Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

This article is about two things. First, about the very nice Seiko Ananta Spring Drive watches (yes they are available in the US), and also about "what you need to know about the Seiko Spring Drive movement." In addition to the Spring Drive version of the Ananta watches, there are also versions of the watches with in-house made in Japan, Seiko automatic mechanical movements. Though I am going to save additional discussion of them for another article.

In a nutshell, if you don't already lust for a Spring Drive watch, you should. Let's talk more about the Ananta watches. The watches are important as they represent the first higher-end Seiko watches that have come to America in a long time. In fact, they are world market watches meaning that they are to be sold globally. The watches are based on the look of Japanese katana swords. No doubt you'll see this look all over the watch from the sides of the case to the hands, and the hour markers. Little katana touches are all over the watch, even on the automatic rotor, to remind you of the "sharp" influence. By the way, when I was in Japan visiting Seiko we visited a traditional Japanese sword maker who still makes the awesome "samurai style" swords. As a kid I grew up utterly wanting one of these (and still do). To hold an actual one in my hands (not just some look-alike) was truly awesome. It took a lot of will power for me to hold back, and not find a watermelon to hack up.

In addition to the blade looks, the watch case also features something that Seiko calls blade polishing. The mirror polished surfaces are done in a special technique that gives them a superior shine and polish compared to most of what is out there. I got to see a little side-by-side discussing the differences and I agree that the Seiko blade polish system is easily superior. The polishing is done by hand, and another touch of luxury that is easy to appreciate.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

Ananta watches are big, at 46mm wide (and between about 14mm - 16mm thick depending on the model). Still, the watch fits well, and doesn't slide around. Even on smaller Japanese wrists the watches looked good, and will look good on your wrists too. They make a wonderful statement, are and built just as you'd expect from a luxury Seiko watch. The cases are in a few parts, while the case is secured with screws to the bezel part. Thus, there is no real caseback piece. This allows for the back to be very smooth and curved a bit. The case is further 100 meters water resistant. Plus, to remove glare, the sapphire crystal is anti-reflective  (AR) coated.

The bracelet on the watches are really well done. Lighter than you'd expect, but done so on purpose to enhance comfort. Still, the links are all solid and very well polished - they are also close together, with the bracelet having mostly no gaps. The links have interesting beveled edges that increase the sense of style. While the watches have a functional feel, they are the antithesis of boring, and this concept carries over to the bracelet. The bracelet has a push-button locking clasp and a great looking "Seiko" logo engraved on the clasp. The watches are also available with an alligator strap - also with a folding clasp.

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

The watch is really all about the dial - which looks great. First and foremost for Seiko is function. As you can see the Chronograph and GMT models are extremely easy to use and read. For a simpler look you can go with the GMT model. It has the time, date, GMT hand, and a power reserve indicator. Very clean lines, and impressively bold, yet beautiful. The chronograph model adds a 12 hour chronograph to the mix, with the chronograph subdials being stacked for the easiest reading possible (all the chronograph hands are also red). Let me tell you why Seiko high-end chronographs are the best on the market to use (in my humble opinion). First, the chronograph movements utilize a column wheel and vertical clutch (if you don't know what these are, that is OK, but they are things you want in a chronograph movement). In addition to being accurate (and actually increasing the power reserve time on the Spring Drive watches!) they utilize a "ready, set, go" feature. The chronograph pushers have a two-stage operation. Let me explain this simple but important concept. Press the chronograph start/stop pusher down and you feel a gentle springy resistance until it comes to the first stop. You've just gone from "ready" to "set." Then press down a bit more and you start the chronograph. The chronograph starts precisely when you press the pusher down the second time, without any lag time. This way you start the chronograph at just the right time, and it feels so nice! The second you try it, you'll be sold - I was. It might even make you use the chronograph function much more than normal. The chronograph is also used for the tachyemeter scale on the bezel. That is a function no on uses. A limited edition version of the Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph a clean, bare bezel.

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    Now, these watches are fly (back)! Great looking
    styles, that don’t require Sherpa guides to fathom the functions. List prices are not too
    bad, in view of the advanced technology & workmanship, from this long revered watch house.
    Without wallet raping prices, these items are
    more attainable for a wide variety of individuals.

    • Nice response. Thanks!


    You’re quite welcome!

  • FANTASTIC Article and so informative. going to post a link to this article on Watch Freeks.

    Thank you again for all of the informative and awesome articles!!!


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  • Benjamin

    Excellent article and research, thank you! I have been smitten with the limited edition Spring drive Chronograph SPS09 since I first saw it advertised. Magnificent watch. Couldn’t stop looking at the website and memorizing the specs and differences in the collection. Long story short I’m on cloud nine, bought 58 of 300 this morning! Looked at it last week and went in for the kill today. It is just a fine fine watch. I am a chef and bought my first Rolex in Bermuda in 1980. Second Rolex in Australia. Quite like the IWC pilots watch range. Next buy might be the Omega Station Master 49 mm or a Georg Jensen. Thanks again for your great site.

    • Hi Benjamin. Thanks for your nice comment. I love the series as well. Enjoy the limited edition Seiko Spring Dive watch!

  • Frank

    Thanks for your article. I am currently “saving my pennies” for a new Seiko Ananta Spring Drive GMT SNR019, white dial over metal bracelet exactly as shown in the article above. I have handled everyone of the 10 Ananta models and the watches are simply exquisite. As an avid collector of Japanese watches, the Spring Drive is the next logical step up in the food chain.

    Regarding prices…. You have it all wrong! The Ananta automatic models (Sub dial and double retrograde) start at USD $2,100 and $2,300 respectively. The Ananta Automatic Chronograph retails at USD $3,200. The Ananta Spring Drive GMT retails at USD $4,300. Finally, the Spring Drive Chronograph (Flagship model) retails at USD $6,300.

    The prices you quoted in your articleapply mostly to Japan market Grand Seikos that can be bought directly from AD online Tokyo based retailers.

    In comparison to the Grand Seiko line, the Anantas are a terrific bargain in my book.

    • Hi Frank,
      Glad you like the watches as well. Prices are always an odd thing and I relied upon what Seiko gave me directly. Market prices vary. Best to find a model you like and then check to see what the current prices are.

  • frederick

    i realy like this seiko ananta watch, but the prize is something to me. if only the seiko watch company make it more affordable there will be more buyers to i think.

  • Randy

    These watches are nothing short of amazing, I’m a bit of a Swiss automatic snob and was looking at the Glashütte Original Senator Chronograph XL at $7500, but if I can find a Ananta spring drive chrono anywhere in NYC its as good as mine! My onle question is white dial metal bracelet or black dial aligator strap. My lord what a watch! Thanks for the excellent review–it helped to seal the deal for me.

  • barton Rivkin

    I have had a spring drive for 14 months, I trade off between that and a zenith trip date moon phase chrono a chronoswiss chrono moon phase, a ulysse nardin 1846 pr and Jaeger Le-Coultre master compressor geographic, as far as accuracy the spring drive can not be beat! I have an atomic clock that I set everything to and keep the watches on winders. I Set the seiko in feb of 09 and had to set ahead for D.L.S. at that time I noticed that the seiko was a little less than a second fast, so it keeps better than the citizen solar quartz chrono repeater watch I bought a few months ago. I have the black ananta gmt chrono on order. buy the way Felix at the right time in colorado is fantastic and has very very good pricing.

    • Good to know. Thanks Barton!



    very nice review and very informative.
    I’m now falter between the SD chrono and the Sd chrono limited edition.
    Thx for the review, i read it serveral times now(LOL).

    • cool. Let me know which one you end up getting.



    Just placed a ordor on the white version sd chrono last friday at the AD. it was a hard decision to choose between the two versions but it feel like i make the good choice so far.
    With a little luck i will receive it next saturday, yahooooooooo!!!!!!!.cant wiat……..pffffff


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  • M-T

    I’ve just returned from buying the new SNR023 Ananta moon phase. This is my first buy of a quality watch that wasn’t 2nd hand because I think it’ll be a classic and I love the spring drive concept. And. It. Looks. Amazing.

    • Kick-ass, glad you like it.

  • Bart

    Just snagged another ananta #113/150 the titanium chrono with gold markers. It is extremely comfortable to wear and of course it keeps time very very accurately! WOW!!! these are the most amazing time peaces ever produced, oh, and the luminescence is fantastic, went to sleep at 10:ish sunday nite got up at 5:20am knew the time because the hands were still glowing. Of all the different watches I have both my boys asked me to pass the anantas to them, I would rather buy them their own and one day be buried with mine.{just kiddin}, but I love these spring drives as much as my chronoswiss opes and U.N.1846,& sold all 3 rolexs. And remember Felex and Reta at right time again took really good care of me and got me this peace in a couple of days, they are awesome!!!!

    • Fantastic! You are even making me want the watch more than I do already!

  • Kevin Mitchell

    Not sure if this blog is still being reviewed but I feel compelled to comment anyway!
    I’ve just bought my 3rd Seiko (first two were cheapies) but this one is a beauty. Titanium Ananta with black face and gold hands/hour markers with crono/5R86. I suspect only one or two would have made it to Australia (perhaps only one to Sydney) and it’s mine! Absolutely love it and as silly as it sounds, I leave the stop watch going permanently just to see the smoothness of the ‘glide motion’ hand sweeping around the face. Number 43/150. I’m a very happy man apart from when I go through airport duty free shops when travelling, as I’ve now got my ultimate watch and have nothing to dream of buying anymore! Love it!!

    • That is excellent! And yes, I am looking at all of these comments.

  • Frank Granados

    I too, just picked up my third new Seiko Ananta…… (Drum roll please!)

    A brand new Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph on bracelet SPS007!!!

    I am on cloud 9…..

    This one will make company to my Ananta Spring Drive GMT on bracelet SNR019.

    Congratulations to all new happy Seiko Ananta owners in this blog.

    • Yup, it is beautiful thing and experience.

  • 673342873

    The <a href=””>seiko  chronograph</a> really beautiful,  very fashionable, I also like, it with I attended the many occasions.

  • MarkNatm

    @frederick Dollar for dollar the high end Seiko watches exceed the quality of a Swiss watch. Just compare the details of the case, markers, and hands.

  • MarkNatm

    @M-T Oh how I wish I could find an Ananta moon phase. It is a real beauty.

  • Bryann

    Hi there,
    3 years ago i bought this watch because i though it was a amazing timepiece and quess what, i just feel the same the first time i opened the watchbox.
    This particular review pushed me over the edge to buy one and still love this wonderfull timepiece. Now i am after a omege planet ocean with that beautifull 8500 movement.
    So i wanna thank you for all the great reviews you wrote so far. Keep up the good work my friend and wear al of your watches in the best of health.

    • Bryann Sure Bryan. Glad you enjoy our work. Thanks for reading.

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