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Seiko has an incredibly diverse line of watches. Sometimes so diverse that unless you are very familiar with their models it is hard to know not only what new watches are coming out, but how they are measure up in terms of quality. Seiko even has movements from your ultra basic quartz, to complex mechanical movement – and literally everything in between. This can cause confusion and a sense of being horologically overwhelmed, at least for us Americans. It seems as though the Japanese are more comfortable with the many Seiko watches. I say all this to impress upon you that not all Seiko watches are created equally. For example, this Seiko Premier Direct Drive Moon Phase watch is about $1,500. So where does it fit in their overall line?

Well this watch fits sort of in the middle of the line. Seiko watches in the US seem to average about $200, but many are available for several hundred dollars and into the thousands (for the Spring Drive movement models) After $500 the watches really get impressive. The watch here has a quartz movement, but it is the Direct Drive Kinetic. Thus is have an automatic rotor and hand charging – all for the battery. Power reserve is one month. If you’ve never played with a Seiko Direct Drive Kinetic movement, you should, they are fun. So stemming from Seiko’s more fancy Premier collection comes this new watch, in a few styles, and a nice formal and tasteful look. The idea is to get the quality and complications of a super high end mechanical watch, at a much better price.

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