Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

The historic Frankfurt am Main factory established in 1961 that has served as the spiritual birthplace for the last two decades of Sinn watches will close at the end of the summer as the brand relocates to a larger manufactory to accommodate recent growth. This is not before it produces one more very special limited edition: the new Sinn BLU1 dive watch, exclusive to Sinn’s retail brand partner Page & Cooper based in London.

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

As the swan song for the factory and a celebration of five years of successful collaboration together, Sinn is going the extra mile for Page & Cooper on the BLU1 – a neat twist on Sinn’s signature U1 diver, which is a longtime daily wear favorite of P&C founder and avid diver Jonathan Bordell. To do this, Sinn has introduced an entirely new manufacturing process to produce the BLU1’s uniquely graduated blue-to-black dial – a nod to the watch’s purpose-built utility between all three major light-penetrating zones of the ocean: from the bright blue sunlight (or ‘euphotic’) zone in the ocean's uppermost 200 meters, to the darker twilight (‘disphotic’) zone that penetrates below 200 meters, all the way down to the inky blackness of the midnight (‘aphotic’) zone where light cannot reach, at depths up to 1,000 meters.

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

Like the standard U1, the BLU1 is indeed rated to every one of those 1,000 meters of water resistance – deep within the aphotic zone. But to guarantee its certification as diving-approved equipment and meet the requirements set by German maritime safety organization DNV GL (similar to Sinn’s TESTAF certification for pilot watches), the BLU1 is tested to 125 crushing atmospheres of pressure, or around 1,250 meters, even though it's far beyond depths where light (or scuba divers) would ever be found.

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

It’s nice to see a retail limited-edition that brings a little more than the usual pedestrian changes – usually the addition of a line of text, some substitution of stock parts, etc., to the equation. Granted, on paper, the dial is still essentially a palette swap, but behind the scenes, a considerable amount of work went into creating the new processes to yield the dial. Each color in the gradient is applied individually, then lacquered to protect the finish, before being finally hand-inspected for clarity, contrast, and luminescence.

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

Like the U1 (and by extension, the rest of Sinn’s dive watch collection), the Sinn BLU1 is constructed with ‘u-boot stahl' – a complex High-Yield steel with excellent seawater corrosion resistance, ultimately developed to increase the diving depth of submarines. In this case, it's supplied by Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems, who also supplies it to the German Navy for use on the hulls of the 212-class, an ultra-modern attack sub. It’s worth bearing mention that Sinn also has a watch dedicated to this ultra-modern submarine, unsurprisingly called the U212.

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper Watch Releases

North American dive watch fans, start booking your tickets now, only 50 total pieces of the BLU1 will be available (35 in stainless steel and 15 of the all-black, fully tegimented variant), to UK customers only, for a price of £1,850 and £2,250 (pricing includes VAT), respectively.

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  • A_watches

    attractive enough but its a bit poor man’s rolex deepsea

    • IG

      Poor men buy £50 Seikos.

      • Florida Phil

        Where can I get a Seiko for that little?

        • Garrett Hu

          Search Seiko and sort by $0-$20. There are actually a lot…

          • egznyc

            I don’t doubt this. But would you say there are any attractive and well-finished ones in this land of dirt-cheap Seikos?

          • Garrett Hu

            That becomes subjective, “attractive” to me may the ugliest watch you’ve ever seen ….LOL.

  • Yan Fin

    Looks like something from 1990s found in the closet corner.

  • TrevorXM

    I like this watch in steel and the price is good. However I just don’t know about the corny BLU1 in big red letters on the dial. And why doesn’t it say 1250m on the dial? Not that such ratings are of any importance past 300m, but it would add to the uniqueness of the watch.

    • Certified “diver’s” watches are tested to 125% of their rated depth, among other things (see ISO 6425). A 300M watch is tested to 375 meters.

      • TrevorXM

        I’m well aware of that. It just seemed odd that some big deal is made of this in the article as if it’s somehow different than the normal 1000m watch and tested deeper to meet the “German maritime safety organization DNV GL” — so when they say tested to 1250m as some sort of standard, the watch would have gone to beyond that to meet that standard. That’s the way the piece is written.

  • Moonraker

    Those syringe hands look like syringes part-filled with blood.

    • IG

      Timely for the Tour de France.

    • IanE

      Ah yes, that would be the BLUD1 version!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    A lot of money for something that looks so cheap.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      They are excellent. Had many of them in my hands.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I guess you have to see it to appreciate it.

      • Garrett Hu

        I will second that as will many others, I have 12 watches from Sinn now and 10 of them from the EZM Series. There is nothing out there that even comes close to what Sinn does.

        • Moonraker

          Do you have that crazy-colored firefighter one? Is that the EZM 7?

          • Garrett Hu

            Yes I have the EZM 7. Funky looking watch and really doesn’t mean anything unless you’re a firefighter.

            It was a perfect match to my EZM 4 though.

            My first was a U1 after reading an article called ‘Sinn vs Sinn” in a WatchTime magazine where they compared the U1 versus the U2 (I think from 2007). I learned that the U2 was an EZM watch but wasn’t in a position to purchase one back then. After owning the U1 I was impressed with the quality and I was hooked. I then sold the U1 for the EZM 2B UX GSG-9, that was my first EZM watch, from then I started to hunt for the discontinued models; EZM 1,2 and 4. I never got an original EZM 1 as they were trading at $3500 – $4000 for a well used one but I lucked out on the EZM 1 LE (US allocation was sold out in 30 seconds). From that point on I found an EZM 2 stateside then a NOS EZM 4 overseas. I then proceeded to buy the EZM 3, 5 (U2), 6, 7, 10 and 13.

            I started buying dress watches to balance out the collection a bit tho…but as a former US Army guy, the EZMs are dear to heart and always will be.

            Sorry probably not what you asked but I tend to get carried away.


          • Moonraker

            No problem. I love reading about stuff like that. Thanks.

    • Garrett Hu

      Yeah $2000 is a lot of money period but if you are to buy a watch, you could do a lot worse.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        You could also do a lot better.

        • Garrett Hu

          You won’t understand until you have one.

          • Raymond Wilkie

            You’r right. i can sit here and prattle on about watches i will never see let alone wear and wearability is the most crucial thing i can’t comment on.

  • Mikita

    Looks like a Seiko mod from Artifice Horoworks 🙂 really

  • BrJean
  • Sheez Gagoo

    Nice. The dial and hands look like on my Game Boy advanced.

  • DanW94

    If I was to ever buy a Sinn it wouldn’t be the U1 series. I just can’t get past those blocky, clumsy looking hands.

    • The aesthetic is definitely an acquired taste, but after finally seeing a U1 in the flesh a few years back, it has really grown on me.

      • egznyc

        I’ve liked this handset from the moment I saw pictures of this watch. And that’s coming from a guy who really enjoys a lot of vintage-styled divers (and other watches). But this is unapologetically modern.

    • IanE

      Yes, taste is a strange thing – I’ve always had a fancy for those hands!

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Looks like kids toy watch


    Sure is built like a tank but leaves me a tad cold.

    Go for this instead

    • Simonh

      Now that is a good looking watch.

    • egznyc

      Very funky and all, but what’s one Sinn got to do with the other? One is a dive watch and the other is a chronograph (not that one watch couldn’t be both).

      • BNABOD

        Just saying if I had to pick one I would pick the chrono that is it. Wait I already picked….

        • egznyc

          Well it would be a Sinn not to get what makes you happy.

          Interesting chrono; is it from the 70s or just looks that way? (Appears to have no running seconds hand.)

          • Moonraker

            It’s a current-ish model. I think the running seconds is at 9 and there is a central hand for the chrono-minutes.

          • BNABOD

            Running centra seconds LE of 500 about 4-5 years old

          • egznyc

            I like the idea of a central seconds + central minutes on a chrono – a LOT. But then they have to go and make it kind of off-kilter putting in the contrasting subdials at 6 and 9?!? Okay, I guess that works for some folks just fine but it feels off-balance to me – not to mention having white hands with no contrasting border up against the white subsidiary dials … they get a little lost.

          • BNABOD

            Meant running central minutes which on a Chrono is 8 million times easier to read than the tiny sub dials. The sub dials actually have a lot of depth to them but one can’t tell on the pic . Very well made really but it is not a small watch by any means.

  • Framlucasse

    Did they cut the hands with scissors? It certainly look this way.

  • SuperStrapper

    Actually quite surprised at the negative comments on this one. This U1 handset is not new, and while it is certainly polarizing, I think they are unique and effective fir a proper diver. This is no dress watch, nor does it pretend to be. That gradient dial is sexy af and really pops nicely on the black cased reference. I’ve never been a fan of this bracelet, and while I know it is a Sinn trademark I’m always hoping to see it updated to something more contemporary.

    I suppose the blue dial against the colourful handset is a bit bold for some, butbi can’t think of another watch that looks like This, and that is worth good marks in my book. If they had named this the U1 rocketpop I’d fly to yhe factory for a round of high 5s.

  • thecouchguy

    I want.

  • Word Merchant

    Finally, an interesting Sinn, although the hands do look like they’re made of paper.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    The blue line around the dial looks absolutely awful. #shabby

    • Buy and Sold

      yes, I can’t believe that is how it is supposed to be.

    • Florida Phil

      I think that’s internal reflection on the crystal from the face

  • Buy and Sold

    I like the blue dial a lot, and I think it goes well with both cases. I have the

    UX GSG 9 (EZM 2B) as I need the reliability of quartz for my extended vision, and the oil filled dial is important to me for the deeper mission dives – ah these are the thoughts from my desk as I look at it!

    Page & Cooper seem like a nice shop from their YouTube videos.

  • I’ve never been keen on the Lego handset on the U1, but Sinn makes incredible watches. The technology that goes into their simplest watches (not that a 1000M dive watch is really “simple”) is extraordinary.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I like a bit of colour on my dials so I think this is quite interesting looking. But if I was to go for a Sinn it probably wouldn’t be this. I do like some of their pilot chrono’s.
    Page and Cooper are fine, I bought a Laco there a while ago. Stunning hand-set, good quality case.

  • Nigel Wild

    Definitely would not say no to one but with no real chance of getting one out of the UK to New Zealand.

  • TheChuphta

    I don’t quite get this brand and its devotees (basic movements, BUT cases made out of unused nuclear warhead shells or whatever. I know some divers have oil filed cases, which is cool). All that being said, I kinda like this one.

  • Spangles

    Sinn: Deepsea

  • Garrett Hu

    James Cameron BLU1

  • Garrett Hu

    This one is actually pretty nice, much more comfortable (experience with standard U1 versus wearing a Deep Sea) and not as ugly as the Deep Sea. It’s got boxy hands but if I were to buy for the dial, I would pick this…sorry the Deep Sea is the ugliest watch Rolex makes, second would be the YMII.

    It’s too bad we can’t get one shipped over to the US, I guess they can’t get North America limited editions either so it’s fair. LOL


    I wish Rolex made a dial like that…

  • Rollin Crittendon

    I hope they do something like that with their Hydro line. I think that could be an even more successful design with the sword-style hands.

    The tegimented case does not show the metal’s luminence from what i see in the photographs. It looks neat, but i prefer the bare-metal more.

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  • Simon_Hell

    This watch is a joke. I really like various sunburst and color gradient dials, but the idea is that it is the viewing angle that creates the color effects and the play of light.

    Here, the gradient is just painted on. Just like that. What the fuck? A Mickey watch wouldn’t do this.

    • Phil leavell

      Dam Simon you Brits got all the luck. We Canucks are feeling left out. I understand for 2 pee they throw in a buff rage so you can polish your wrist turds

    • socrates35

      The UK is just a different market, based on perceived customer preference and empirical data on sales and purchasing patterns. It has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or religion, as your post seems to suggest. See http://www.businessdictiona

    • Michel Deugenoux

      but behind the scenes, a considerable amount of work went into creating the new processes to yield the dial. Each color in the gradient is applied individually, then lacquered to protect the finish, before being finally hand-inspected for clarity, contrast, and luminescence.

    • Esteban

      Rolex did that on some Submariner Sea Dweller Sea Superlative Oyster Sea Super Deep Mariana Trench Rolex Sea Super Sea Officially Triple Certified Chronometer and I don’t remember anyone complaining.

  • Omegaboy

    Would like the black one a lot if it didn’t have the gradient paint. The other watch has been bead-blasted to death.

  • DG

    Needs black or white instead of the red accents…

  • Larry Holmack

    Zach….are you going to be able to do a hands on article about this watch? I would love to see a video of it!

    I usually don’t like dive watches…but….I love blue dials with a black case. This blue dial is really stunning!! Thanks for the nice article Zach!!!

  • WolverBilly

    A genuine “homage” watch to the DeepSea, and this German firm still thinks it’s clever to talk about submarine steel when the UK does remember (as do many other countries) what German submarines did to shipping in WWII. It wasn’t that long ago, kids, and It’s the kind of thing they should just shut up about (and there’s nothing to indicate it makes a better dive watch. Submarines are made of steel that makes a better submarine; good dive watches are made of materials that work better as a dive watch). They could just call it “industrial marine steel” but on, no. They have to celebrate their attack submarines for some reason. The bezel also reinforces the notion than SInn doesn’t take their dive watches seriousy as the printing is too small and there’s too much use of red (which turns black very quickly underwater). The most critical aspect of a dive watch, second to waterproofness, is visibility. All watches and other instruments are harder to see underwater as so many factors contribute to making things less clear, from the light, color redention, turbidity and even your mask itself depending on design and conditions. All this talk about the aphotoc zone, etc. and the design of the watch clearly shows the marketing department likes talking about this stuff, while the design and engineering staff is too busy playing with submarine models to care. By the way, being a “Limited Edition” does nothing to make a better watch, it’s pure marketing piddle aimed at people who just buy watches as jewelery and think it will make it more valuable when they get bored with it and want something else.

    • Steve Loader

      Wolverbilly, I can see were you’re coming from regarding your submarine steel comments, and with ‘Dunkirk’ doing the movie rounds the timing is particularly sensitive.

      But I also feel that current generations shouldn’t be demonised every time they mention a technology that can be connected back to past wars – even a connection as obvious as this one. (BTW folks I served in the Royal Navy a few years back, so no ‘woolly pacifist’ comments please).

      Regarding the watch itself, if you take away the red elements (as for during a deep dive) the design still works fine. In fact, one reason why Sinn have inverted the red on the bezel – as opposed to other watchmakers who use it to mark out the crucial first 15-20 min sector (I’m looking at my Seiko Turtle as I type) – is that the important markers for this sector will remain visible.

      And as for the limited edition status, I would usually agree with you here, but this really is a limited edition born from a very personal passion that the Page & Cooper boss has for this model – have a look at the video on their website, where he talks about this.

    • Sheez Gagoo
    • Karellen

      In my opinion we should just enjoy technology, and not bother if and how that technology was used in the past in war. In this case they used submarine steel as it is more corrosion resistant than ordinary steel, and they named like that as it is used in modern german submarines, the ones allied with united states (I am pretty sure it is not the same of the ones of WWII). The same should be for “flieger” watches, field watches reminiscent of the vietnam era, panerais and so on, they are just a clean and legible layout that looks good even today. Otherwise shouldn’t we use nuclear energy, because it reminds us of the two bombs dropped in japan?

    • Elijs Dima

      Wait till you hear about Flieger watches.

  • Ulysses31

    Not a bad watch, robbed of its dignity somewhat by the application of bright red nail-varnish.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    And its’ a SInn as well…!

  • Steve Loader

    There’s a BLU1 Black on the UK bay if anyone’s interested.