Among those who are serious about affordable modern tool divers, Sinn has rightly earned a reputation for material quality. One of the standouts in terms of material has been the U1 series of divers, utilizing durable, corrosion-resistant German submarine steel that has been put through Sinn’s signature scratch-resistant tegimenting process. While the U1 is a modern classic among the Sinn faithful, its unwieldy case size has made it a difficult prospect for some. For 2020, Sinn looks to solve that problem decisively with the new more compact U50 series of dive watches, translating the distinctive design into a more manageable 41mm case size. Three models in total will launch with the new line, including the Sinn U50, Sinn U50 S, and Sinn U50 SDR, covering the gamut for core U1 case styles in the new smaller size.

Although downsized to a more compact 41mm in diameter, the case of the U50 series loses none of the utilitarian edge that gave the U1 its charm. Fitting for a German watchmaker, it’s an extremely Germanic design — everything is logical, purposeful, and with no extraneous flourishes that could detract from function. That said, functionality does take a hit over the larger U1 on paper. While the U1 was rated for an immense 1000 meters of water resistance, the U50 models have to make do with only 500 meters of depth rating. (The human body would be crushed to a pulp by water pressure before reaching that deep underwater, so the only real difference is bragging rights.) Like the U1 before it, the U50 series interprets this design in three ways with the all bead blasted steel U50, the black bezel variant U50 SDR, and the handsomely ultra-modern all-black U50 S.

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The Sinn U50, U50 S, and U50 SDR all share the same dial design, translated more or less directly from the larger U1. The overall look is blocky, brutal, and focused on extreme legibility, with the distinctive squared-off syringe hands contrasted with vibrant red accents on the seconds hand. In order to protect readability from all angles and in all lighting conditions, the dial surface itself is pure matte, and both the hands and printed indices receive a generous helping of lume.

At the heart of all three U50 series divers is the dependable Sellita SW300-1 automatic movement, offering a 38-hour power reserve and 28,800 bph beat rate.

Sinn offers the U50, U50 S, and U50 SDR with both its distinct rounded H link bracelet (black-coated for the U50 S), and its smooth rubber straps in red, black, and white. With this bold, geometric design, these bright, colorful straps add a touch of playfulness while losing none of their capability.

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With the new U50, U50 S, and U50 SDR, Sinn opens up a host of new potential buyers who were intrigued by the U1’s style and capability but turned off by its oversized case. Pricing for the Sinn U50, Sinn U50 S, and Sinn U50 SDR begins at $2,180 for the U50 on a rubber strap. For more information, visit the brand’s website.

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