, mineral crystal, screwed caseback.
* Alligator-patterned black leather strap with thorn buckle.
* Signed, non-screw-down crown
* Water resistant to 30m.

In other words, functionally its very much on par with the competition, with two omissions: Sapphire crystal and decent luminosity. Then again, no other watch for $140 has those either!

The case is a nice mixture of brushed and polished finishes. Here's a side profile showing the finishes and the signed crown:

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The display back shows a basic movement, with stamped faux-decorations. The movement is an ST-16, in house from Sea-Gull and cheerfully using ideas like Seiko-style winding. The base design of the movement is probably Miyota's 8200 series.

It's an attractive watch, and sits well on my 7.25" wrist:

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As you can see from the side profile, the bezel is sloped as is appropriate for a dress watch intended for wear with dress shirts:

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The dial is finished with a radial pattern, which is subtly done and quite pretty. As you change the angle, the reflections precess around the dial, yet the effect is not flashy or obtrusive. The hands are quite good, with minute and hour polished and sporting center stripes of white lume. The second hand is the sole color on the watch or dial, at a nice blued-steel color. It's almost certainly blue paint, but attractive nonetheless. Look at the hour markers - they're nicely faceted and quite well done:

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The watch keeps good time, within a few seconds per day. Handwinding is a bit rough, and the crown had a bit of a burr that I removed with a small file. A bit rough around the edges, you might say.

Overall, it's an excellent watch that I can recommend without hesitation. The addition of a US office and two-year warranty change Sea-Gull from gamble to 'why not?', and the results are an incredibly good value. It's not yet time for the Swiss to panic, but I'd certainly hope that they're paying attention. "

By Paul Hubbard for

About the Author

A researcher by day, Paul is fascinated by the engineering and physics of a watch movement and wears the MIH most days. Obsessed with timekeeping in all forms, he has a stratum-1 NTP clock in his office and a 1940s Waltham 8-day aircraft clock on his desk.
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  • Before I started reading the text, I looked at the pictures first and decided that I like the looks of this watch. It immediately reminded me of the Jaeger LeCoultre Master watches. And so did it to the author of the article! 🙂

    The review is very nicely done by Mr Hubbard. 140 USD isn’t much for a nice looker like this one. I think I would remove the croc print strap and put something more decent on it.

    The watch it reminds me of is this one, However, the Sea-Gull seems to be a bit more muscled.


    • Sounds like someone likes the Sea-Gull RJ, eh? Lol. Well it is a decent looking watch, probably why Paul got it. I’d proudly sport the thing myself.

  • luhai167

    Too bad seagull decides to discontinue this watch, it was their most popular one to boot. (Well, they have a watch with same looks and a better movement. But it’s $399!!)

  • ZL

    Chinese watches should not be ignored. Requesting more reviews of Sea Gull and Beijing watches!. Other Chinese brands too please!

  • DG Cayse

    It is now 2014, the Seagull line and movements are well worth further reviews.

  • Jayoson

    I purchased a Parnis KO of a Panerai GMT w leather band. The watch was just over a $100.00, but I shelled out the xtra $25.00 for the sapphire crystal option. I was VERY polite with the salebayer when ordering requesting it have a Sea-Gull movement. He was VERY cordial and helpful and assured me that it would. About 3 weeks later I received it. I huridly opened the package to find a VERY stunning watch! I wore it home unsized! I wore it when home for a couple of days to see how it was running (Slow). I opened the case and found a VERY nice syn rubbied perlaged looking movement with Glucydur balance wheel! The movement was fastened in place with a perlaged ring and 3 screws! I removed the movement first by depressing the tiny little indent right by the stem and pulled the stem straight out, *before I unscrewed the retaining ring! I washed the case with green spic n span spray and a drop of dish soap because the inside of the crystal wasn’t ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY clean (swirls) and I HATE THAT! After 3 washings and rinsing with distilled water ONLY I borrowed my wife’s hair dryer to dry the case. The slightest moisture will fog up your watch when exposed to direct sunlight and you will have to repeat the whole process again so make SURE it’s hot & dry! When I finished the crystal was “jeweled” to perfection!!! 🙂 I bought some syn watch oil on line for $6.00 or so (WORTH IT) and with my illuminated magnifier goggle head gear I went to work with a wooden toothpick dipped in the oil then touched ALL the rubies till they sucked up the oil (DONT OVER DO IT – A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY), I adjusted the timing (Look on-line youtube vids on how to do it as you MUST NOT touch one of the adjustment arms) this often takes several tries with up to 2 week breaks in  between to get it nice and close, unless you have a professional watch timer – I don’t! Also be VERY careful not to lose the delicate rubber gasket when you take the case back off! Use a tiny smear of your watch oil to lube it so the screw back wont tear it!, I use the ball of duct tape trick to remove the case back, but regular tape will work too. Make sure to clean the grove with a ear swab before reinstalling as from my experience and forum talks – the Chinese DONT lube their watches and theyre dirty inside. I used my vacuum with my hand balled over the suction to rid the watch movement of foreign debri – Use only a bag-less vac. when doing that though! I dint like the leather band and shelled out $65.00 for a nice metal band (perfect look feel &  fit). I know I’m rambling, but there’s a lot to this! At any rate I now have a 3 ATM watch that looks TERRIFIC Keeps very good time, close to +6 – 4 p/day = COSC standards and instead of shelling out $6-7K+ for a “real” one – I got mine for under $200.00. !!! Even one of my clients complemented me on it TODAY! 🙂 I didn’t tell him it was real OR “fake” just accepted the complement – he doesn’t need to know! Personally I have had several R0lex’s – nice watches – are they worth the $…. my honest opinion…. more to the seller than the buyer:)! Nowadays with all the CNC and modern techniques a watch with such precision as the Sea-Gull would sell for thousands 40 yrs ago – so  I’m SECURE in my means, oh and by the way have you ever heard the story of what the “real” R0lex owner said to whoever complemented his watch.. “it’s fake”…!?

  • Seth Lim

    its a disappointing brand? i bought a revolution anniversary version with a limited edition number for 300 singapore dollars and the date stopped moving a year later? so i sent it in for repair with the local agent since its still under warranty? they replaced it with a brand new one? although its another number?i am ok since the first one i didnt have a nice number either? but it just doesnt sell even when its limited edtion and when a watch is faulty? they easily replace it since they make so much of the same thing to cut cost with very little regard for quality control

  • Archie Miller

    You can see shit on the dial under the 3. Probably made in a nasty dirty factory. Seagull watches are shitters.