If you have been looking for alternative ways of accessorizing yourself with a piece of horology, the Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel bracelet may very well be worthy of consideration. As its name suggests, the designer of the Unidirectional Bezel bangles, the Italian Marco Gatti has clearly been inspired by some of the iconic Rolex bezel designs, those found on the Rolex Submariner and GMT-Master II, to be exact.


You see, from Breguet numerals through unique color schemes to trademark shapes, over the last 200 years the watchmaking industry has produced some truly iconic designs, some of which have become recognized all over the world. And while we have been seeing these designs be “re-considered,” homaged, or blatantly copied countless of times, these trademark aesthetics have scarcely escaped the world of watches.

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In other words, it would be safe to say that the watch industry has taken inspiration from other industries rather than the other way around. Just think about the car making, aviation, diving, sailing, or science-fiction inspired watches that are out there, and compare those to the number of items which were inspired by watch designs. It makes for an interesting – and rather tough – question, right?


When it comes to fashion accessories, things are a bit different, as we have seen cufflinks made of tiny watch movements of tourbillon cages, as well as scarves and other textiles printed with watch movement parts and some other items. The Italian brand Speedometer Official offers 12 different bezel bracelets, 6 in nickel-free steel and 6 in black PVD coated steel.

The designs were clearly inspired by the Rolex GMT-Master II and the Submariner, with the bezel bracelets featuring the numerals and colors of the “Pepsi-dial” and the “Coke-dial” GMT-Master II, as well as the green, blue, and black Submariner bezels, with an additional gray one as well.

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All Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel bracelets are designed and manufactured in Italy and are “one size fits all.” The steel pieces are priced at €119, or $160, while the PVD black versions cost €159, or around $215. speedometerofficial.com

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