Even though the 44mm-wide round case of the La Clemence is simple, the dial is attractive and interesting in a pleasantly restrained way. The face is polished and offers nice windows for all the components, including the regulator for the minute repeater. The rear of the watch allows you to view the hammers for the minute repeater in action. As minute repeaters go, the sound is pretty good. The case comes in at least 18k rose and white gold, and is finely finished.

How do you feel about the “medieval” style font used for the Spero Lucem logo? The name of the brand apparently means something like “aspire to happiness,” but is part of a longer phrase in Latin which is “post tenebras spero lucem” (after calamity, I aspire to happiness). I am actually surprised that more brands don’t use these interesting types of stylized medieval fonts in watches. Nothing says longevity and tradition like “ye olde English.”

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The movement itself is attractive and well-conceived. Customizations for Spero Lucem (in addition to the unique crazy hands complication) include a Spero Lucem logo-style cage over the tourbillon. The movement has a power reserve of 90 hours, but unfortunately no power reserve indicator like the other Spero Lucem watch model does. The movement is produced from 471 parts and operates at 3Hz. As is typical, the lever to activate the minute repeater is located on the left side of the case. All in all, it is a comfortable-to-wear, high-end item with the complications desired by most high-end watch lovers and a little twist.

It is difficult for new names to legitimize themselves in the luxury market, but Spero Lucem is as good as any of the new brands out there with novel ideas. Yvan Arpa’s charisma will no doubt be an asset. According to Spero Lucem, the La Clemence watch will be made as part of a limited edition of just eight pieces in each material. Price is 460,000 Swiss Francs in titanium and gold (better for the minute repeater sound), and 480,000 Swiss Francs in a full 18k gold case. spero-lucem.com

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