This is one of the hottest newer Sinn watches, and a rare ‘non-branded’ limited edition by the watch maker. In 2008 (maybe starting in 2007) an odd trend started – the ‘black on black’ watch. Everyone seemed to have a black on black sport watch with names like “phantom” or “stealth.” Even Sinn was not immune and felt it necessary to produce a limited edition version of its popular U1 watch line in the black on black motif that people were crazy over.

Such watches are not unreadable of course (just for people who aren’t wearing the watch). To compensate for similar colors of black, the watches have different textures and other mechanisms to help with legibility. Part of the ‘point’ of the watch is making it difficult for people other than the wearer to know what time it is (or what watch they are wearing). I have to admit that a lot of the watches are pretty cool looking. Still pretty easy to read (on your own wrist), you will no doubt get a lot of people saying “hey, what is with you watch? Let me see that.” The watch which this Black Stealth limited edition is based on is one of Sinn’s newer diving watches, the U1. With a uniquely designed dial and hands, it is certainly of the most fashion (but still functional) oriented Sinn watches out there.

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Inside the Sinn U1 is an automatic mechanical ETA movement inside of the hard deep diving tegimented PVD steel case at 43.5mm wide. While the watch is built to dive (1000 meters) , I don’t think the “stealth” look will be appreciated underwater when trying to see your dive time. You still have the rotating diver’s bezel and high-quality rubber straps that Sinn is known for. There are only 399 of these black U1 watches out there, and here is your chance to get one if you’ve been interested. Price is at $2,600 a fair deal for a rare piece iconic of a unique trend in today’s watch market.

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