Sinn 900 Flieger Watch on leather sinn-900-big-pilot-watch

Now with “advanced Entspiegelungstechnik!” That word actually just means anti-reflective (AR) sapphire crystal coating, but it sounds superbly Germanic and fitting right? To be released in the late Spring of 2009, this new Sinn Model 900 series watch is pretty good looking, and the size is up to 44mm, which is considered “big” for Sinn (most case sizes are between 38mm -41mm wide). Like the other 900 models, this watch uses a base ETA Valjoux 7750 movement with a UTC hand modification. That gives it a full 12 hour chronograph, date, time, and 24 hour hand (that is independently adjustable to use as a second timezone if desired). Unlike the other 900 model watches, this Flieger is a lot more simple looking and attractive. Looking like cousin of the Sinn 757, the 900 is all about pilot watch duty. If it is suitable for day to day wear, it does so without caring.

The rear of the watch has a metric to standard conversion chart of some basic units of measurement that you might be interested in. This might come in useful once in a while for you, but consider the purist who will use it frequently. The case of the 44mm wide is constructed out of tegimented steel that is much harder that normal steel. The case is also water resistant to 200 meters and can resist magnetic fields of up to 80,000 A/M. Not a magnetism expert, so I am going to assume that is enough to fend-off Magneto level magnetic fields.

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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch on bracelet Sinn 900 Flieger watch back

You’ll notice that the metal bracelet is Sinn’s five link steel bracelet that it tends to use on it’s higher-end watch models, and the thick leather strap has a nifty looking attached plate with the Sinn logo on it. With a thin bezel, the watch features an internal rotating bezel that is turned via the crown located at the 10 o’clock position. The internal rotating bezel is highly functional and something I have never seen before in this style – with Arabic numeral indictors for each minute. Very precise and a look that I like. You then have the indicators (Arabic for every other number) for the UTC hand as well, that while visible – don’t seem to get in the way. Sinn “guarantees” high visibility and the luminant-covered hands contrast well with the galvanized black watch face. The little “Ar” indicator means that the face is filled with argon gas – part of a special system to keep the inside of the watch free from moisture, and running smoothly in almost any climate condition, and under all types of pressure conditions. Further assisting the moisture free zone of the watch is a moisture absorbing capsule in the watch indicated by the other little icon above the “Ar” on the watch dial.

Other notable features about the watch are that the case is nickle-free (for people who are allergic to the metal), and that the sapphire crystal uses one of the best AR coatings in the industry. Let it be known that this is a serious tool watch, not merely something trouncing around as one. It will serve you well and focus primarily of getting the job done right. If you like how it looks, admire it gracefully, but Sinn watches don’t like to be pampered. Price will be around $2,500 – $3,000 when it comes out in May.

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